I believe that every girl will prepare a black pants in the wardrobe, or a tight or loose, it will always meet anything in any style with a hundred gestures, such a pants that will never have wrong, to think It is even more easier to wear it.


It is precisely because there is a biggest color such as black, but the girls don’t have to consider whether the upper body is more fat when picking up the tights.

First, leisure is chosen black pants, comfortable is still thin


In daily leisure, girls are not demanding exquisite requirements, but desire to use loose single item to create a thin effect.

Although black is never, when tight trousers with classic windbreaker, it is inevitable that it is slightly dimmed. If the foot is wearing a red leather shoes, it will be able to use highlights to increase the look, even the flat, but because the high waist elements of the trousers are still It will not be short, but it is possible to show the petite and cute figure, and even the woven bags of the hand are in low-key style.


To have a more slender leg line, the most correct thing is not only choosing high wagles, and the shoes with the colored shoes can make the overall sense of the lower body more unified, so that the effect of drawing the long leg line, Martin boots as a student party The love uses a single product, naturally it is casual and personality, and the ethnic wind printed sweater has a significant aging effect.

The upper and tight shapes are always the most light and most thin, the combination of sweater and shirts is not only filled with level, but also the combination of these two vitalities, the pear shape is black You don’t have to worry after tight-fitting, because the thick-bottom small leather shoes have an optimized leg shape.

For the exquisite feelings of tight black pants, the loose pants can show the black skin to the ultimate, and the student party always likes to use the uniforms of the uniforms to maintain the youthfulness, but whether it is black Pants is still a black and white striped top, but not only the necklace as a decoration, but even the bag will add a degree of quality in a three-dimensional version.


With the continuous trial of the fashion wear, the suit pants have also begun to use in the daily, with the joining of canvas shoes, even after the usual seemingly practiced suit jacket, it can become more casual, just like this. The match allows us to find more possible possibilities outside the elegant, and the straight version of the trousers is the best choice for black meat.

For professional women, a low-profile and stable black trousers will always become the preferred item in all of them.


Second, black too classic, suits can be very fashionable

Whether it is black trousers or khaki windbreaker, always maintain its classic charm, if it is better, it is better.

Girls with long-legged advantage have no concern when choosing long wind clothes. Even if they wear a pair of flat sneakers, they can maintain a strong gas field, the addition of black trousers is given a hot breath, put on After the sunglasses, the pants style is more catering, the Ming Yellow bag is used as a pen, and it can keep the trend of fashionable people after the upper body.

The classic is never time, because it can accommodate any of her single product, the exquisiteness of this black pants lies in the pleats on the side of the legs, which can be modified to be too large pants legs, while adding detail, Black consolidation can keep low-key charm after so messy silk scarf.


The mix of suit pants and windbrer will always be a favorite set of professional women. Unlike the inner blue shirt, the windbreaker and the trousers are biased towards loose, and they will neither a sense of restraint. At the same time, you can maintain the elevations and calm of the workplace, and unlock the jacket to show up high waist pants.

The reason why chooses with black trousers, it is to make the shape of the shape of the shape, the high heels have advantages in the high heighing, if it is able to unify the color with the pants, naturally can further draw the leg line, will belt The charm of the workplace is also coming to the clothes of the clothes, the charm of the workplace is also coming.

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