With the increase in electronic office demand, everyone also puts forward higher requirements for the computer: not only has large screens, but also has a new way of interaction, and richer connection objects and connection forms. If the computer can expand the view, it can bring more efficient, immersive office, learning, and entertainment experience, then it will naturally attract consumers’ attention. So today, let’s compare the two all -in -one computers of Huawei Matestation X and Apple IMAC 24 to see who is more suitable for your product:

Facing different:

华为MateStation X对比苹果iMac 24,谁才是高效率办公神器

From the appearance point of view, the Huawei Matestation X all -in -one uses the floating glass screen and the metal integrated body. The face value is very high, which can be perfectly integrated in various home design styles without obscure. The screen size is larger, with a 28.2 -inch narrow bezel full screen; the latest IMAC is a 24 -inch screen, the left and right and upper frames are narrow bezels, and the lower frames are large. In contrast, Huawei’s visual perception is even more shocking, and due to the larger size, Huawei Matestation X can show more content under the same size of the text, and work entertainment to entertain more immersion.

华为MateStation X对比苹果iMac 24,谁才是高效率办公神器

Also outstanding:

Huawei Matestation X and Apple IMAC 24 are 4K+resolution, 500 Nit brightness, and one billion colors. On this basis, Huawei Matestation X also passed the DisplayhdRTM 400 professional certification of the Video Electronic Standard Association (VESA). This authentication is a comprehensive assessment of the display device, which is based on the multi -faceted criteria of the display of the brightness, color gamut, and color depth. It also has the average professional -grade color of 1 E ≤ 1, and it is more advantageous to watch the Huawei Matestation X daily.

In the actual life scenario, every day, everyone has to face the computer for 8 hours or more for a long time. Vision health has attracted a lot of attention. It is easy to fatigue and affect vision for a long time. The Huawei Matestation X screen has 5 layers of anti -glare coating. It uses a screen that obtains the dual certification of German Rhein TüV low blue light and non -frequent flash. By reducing the harmful blue light, automatic adjustment of the white balance and hue of the screen, the harmful blue light is reduced on the source, allowing the harmful blue light to allow the harmful Blu -ray to allow the harmful blue light to allow the harmful blue light to allow it. Eyes are comfortable and light, which is very practical for long -term learning children and adults. It can be said that Matestation X provides users with a more comprehensive full screen. These are exactly what Apple IMAC is missing.

Office comparison:

华为MateStation X对比苹果iMac 24,谁才是高效率办公神器

There is also a relatively large difference in these two products. The screen ratio is 3: 2, and the proportion of Apple IMAC 24 screen ratios is 16: 9. In daily use, 3: 2 productivity screens can display more content in vertical direction. With more plenty of room for operation, it can bring us the high -efficiency experience of daily browsing and editing. Especially when making forms and editing WORD are very obvious, reducing the number of mouse drags, saving time and effort. If the photo editing taken on the computer, the 3: 2 ratio can realize the full screen without black edges, and more video and audio tracks can be displayed in video or audio editing software, and daily office is more efficient.

Innovative interaction:

华为MateStation X对比苹果iMac 24,谁才是高效率办公神器

Of course, there are still differences in the interaction of these two products in terms of intelligent operations. In work, it is inevitable that there will be a situation where the work is taken home. At this time It’s very important. Just gently connect and realize file transmission of Huawei mobile phone and Huawei Matestation X with its own keyboard, and to achieve the effect of interconnection and interoperability between the end of the end. The keyboard and mouse become mobile phone peripherals. You can also call Huawei Matestation X’s audio, microphone, and camera. When you encounter an online meeting, your mobile phone is in the meeting. You can call the mobile phone audio and video call directly on the computer without affecting the mobile phone -related process. At the same time, it also uses a more professional application ecosystem to carry out high -efficiency operations of cross -system and cross -platform. Combining large 28.2 -inch large screens, it brings an unprecedented innovative office experience.

These are not fully implemented on Apple IMAC 24. There are many functions that need to be achieved with third -party software. The separation of mobile phones and computers is strong, and there are many steps required for file transmission. And the screen of Huawei Matestation X also supports ten -point touch. You can easily zoom in, reduce the font with your fingers, or turn the page. You can implement pages and up and down operations on your computer screen. No learning cost.

If we need to watch foreign language videos or courses on a computer, a feature of Huawei Matestation X is the smart voice function. Click the smart voice button on the keyboard to adjust the AI ​​subtitle function, support the four languages ​​of Sino -British, Japan and South Korea The source can be both system audio or microphone input sources. When it is inconvenient to listen to voice calls, you can convert the other’s voice into text to display on the screen, and you can translate the video in real time when watching a foreign language movie or course. The subtitles also support export, which is very convenient for daily learning. You can even use it for voice input. These Apple IMAC 24 cannot be done.

华为MateStation X对比苹果iMac 24,谁才是高效率办公神器

Performance comparison:

Apple IMAC 24 is equipped with Apple’s M1 chip. Because the system on the M1 tablet also contains memory and graphic processing functions, there are almost no configurable component options, nor can they replace the components themselves. The basic model of 24 -inch IMAC has eight CPU kernels, seven graphics kernels and 8GB memory, and the high version has eight CPU cores, eight graphics kernels and 16GB memory. We know the performance of Apple M1, but only in the later period of specific optimized audio and video, the popular office scene, one, the problem of software compatibility and retreat still exists, and the second is that the native facilities are not perfect; the configuration of Huawei Matestation X is not inferior In terms of performance, the highest AMD Ryzen 7 5800H new generation AMD new 7nm processor is used, and the Zen3 architecture is used. It has 8 cores and 16 threads. Performance multi -core blessing is easier to cope with complex multi -application scenarios than IMAC. With AMD Radeon ™ Graphics built -in set display, graphic tasks are smoothly created. With strong performance assistance, 300 batch photos can be achieved in seconds, EXCEL files with up to 300,000 lines of up to 300,000 lines can be achieved, and 3 million lines of code compilation can be completed in less than 3 minutes.

In general, Apple IMAC 24 and Huawei Matestation X are very good products, but Huawei has more attracted to us with its larger screen, more screen ratio of office efficiency, and more intelligent operational interactions. Huawei Matestation X can make the office more efficient, entertaining the movie viewing more, and to the greatest extent to meet the personalized needs of different users. In conjunction with mobile phones and other devices With a new light office method, smooth and seamless cross -end, it is a very worthwhile product.