White peony, peony licorice soup, peony licorice

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The first problem that needs to be explained is: The peony medicine used in the doctor’s Shengzhong in the economy is the current white peony or red peony? Everyone is to know that the peony in the Eastern Han Dynasty has no white, red, and the white medicine white, and the redness is determined in the six Dynasties. Later, there was a comparison of white peony and red peony: red peony could be clever blood, and the blood circulation was bleed, while white pegs were mainly raised, and there was a role in pain relief. In addition, the red peony can be liver and fire, and the white peony is mainly raised. In the middle of the economy, there are 57 to use peony. So, is the merchant’s peony? Is it a white peony or red peony? If you can’t cover it, it should be based on specific scriptures? The author believes that this introduces two passers-party “药” and “药 附”, the peony used in it should be white peony.

White peony

White peony is a dry root of the ranoconcules, the dried roots of the peony, which are started in the “Shennong Herb”, which is listed as top, is a common blood medicine. White peony taste, acid, sexy cold; return to liver, spleen. With nourishing blood, the effect of convinced and intake, soft liver and pain, suppressing liver yang. Modern research points out that the white peony chemical composition mainly has monohypentioside, triterpenoids, flavonoids, etc .; it has heat, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmaspasmge, anti-liver, anti-oxidation, hypoglycemic, protect nerve, Many pharmacological effects such as immunomodulation.


Paeoni licorice soup

Composition of service: 12 grams of peony, 12 grams of licorice. On the second taste, use 600 ml of water, cook 300 ml, go to the, and then the temperature is again.

Indications: reconcile liver spleen, rush to pain relieve. Treatment of injury, cold injury, gloomy, leg and feet, upset, cold and cold, liver spleen, 脘 abdominal pain.

Remarks: This is the main rule of fluid damage, the blood is insufficient, and the throles caused by the glumidity. Fangzhong peony is cold, raised blood and magnificent, soft pain, licorice Gans, Jianpi Yiqi, rush to pain relieve pain. Different drugs, sour gyne, and tissue liver spleen, and have a soft jam.

Attached: peony – licorice medicine

Peony – licorice is a classic medicine that comes from “Treatise”. Studies have shown that peony – licorice is resistant to anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antispasmodic pharmacological role. Clinical is widely used in respiratory, digestion, nerve, muscle, urinary, endocrine and other multi-system diseases. For example, the gastrocne cassiot, intercostal pain, stomach pain, stomach pain, abdominal pain, sciatica, gynecological abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, gynecological ulcer, atrophic gastritis, gastrointestinal nerve function The symptoms, acute mastitis, cervical syndrome, etc. are blood-blood deficiency, and liver spleen disappointers.


Paeoni licorice pneumon soup

Composition of services: peony, licorice () 9 grams each, 3 grams of aponia (gun, peeled, broken eight). On the three flavors, 1 liter with water, cook 300 ml, remove the water, and heat the three clothes.

Indications: Mainly used in the crucible of yin and yang, the skin is abundant, and the meridian disorder is used. The physical virtual sense, sweating, the disease is intimate, and the anti-fashioned people will increase.

Foldy: There is a peony licorice soup to be painful in the square, and the aponite can be warm in Wenyang. In Fangzhong, the medicine is astringent to the sweat, and the aconite is hot, and the kids can reconcile the role of the sans, and the whole party will work with the role of Fuyang.

Attached: Aconi – white peony

Attachment, white peony is one of the commonly used drugs for the treatment of paralysis, all of them, just soft and mutually, bonnated, with a cold pain, warm-up spleen yang, soft liver blood, and yang blood. It is used to treat a thoughts and achieve good results.