Summer 2021, Reebaby Full-level Configuration, High-Order Smart New Products IE68, with breakthrough design concept and innovative appearance, a successful design award.


As the first domestic design award, the successful design contest has always adhered to the concept of highlighting the design value, and actively promotes the exchanges and industries of the design industry through the successful design of future trends. This new IE68 is a great recognition of Reebaby products and brands throughout the industry.


From 呱 呱 坠 地 成 成 成 平 健康 健康 健康 健康 健康 健康 健康 健康 健康 健康 期 是 期 期 期 期 期 期 期With the overall progress of society, the car has become a standard of families, and the young fashion is also universally 90s of higher education. After 95, gradually upgrading into new generation parents, and children’s travel safety is increasingly subject to society. pay attention to.

From product project, design, test, production, IE68’s entire development process for three years, poured the heart blood of the design team, not only in the test data in line with the industry’s latest I-Size standard, but also from users to use convenience , Take the installation method of ISOFIX + anti-turning support leg. 18 adjustable support legs can be compatible with a variety of models of cars, which can easily install and remove seats quickly, and reduce errors, improve your child’s safety.


According to incomplete statistics, the chance of traffic accidents caused by side collisions is as high as 40%. Therefore, the lateral protection capability of the lifting seat is the weight of the safety seat. Reebaby newly created IE68 uses curved steel skeleton built-in reinforcing ribs, integrated injection PP and head EPP materials, with high-density EPS side wings, such high-equipped “hard” combination can generate impact outside the car, active dilution Impact, form effective protection against children.

The C-type egg bun chair in ergonomic design is excellent, gives the child’s head, back, and legs to form a perfect support, dispersion of vertebrate pressure. One-click 360 degree rotation, forward 4 files, reverse the fifth-way multi-angle design to meet the children’s travel, see, play, play, sleep, etc. Not only that, IE68 is a universal growth-type child safety seat suitable for children aged 0-12. The 10-speed adjustable head can meet the needs of children in different ages, adapt to the head developmental status, avoiding suspended.

As a professional manufacturer of more than ten years in the deep farmhouse, Reebaby has been adhering to the initial heart of “Creating a Global Children”. It is always committed to bringing a full-term security guarantee to children with a better safety seat. Let more families enjoy unconstrained parent-child times, and use the continuous new ideas of the industry to develop new trends.