The Taobao Special Edition is hot again!

“One piece of clothes wears ten years” and “ten yuan can be spent for a day” … These cases of Taobao special version have become the daily consumption of college students. The “2020 College Student Physical Consumption Report” released by China Youth Daily on September 14 shows that 64.61%of the college students interviewed with “wool”, ice sleeves, 3C accessories, etc. become college students’ favorite “wool items”, Taobao special offer, special price The factory’s direct supply platform represented by the version is gradually becoming the new favorite of young people’s consumption, leading the “new frugalism”.

In the same way, the young people are cut, and the Taobao special version is gradually becoming the new favorite of young people’s affordable consumption.


Buying expensive is not worth showing off. Buying cheap good goods is the favorite topic of college dormitories. From 9 free shipping fruit, 20 dollars of cheap necklaces, to 50 yuan jeans, 80 yuan of dresses … with the use of factory goods that are easy to use and not expensive, the Taobao Special Edition is like this. Fire all over the university campus, becoming a must -have app in college students’ mobile phones.

“Many sellers of e -commerce platforms are actually dealers. They do not produce goods themselves, but they get goods from the source manufacturers. If you buy directly through the factory to buy directly through the factory, you can save a lot of money.” Zhejiang Kobayashi of the Normal University has studied “Dougen” shopping.

The reporter sorted out and found that 45.17%of college students will take the initiative to find the opportunity to buy special products, of which the mobile phone lines, neutral pens, ice sleeves, rubber bands, cotton swabs and other daily necessities have become special offers TOP5 within 10 yuan. It is also very in line with the life of the university campus: in the dormitory, mobile phone charging; in the classroom, handwritten notes.


The boys of this university will “save money” more than girls.

What’s more interesting is that college boys are actually more “saved” than girls. Taobao special version data shows that the proportion of boys and girls consumed by special platforms is 7: 3, 3C digital, fitness equipment, ice silk underwear, etc., becoming the most discount products for boys to buy, socks, sunglasses, pastries and Hanfu, the most affordable meeting will be the most affordable. Girls who have lived.

As pointed out in the “2020 College Student Physical Consumption Report”, college students, as groups with no fixed income, rely on family economic support to a large extent. However, they often pursue themselves and pursue high -value products, “low -cost good goods” -The practical, personalized, and cost -effective products are more popular with college students.


In a recent research report entitled “Digital Value Value of Foreign Trade Transfer to Domestic Sales and E -commerce Platforms” released by the Institute of Industrial Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, it specially studied the “special economy” phenomenon that appeared under the epidemic. The report mentioned that quality consumption and cost -effective consumption have become more and more mainstream in the market. The e -commerce platform represented by Taobao Special Edition is a business platform for the establishment of a factory direct purchase festival, 1 yuan shopping festival and other activities to satisfy consumers’ pursuit of “ultra -high cost performance “The demands set off a new wave of” special economy “.

The Taobao Special Edition meets the demands of consumers’ pursuit of “ultra -cost -effective”, which has set off a new trend of “special economy”

Zhao Jianbo, an associate researcher at the Institute of Industrial and Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the current consumer environment in China respects the pursuit of cost -effectiveness. “We should avoid society entering the rich and luxury, and advocate the specialty economy as a cultural manifestation in all aspects. The Taobao special version of the Taobao special version of “Making you money without pain” has now become the new favorite of young people’s affordable consumption.