When about 4-6 months old, the baby began to weaned. At first, the parents used a spoon to feed, but gradually, the child had interested in the spoon and tried to catch it. At this time, hand in the spoon to the child. This is a good opportunity to teach you how to use a spoon.


The spoon will promote brain development. The child who parents gave a spoon is immature, and the baby food will be sprinkled on the floor or spread to the whole body. The house will be a mess, but it is worth waiting to wait. At the same time, the child’s brain is developing rapidly. You may think, “Is it a scoop?”, But the spoon has a big impact. It uses 30 joints and 50 muscles for simple movement. Brain development is because when you continue to use your hands, a lot of stimulus will pass to the brain. In addition, extension from dozens of joints and muscles from the wrist joint to the elbows, thereby developing fine muscles.

Spoon, when did I start to hold you?

Experts suggest to play a spoon as soon as possible because it helps the development of brain and fine muscles. The best time is when your child is interested in spoons and trying to hold them. After 6 months, I started eating baby food, which is advisable before and after the time of infant food in the mid-term. It is best to start with things that are easy to float, such as yogurt or baby food. Of course, it will be very embarrassed at the beginning. Despite this, it is still important to play with toys to help your child habits it. Don’t be greed from the beginning, you must be satisfied with your child trying to eat with a spoon.

Give a spoon!

01 eat more food TTuntun times – start from start!

It is important to practice the spoon, but because the main purpose of a meal is to supplement nutrition, eat a certain amount of baby food. After filling your belly, let them freely hold a spoon and play 5-10 minutes. At this time, it is recommended to use the spoon as a toy to play, wait until you can take things again.

02 I need the help of my parents.

The child is very difficult to use a spoon. Put the right amount of food on the spoon, then carefully send the food to your mouth, but don’t turn over the spoon, this is a daunting skill. I need help at this time. Put the spoon in the child’s hand, but feed food like the mother holding the child.


03 I like short and soft spoons

The design of the child’s spoon is different. At the beginning of the weaning, my mother ‘feeding’ spoon is usually designed to facilitate my mother. Because most spoons have a long handle, it is easier to eat. , Select short spoons according to the short arm length of the child. In addition, the child’s mouth is small, the skin is fragile, so silica gel or plastic such as soft material is suitable. The spoon has a non-slip treatment, which is also suitable for children to use.

04 I need courage to overcome overflow.

My child spills the food because it is not good at eating things with a spoon. Hold this crisis. If you can’t eat baby food because of your child, he may lose his interest in spoons. I don’t feel the happiness of my own eating, I hope someone will come to feed them. So, create an environment, let your child freely scoop the spoon. If you don’t want to stain it, you can lay a vinyl or paper on the floor, so that it overflows.

05 don’t

Forced yourself can’t do it, it is forbidden to start practicing a spoon or force yourself not to do. If you have been sprinkling the food you want to eat, your child will feel frustrated and lose interest in the swing. When you show yourself try a little bit, give them a praise. It is also a good idea to practice with fork, and the fork is easier to grasp the spoon. .