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The people use food as the sky, Chai rice oil and salt, and a pot of good rice is essential on the table of Chinese people. A pot of good rice cannot be separated from a good rice cooker.

With the living standards of people in recent years, from full to eating, a small number of consumers have touched the Japanese rice cooker after touting the Japanese toilet. Yuan’s rice cooker came back. Is the rice cooked by foreign brands is really better than the national brand brand?

In May 2020, the “Consumer Report” summarized the evaluation of 28 rice cookers sold by, Tmall, and Suning, and analyzed and scored about 39,000 consumer evaluation data.

Evaluation brand

Midea, Panasonic, Tiger, pictorial, Datong, Fuku, Jiuyang, Gree, Xiaomi, Philips, Wyeru, Esta, Haier, Supor, Oaks, Little Bear, Hemisphere, Triangle, Kangjia, Changhong, Toshiba, Rongshida

Evaluation indicator

Appearance, cooking, operation, and inner linery

Word of mouth

1. 20 cheap rice cookers (less than 500 yuan):


Recommended beauty, Jiuyang. Midea’s MB-WFS4037 score is as high as 9.0 points, and various indicators are well received by consumers; Jiuyang JYF-30FE08 score is 8.6 points, and the “appearance” and “inner dangerous” evaluation is good.

It is not recommended for Pentium and Rongda. The Pentium FN2173 was spit out “cooking” and “operation”. Rongshida RZ-50B was reported by consumers in the evaluation that “the work is poor, the inner bilots are not good”.

2. 8 high -end rice cookers: (500 yuan or more)

Recommend Fuku and Datong. Fuku CRP-HP0660SR has been praised by consumers in “cooking” and “operation”. Datong GDCF-40X61C has been favored in “appearance” and “cooking rice”.

It is not recommended for tiger cards and phenomena. Tiger SR-DC156-N “cooking rice” is poor, and consumption reflects “not enough fragrance”; the appearance, operation, and inner tendon of the elephant printing NS-TSH18C are not recognized, and the cost performance is low.

Puzzle price: domestic brand beauty, Gree, Jiuyang have been well received

Pentium, Rongshida cooking rice is not delicious

The current price range of rice cookers is large. This magazine divides 28 rice cookers into two price sections to analyze: the price price of less than 500 yuan, 20 rice cookers, more domestic brands, most of which are heated in the chassis; 500 yuan There are 8 rice cookers at the above high -end price. Most of the imported brands, most of them have IH heating methods.

According to consumer evaluation data, the evaluation dimension is divided into 4 aspects: appearance (consumer evaluation is not liked), cooking rice (consumer evaluation is good or delicious), operation (consumer evaluation is not easy), inner orchestra (consumer (consumer (consumer) Evaluation is good).

From the various indicators of 20 cheap rice cookers, consumers have also evaluated differently.

In terms of appearance, it is considered to be beautiful and good -looking. It is beautiful and Whirlpool. Consumers are Changhong and Rongshida who are not satisfied with their products and appearance.

On the cooking, it is considered to be beautiful, Haier, which is considered to be delicious, and it is thought that the cooking of rice is not delicious.

In terms of operation, it is considered to be beautiful and Oak, and the inconvenient operation is Pentium and Konka.

In the inner tendere, the inner tenderness is Gree and Jiuyang, and the triangular cards and glory are considered bad.

Word of mouth shows that the gap between the 20 cheap rice cookers scores is different. The better performance is MB-WFS4037 and Jiuyang JYF-30FE08. The score is 9.0 points and 8.6 points. The poor performance is Pentium and Rongda, with a score of 6.6 points and 6.5 points.

Midea MB-WFS4037 scores 9.0 points, which have been praised by consumers in the “appearance” and “operation”. Midea MB-WFS4037 claims that the capacity is 4L, which can meet the weight of 3 to 7 people. It has 8 major functional cooking menus. You can choose “firewood rice”, “porridge”, “porridge”, etc. In the description of “beautiful appearance”, “intelligent operation”, “comprehensive function” and so on.

Jiuyang JYF-30FE08 score is 8.6 points, which is more cost-effective. The price is 139 yuan and the capacity is 3L. It is suitable for 2 to 3 people. Consumers have a good evaluation of their “appearance” and “inner linery” performance. Consumers have some consumers. Mentioned “color atmosphere”, “beautiful and generous”, “good inner orchid”, “the cooked rice is very fragrant” and so on.

Among the 20 cheap rice cookers, the poor performance is Pentium and Rongda.

The Pentium FN2173 score is 6.6, with a small capacity, only 2L, which performs poorly in “cooking rice” and “operation”. Eat “without rice fragrant”, etc., not recommended.

Rongshida RZ-50B score is 6.5, the price is cheaper, the appearance design is more traditional “ancient”, especially the performance of “workmanship” and “inner bilots” is disappointing. Consumers have criticized “inner bile too thin”, “inner biliary cut hands”, “inner inner”, “inner” “Bald scratches”, “cooking rice is easy to paste”, “inner tendon coating is easy to fall”, etc., not recommended.

High -end price: It ’s not worth buying a rice cooker for 2000 yuan?

Japanese high -end rice cookers such as Tiger and Elephant India have not been recognized, and domestic large pine is cost -effective

A few years ago, many consumers brought back thousands of yuan and high -end rice cookers from Japan. So it is not worth buying a rice cooker in 2,000 yuan?

High -end prices above 500 yuan, most of the imported brands, especially tigers, pictorials, Toshiba, etc. from Japan. The rice cooker at this price is generally higher -end. It is different from the chassis heating method generally used in low -end rice cookers. IH heating is more uniform.


From the 8 high -end electric rice cookers indicators, consumers have also evaluated differently.

In terms of appearance, it is considered that the workmanship and good appearance are Dasong and Fuku. Consumers are tiger cards and phenomena.

On the cooking, it is considered that the cooking is Fugu and Datong, and it is considered that the cooking of rice is not delicious.

In terms of operation, it is considered that the operation is convenient for Fugu and Supor, and it is considered that the operation is inconvenient.

In the inner tendon, it is considered to be Fugu and Datong.

Word of mouth shows that the scores of 8 high -end rice cookers are different from the scores of the high -end rice cooker. The better performance is Fuku and Datong. The scores are 9.0 points and 7.8 points. The tiger and pictographs are scored poorly. The scores are 6.6 points and 6.2 points.

Fugu is a high-end rice cooker brand in Korea. The price of Fugu CRP-HP0660SR is as high as 1980 yuan. It is claimed that IH heating is 360 ° uniformly surrounded. The pressure in the pot can be as high as 1.8 times atmospheric pressure and the temperature is higher than 100 ° C. Consumers are well received with “inner tender”, and consumers evaluate “very thick inner tender”, “simple operation”, “good rice taste”, “powerful function” and so on.

Dasong is Gree’s sub-brand, which belongs to a domestic brand. Datong GDCF-40X61C scores 7.8 points. It performs well on “appearance”, “cooking rice” and “inner linery” and high cost-effective. People commented on “Simple appearance and generous”, “inner orchids are full”, “soft rice”, “rice is more fragrant” and so on.

The Japanese brand tiger cards and pictorial marks are generally performed in this word -of -mouth evaluation. The scores are 6.6, 6.2, and consumers are not satisfied with it.

Tiger JBA-B18C performed poorly on “cooking rice”, and some consumers complained that “cooking is difficult to cook”, “plastic”, “cooked rice cigarette”, “rice sticky teeth” and so on.

The price of NS-TSH18C is as high as 1699 yuan, and it is not recognized in “appearance”, “operation” and “inner bilots”, and the cost performance is low. Many consumers report The rice is relatively hard “” The lid is very loose “and so on.

In fact, in principle, the rice is delicious. In addition to the rice cooker, it also has a lot to do with the type of rice. The Japanese rice cooker brand is used at the beginning of the design of Japanese rice, such Different varieties of territory in China. Therefore, consumers do not have to sought over foreign brands too much.

Assessment trailer

In addition to referring to the evaluation data on the e -commerce platform, consumers can also refer to the content of we send the rice cooker to the third -party authoritative testing agency for evaluation and comparison. Please pay attention to the “Rice Cooker Comparison Evaluation Report” we posted next.

[Special statement]: The original data used in this article comes from the official website of the e -commerce platform, and the data is objective and real. This report mentioned that the brand only represents the product, and does not represent the evaluation status of other models of the same brand.

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