Most people like to place a few decorations on the desk, and this will be better to do with this. There is also some people put a few pots in the desk, hoping to improve a work environment. Standing on the horizontal perspective, placing objects on the desk will also affect our fortune. If you are placed, you can also increase your business and fortune. So, what should work? Let’s take a look at what the Feng Shui master said.


1, work desk placed dragon items

In ancient times, Dragon is the emperor’s symbol, with supreme power and money. Therefore, wind and water, placing the dragon-shaped objects on the desk, can increase the business and get the opportunity to increase the promotion of raising. Thanks to the meaning of the dragon, it can also prevent the villain and improve the fortune. If the company is placing the dragon articles in the office of the desk, you can improve your authority.

2, work desk placed tree


Treezing jade is a wood formation in ancient times, and there is a trendy to improve the role of the town house. Since the amount of tree jade is rare, the price is expensive, the usual people can’t buy it. But in some people’s homes, you can usually see the tree of Tree, on the desk or in the yard, to protect the home home, and promote the money.

3, work desk placed goldfish or koi

Koi and goldfish have always been a symbol of auspicious meaning in Fengshui. But in a small office desk, you may not be reality, so we can replace it with koi or nine-tail goldfish ornaments, which can also play a role of wealth. Of course, there is a separate office management high-level or official person, you can place the fish tank in the north or oriental, which also helps to promote the salary increase.

4, office desk to put 蟾 or 貔貅


It is the mascot of Wangcai in ancient times. The three feet is more meaningful to make a fortune, and it is the Swhero of Wang. But when placing 蜍, remember the head in the head, and make the money loss. On the contrary, it is necessary to tell his head towards it.


5, work desk placed Wenzhu

Plants can indeed purify one air, and green can also alleviate the fatigue caused by excessive eyes. In Feng Shui, Wenzhu has the role of aggregation. So placing Wenzhu on the desk is also a good choice.