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Many times, a person’s charm is able to stand up with it.

Xu Qing


Lace shirt



Black skirt

, Just match



The momentum, simple maturity, revealing infinite charm and gentle, with unique women

Wen Yu and generous



White lace


Top with dreams and romantic, and

White with skirt

Black is complementary color, two kinds of matching

Classic and good look

. The skirt is a cortical texture, more



This dress is like a front end of the fashion.

1 lace shirt – delicate and elegant

Very “lady” temperament style,

Wear white shirt with black skirt,

Senior foreign, lace elements as one of the representatives of dreams and romance, it gives us a feeling of warm temperatures.

Especially with simple and pure white lines, there is a taste of dust, plus the design, sexy and style of sexy and customs, and achieved different styles.


The 朦胧 美 美 所 所,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

, Revealing natural and natural style, and combining with white is also elegant literary. ▼ ▼

2 black leather skirt – generous

52 years old

Xu Qing is so beautiful! Put on

White lace shirt with skirt noble and elegant

, The charm is full, black leather skirt, whether it is under the white lace top, or in the remaining style, it is possible to show his mysterious low-key.

If it is a simple black, there is no peel for a auxiliary.

Then there will be too monotonous, and even have a non-interesting, there is no such clear and advanced texture.

. The black cortical skirt is not only a roughly exploiting the overall style, but also to interpret the overall gas field. ▼ ▼

The black and white classic color is permanently circulated, and it is never defeated at the top of the stylish.

Xu Qing this dress

There are both style of taste, and there is a beautiful and beautiful, plus a straightening of lace and leather, more looks more.

Endzhao and elegance


. The beauty of the favorite can take it in her way! ▼ ▼

▼ You should know more about the shirt + half skirt!

First: Half-length skirt

The girl chooses a shirt to match the skirt dress, it is really too daily, so wearing a very fashionable style, a good girl can think about it.


Half-length skirt

Because we can show our slender long legs, with a pair of high heels and match, it can not only make our body look very high, but also give powerful gas fields and outstanding temperament. ▼ ▼

Additional point: matching the stream design is more exciting

The design of the skirt is a variety of design. If we want to wear more eye-catching, then we can use the designs of the sash to decorate, a piece of tassel is in the edge of the skirt, which can wear our wear Take the extra points. ▼ ▼

SECOND: Half-length


Compared to the half-length skirt, the dress of the half-length dress is more suitable for the chubby girl. Some girls are worried about their own body is not perfect enough. In fact, we don’t have to worry, choose a half-length dress to cover us slightly. The legs can easily solve the problem.

▼ color recommendation: Black is the most tabo color.

1 wearing a white shirt above, such a black and white can wear a wonderful effect,

2 or printed shirts bring fancy feelings and pure black to each other, which is also very nice

Third: Washing Works in Striped Shirt

The style of the shirt is also a variety of diversified, and occasionally we consider choosing a blue white striped shirt to dress.

Light blue and white mutual connection

You can bring us youthfulness, because this pastel dress makes us look full, with the upper body skirt, very vigorous. ▼ ▼


Of course, the girls can also take a white sweater in such a shirt, reveal our cuffs and necklines, so simple and convenient to wear methods is superimposed, very suitable for the spring and autumn and autumn season!



It’s really a hundred, especially with a skirt, we can make any match,

We can choose long section or short half-length skirt according to your own body.

It can get a different effect. I believe that you will have more wonderful discovery. Ok, today’s content is shared here, we discuss fashion together!


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Xu Qing