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Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.

Tomorrow, can we wear a sweater? That’s right, today is the fashion specialty of [sweater].


Since the autumn, a single product has been thinking about Luo Wei. For me, it may span three big seasons across the autumn and winter and spring, becoming the most important guest of the wardrobe.

Wild, single, stacking

, Turn around the rain to open up the unique fashion “rivers and mountains”.

By the way, it is a sweater. Without it, how can it be relieved? With it, the loneliness of autumn and winter will also be afraid of three points. Lare it, one is called

Mix and match

The fashion trend will be reduced to open talks.

Adjust the style, instantly inject leisure; increase the level, immediately make a fresh activity; improve comfort, and the warmth of the heart does not change; if you do n’t choose the age, anyone kills … Hey, as long as he talks about the sweater, Luo Wei immediately changes the words immediately tuberculosis.

What fresh elements will be added this year? How can people with different temperament be selected and matched to control it steadily? Don’t worry, this sharing, you will appreciate everything about the fashionable sweater …

The main contents of this issue include:

Popular element analysis

Character style selection

You must wear thin models in autumn


High -level matching skills


First: analysis of sweater popular elements


The sweater is not all cool, nor is it exclusive to the street hip -hop avant -garde. It also has an elegant side, the key depends on whether you will interpret it. For example, these three popular elements are high -profile and high -profile.


Big sleeve


Gorgeous big sleeves, from the shirt to the sweater, still use

It is loose and lazy

The tone is a fashionable flag. It is particularly relaxed and very comfortable. There is a chic and momentum of waves in the feet.

It made the sweater a little free and unruly, and became the first bomb of the early autumn with the popularity of the times in line with the times. And the calm and deep retro



, Especially enjoy the easy blessing of big sleeves, maintain elegance and unchanged, and eager to try.

With a bright and enthusiastic


Pants, how amazing.


Shoes, bags, and hats connect the tranquility and harmony of the whole body. These three colors shake a fashion reward.

Regardless of the sweater style, as long as there is clear and clear

Tiger and tiger look like a French leisure laziness. And this is the most needed blending agent that exquisite women need, and it can be matched with Chaoku single products and gentle skirts.

Can you see the focus of the matching of the three sweaters below? The loose the sleeve, which means that it can activate its infinite publicity and coolness; on the contrary, the smaller the sense of large sleeves, it means that it is a perfect match with the gentle skirt.

Practice the size and scale, please try carefully.



Curve hem

In addition to the common bundle in the lower waist, the sweater to highlight its movement, loose or curved design


, Undoubtedly the expression of its style of balance. Some people who do not like the abdomen are restrained, try it.

There are many forms of expression, and


The most common. The small personality design is not only to respect and modify the body shape, but also makes the style tender and the basic models shine with fashion highlights.

+Dynamic skirt

: Make sweaters with beautiful skirts, and you must be able to set off a stylish storm of leisure and elegance. Do not need to deliberately pursue the waistline, just grasp the skirt fabric


, That is to create contradictions between material differences.

How can a long skirt that happens to be interested in the “youthful sense”, how can it not look good? There is a focus here, and it is inevitable to move down. Therefore, embellishment necklaces, hair accessories, lipsticks, etc. are very necessary!



The design of these years has become more and more dynamic, and most of them have made articles in lines. When sweaters are refreshing from common round necks or hoodes to various unexpected collar types?

High -row

: The handsome zipper high lapel, let the sweater jump from the ignorance of the “young man” to the mature uncle who has a strong boyfriend. The prominent neutral handsomeness is cordial, giving the sweaters the fashionable fashion.

The matching of this type of sweater,


One at the neckline, two in the creation of contradictions

Essence With a minimalist small high -necked bottom shirt, make up for the blank of the lapel, and then set the exquisite femininity in a large area to weaken the neutral sexy. Or simply match the workers’ pants/jeans, handsome to the end.



: Different from the handsomeness of high -end, the spirit of big V -neck, the spirit of small stand -up collar, and even common hooded leisure are rich in use of sweater -style collar types. Different personality designs determine the difference in style.

For this type of collar, please remember when matching:

Take advantage of the trend

, Small adjustment, with different collar style languages, that is, it is perfectly wearing. The following 3 models, can you summarize the points? I really want to talk about it again, a beautiful set,

Yili and table

Only by understanding the essence can it be considered through.

Second: Character style selection

In other words, how to choose the necessary sweaters according to personal temperament in so many sweater styles? In this session, let’s appreciate the two most generally representative selection methods.


Large skeleton/temperament mature

If your body is a large skeleton, it has obvious skinny. This is easy to judge. Generally, there is an answer to the thickness and prominentness of the joints and protrusion of the clavicle, the ankle, and the ankle. Alternatively, the temperament is neutral and the age is mature. The following three are necessary.



Style: first -class casual sense, the most suitable for large skeleton or neutral and handsome temperament, mature women are also suitable.

Round neck


Sweater: The obvious logo pattern makes the sweater a dazzling protagonist star item.



Sweater: Not much to say, with personality, style, more handsome, Man is full.

Small skeleton/gentle little girl


The small girl with small skeleton, full of fleshy body, or gentle and sweet temperament, suitable sweater must be delicate and gentle, not too casual or cool. The color is soft, the version is appropriate and loose, and there are exquisite design details.


Small letter

: Different from the obvious LOGO’s personality, the small letters are in the same vein and are more suitable for soft people.


: Classic round neck and red, which woman does not love? Needless to say, wearing it must be gentle in the sea of ​​heart.



: Exquisite satin, which seems to be good in the sweater. The contrast of strong contrast made black the most pet!

Third: high -level matching

Regardless of the selection, the combination is a pen that turns decay into a magical God. Everything is impossible, and it is disappeared in the creative combination, and it is replaced by a variety of fashionable and beautiful rolls. and


The famous sweater needs to be carefully brewed.



Gentle color

light green

: The same green sweater, choose 2 jeans to match, the difference in style is instantly. The casual romance of denim wide -leg pants, the formal stability of conical jeans, which set do you like more? Please experience the difference in details.

light blue

: To be honest, purple and blue are difficult to control, these two sets are exactly the template. One is to cooperate with dark blue wide -leg jeans to activate the mature atmosphere of the same color; the other combines with light blue -body jeans to create a cheerful leisure style.

light pink

: The two sets of ideas are exactly the same as the above. They are the style of wide -leg pants and slim jeans. The effect of color matching is second. A atmosphere, a sweet, the same sweater, different scenery.

Classic basic color


: Unexpectedly, the cooperation between green and denim is so eye -catching. The pure denim blue collides with the enthusiasm of the retro green, and the complex sense that cannot be described makes them confusing. Fortunately, it is all casual style, and naturally does not violate.


Change a small black -footed jeans, which looks much more plain. But picking the legs, this white socks and thick cloth shoes are unpalatable.

: Dark gray sweater, the versatile is not wrong. The contrast between white jeans and denim blue conical pants is obviously better white, which is in line with the current trend. It looks fashionable!


: Clean white sweater, do not pick single products and styles, please match it. The use of these two sets of personality earrings is worthy of reference. They make white more fashionable.

Stacking skills

Want to control the style of the sweater,


It is a good shortcut. Use the unique leisure style of sweaters to reconcile with feminine elements to achieve the ultimate effect of leisure and exquisiteness.

+Little stand -up shirt

Among them, the small collar shirt is absolutely spike ordinary lapel shirt. When stacked, two points

Please grasp


Pay attention to the proportion of the area and the round neck, and control it in a reasonable range. Too wide or too narrow will affect the elegant effect.


The grasp of the length of the shirt is usually the most ideal between 10 and 20 cm. Too long and procrastinating, too short to go. This set is perfect in terms of style, color matching, and even the details of accessories.

+Pearl necklace/T -shirt stacking

The loose sweater must have a base in the inside to be safe. Light T -shirts are usually used as transition and continuation. T -shirts and sweaters need to be grasped at 3 points:


, Triven color. That is, the color of the T -shirt and the sweater is different, and the eye -catching color manufacture is made;



, Ensure that the collar and cuffs are exposed in small area, and the manufacturing level is looming;

At last

Draw the finishing touch. Either pearl necklace or personalized gold jewelry. Choose jewelry that conflicts with clothing style to make up for regrets in the neck.

+Tightly small high collar

The thin slim -fitting small high neck is rendered in a large area, forming a clear tight -loosening level with the loose sweater. It can ensure the extension of the style of cooling and the style of stacking. the same


The principle instantly exudes the elegant light of the sweater.

This type of stacking


: The high -collar shirt is exposed in large areas, so choosing pants or skirts with the same color as it is the best matching solution. Maintain a highly consistent color, and there will be a sense of advanced.



+Lotus leaf collar

Cute lotus leaf edge collar, use it



The situation did not hesitate to embellish between the neckline and cuffs of the sweater, and exerted the tranquility of the gentle little woman. Oktaking and flattering, it is really a combination of a round neck sweater.

The stack of the sweater must be unintentional to be amazing. In contrast, ribbon knots, lapels, and lotus leaf edges are definitely not as good as the combination shown in the picture.

Well, the sweater is shared. I hope to inspire you a little bit!

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!

Mix and match




Big sleeve






Round neck