A small carpet one big window world

Seven major hand carpet producers gathered together to hug in the world with more open, more energetic, and more charming.

June 6th to 10th, the first China (Qinghai) International Ecological Expo held in Xining, Pakistan, India, Iran, Nepal, Afghanistan, Turkey and China, etc. Exhibition, striking, exhibition style, showing a traditional and creative blending, modern and folk combined, cultural and market docking carpet feast.

▲ Abbas, Iran Phoenix Carpet, introduces exhibits.

(China Reform Daily, Reform Network reporter Wen Di photo)

A “Window” that leads the consumer frontier

一块小地毯 一扇大窗户

Iran Persian blanket, splicing blanket, Indian troh, Kleim blanket, Pakistani hollow blanket, Afghan trim blanket, Fen Mark blanket, Nepalese, carpet blanket, Turkish handmade blanket, Karam blanket; China Henan, Shandong, Ningxia and other regions carpets, and Qinghai yak handmade flat-woven carpet, natural wool carpet, Solen tapestry, Shengyuan Woven blanket … Tibetan blanket, 4 large tents in full open display are like a gorgeous Carpet “Ocean”.

▲ Iranian woven carpet.

(China Reform Daily, Reform Network reporter Wang Jianheng photo)

“Qinghai Tibetan Blanket Show is the only carpet exhibition in the world. The only exhibition of” Oscar “UFI (International Exhibition Alliance) certification in the Northwest, has already been processed. Tibetan blanket is a process, it is a kind of Brand. There is not only a Tibetan carpet at the exhibition, and there is a woven carpet in the world. “Chen Yali, deputy secretary general of the China Tibetan Council Association,” We invited the world’s seven carpet producing countries, buyers from global. But nearly In a few years, they found that China’s buyers were the largest buyers. Now why foreigners are willing to participate in the Tibetan blanket exhibition, because they are particularly optimistic about the Chinese market. They have done a survey, if each Chinese family has a carpet, That demand is not. “

一块小地毯 一扇大窗户

“Tibetan bladder, you can sign or in stock, guided consumption is a major feature of the exhibition. We must know how to use the carpet, how to match the furniture of various styles. This is an exhibition show The area is limited. If you don’t make a model room, there is a home like a child, bathroom, and study room. “Chen Yali said with a smile, this year’s exhibitors have booked only two booths, but they sent 10 tons. Due to the cause of the epidemic last year, the international exhibitors came relatively small, and the goods were sold out. In the epidemic, the stocks were emptied, they were very happy.

The 160 booths in this year, 1/4 is an international booth, 3/4 is a domestic booth. “There are also enterprises in the first two days, and the total amount of goods in the exhibition is nearly 200 tons, and the square is not allowed. It needs to be stored nearby, so I can feel the enthusiasm of the company.” Chen Yuli said.

Into the Iranian booth, the sales staff pointed to a velvet roller blanket to tell China Reform report, reform the network reporter, which is done by a worker for 7 months. Iran’s Persian blanket is the first of the three major carpets of the world. The general woven carpet has seventeen color colors. This exhibition has more than 200 color matching, the picture is delicate, the pattern is complex, the phoenix flies, fish, deer, The image of peacock is lifelike, and a natural museum has laid up two years.

一块小地毯 一扇大窗户

▲ The “Eight Map” of the Iranian booth is very stereoscopic.

(China Reform Report, Reform Network reporter Li Yublee)

The reporter saw that the tough “eight hijun map” was very stereoscopic. As the viewing angle change, gloss also changed. In the tapestry showing, there is a “Da Qiao Xiao Qiao” created according to the “Three Kingdoms” of China ‘s Classical Novels. Each carpet has a Persian designer’s signature.

“Iranian handmade blanket is a family-style workshop, and children are married. They are gave them to them. Design, weaving all themselves. Here you can’t find two exactly the same blanket, pure manual, raw materials. “Chen Yuli said.

In the Indian booth, there are many kinds of categories, small handicrafts with fashionable elements are quite exotic and welcome. “Buying blankets is to buy a mood.”

▲ The “Mongolian” series of the Natural House of Mongolia is fascinating and mysterious.

(China Tibetan Mechanism]

一块小地毯 一扇大窗户

Chen Yuli said with a smile. At the Mongolian booth, the “Mongolian” series of the Mongolian Natural Home Group is charming and mysterious. “This is the first exhibition of Mongolian carpets. This year’s booth design is built into the shape of the Mongolian bag, but also has more than 300 quality carpet exhibitions, all very characterful products, as well as beautiful Mongolian skin painting.” Chen Yali said.

一块小地毯 一扇大窗户

In Afghan booth, the color is not beautiful enough, but it is natural and environmentally friendly products, which is dyed by plants. Rauf, chairman of the Afghan Carpet Export Association, stroked a carpet, told reporters that the two colors in this were dyed with a plants such as pomegranate skin and turmeric.

“There is a special cleaning company. Don’t worry about being tailored. Himalaya’s family is full of carpets are particularly beautiful. Wool blankets and bamboo fiber blankets have foot massage features. Carpets are not afraid of stepping, the more it is, the better, a carpet is good. Selling, luster is a decisive factor. Carpeted sound absorption, smell, moisture-proof, sound insulation, pure hair carpet also have a beauty effect, this is a lot of people don’t know. “Chen Yali introduced to the reporter,” Japanese people love the carpet, also Like research. According to their research, the oil in the wool scales can volatilize in the air, the air is floating, the carpet is vacuum, is an ecological environmental protection product. “

The reporter learned that the price of the woven carpet is in a thousand yuan, and the price of hand-carpeted is generally 10,000 yuan, high for several million yuan.

一块小地毯 一扇大窗户

▲ The picture shows Chen Yuli, deputy secretary general of the China Tibetan Blanket Association, received an interview with journalists.

A “Window” that opens economic and trade cooperation

Why does the Tibetan Blanket show a blue sea? Chen Yuli explained that Qinghai is the largest civil market in the national Tibetan carpet, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi and other northwestern northwestern provinces living in Hui, Tibetan, Salai people, itself has the history and habit of using carpets, this is also The reasons why the Tibetan blanket spread can be opened in Qinghai. “Now Xining, the people of Qinghai will be kind to the Tibetan blanket, which will come to buy a blanket festival in June every year, will come to buy.” Small to the roller blanket, car seat, sofa pad, yoga mat, Big arrivals, living room blankets, woven, manual, everyone can find what they want.

▲ Qinghai Xining silk hanging blanket provincial non-legacy inheritance Wang Qiao Silver showed the tibia art in the fair.

(China Reform Daily, Reform Network reporter Li Yuhui shooting)

Qinghai Tibetan wool, also known as “Xining big white hair”, is known as the world’s best carpet weaving raw material due to its characteristics of hair color pure white, fiber length, good gloss, elasticity, and is famous in the international market.

Yak velvet resources are also unique to the world’s only green plateau. As the cashmere of high-end textile raw materials, China has 70% of the world’s output, Qinghai and surrounding Ningxia, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, etc. accounted for 62% of the country, especially Qinghai Qaida Woodle, with its unique quality in the international market. Enjoy a reputation.

Chen Yuli told reporters that the exhibition will have a lot of new customers in Qinghai companies every year. For example, the Shengyuan Group is mainly supplied to the five-star hotels, and there are more personalized demand. It is necessary to divide the area, the lobby, the corridor, and the hall through the soft wear. Will not only have a tone, association It will help dock India’s factories. At the exhibition, the Shengyuan met many of India’s exporter and established a very good cooperation.

一块小地毯 一扇大窗户

Chen Yali said that you can see the latest pattern of handmade carpets in the world, you can communicate with the first-line manufacturer and designer, and the exhibition at home, the company can bring the exhibitors and manufacturers who are willing to cooperate with them. The factory makes the other party truly understand its strength. This year’s exhibition is unique, but because of the causes of epidemic prevention and control, it is agency to the exhibition.

▲ Tibetan Blanket International Exhibition site.

“Himalaya’s yak fur blanket, the world’s unique, from the market, afraid of the production speed, can’t get the speed of the order. And there are many invisible potential effects, I don’t know which day, I will play it out. There is a procedure that is accumulated. “Chen Yali said.

Due to the limited area of ​​exhibition, it is necessary to push new new, so that the exhibitors see the highest end, the cutting edge pattern, technology, dyeing, and China Tibetan Blanket Association in the early stage, which is large, synchronized when investing Completed, provide real and accurate information for exhibitors, find the goods they bring to the market, let the dealers, and the public can return. “The world can’t find such a show, one is cheap fees, the second is to provide humanized service, seeking to do, small to a SIM card, can serve them.” Chen Yali said.

In 18 years, the influence and scale of the Tibetan Carpet Exhibition have been significantly expanded, the quality, specialization and internationalization have continued to improve, and has become the development of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau characteristics to the international market, promote international carpet industry exchanges and cooperation, and speed up the construction of Qinghai Open An Important Economic and Trade Platform for Economic and Specialty Ethnic Industry Development.

A “Window” that promotes cultural blending

Tibetan Blanket Show is not only a platform for products, technology, information, and capital transactions, but also a platform for cultural exchanges.

“There are a lot of exhibitors from West Asian countries, many people regard Qinghai Xining as their second hometown, familiar with which Muslim restaurant in Qinghai is delicious, which Muslim hotel’s hand grasps delicious, which place to eat, ratio I am familiar with this authentic Qinghai. Simple and enthusiastic Qinghai brought them to them, and they will always go, and they are looking forward to it every year. “Chen Yali said.

▲ Chen Yuli gave reporters to introduce the carpet at the show.

Chen Yuli talks, the Tibetan blanket exhibition is also a year of the annual gatherings. The annual awards party, the first half is very serious, and the best design prize, the best Wenchuang, etc., please be an authoritative expert award. The latter half is very “”, the exhibitors are spontaneously standing on the stage, you tempted me, sing, especially happy.

The impact of the exhibition brought to the Qinghai Provincial Welfare is not underestimated. Statistics show that foreign exhibitors from the exhibition will probably have 200 people, which is very difficult in Qinghai Province, which is relatively low in external direction. It is understood that the exhibitors will come to Qinghai’s Tal Temple and other attractions. When you walk, you will bring a lot of green sea, such as walnuts, peanuts, saffron, medlar, especially black. Exhibitors are propagandists, they promote the Qinghai Qinghai, promote the simple people, cool climate.

▲ Shengyuan Carpet Exhibition Area.

The Tibetan Blanket Exhibition has enrich the historical connotation of Qinghai National Culture and has become a feast of national folk culture. It opened a window of culturally mixed, passed a distinctive signal – a more open, more energetic, more charming Qinghai is open, hugging the world.

“Yu Qiuyu said that Chinese culture is a rush of a river, not the old rings of the river. I feel that the Tibetan blanket is a thick heritage carrying history and culture, not just the surface of the carpet. The patterns and colors. “Chen Yuli said emotions when the reporter farewell.

(China Reform Daily, Reform Network reporter Wang Jianheng Yuan Lin)

Editor / Production: Zhang Haiju Audit: Li Yuhui political review: Wang Ziliang

(China Reform Daily, Reform Network reporter Wen Di photo)

一块小地毯 一扇大窗户

(China Reform Report, Reform Network reporter Li Yublee)

一块小地毯 一扇大窗户

(China Reform Report, Reform Network reporter Li Yublee)

一块小地毯 一扇大窗户

(China Reform Report, Reform Network reporter Li Yublee)