Source: Global Times

Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post” January 9/201: China and Australian Relations: China’s home purchasers are waiting to be thawed, and the tax refund and pleading of Australian states are

In 2019, in the Sino-Australian relationship, in 2019, China’s buyers were once the fifth largest foreign investment group in the Macao, but now with the bilateral relationships of them, this group is attracting its return policy and Other pleadings are as a venue.

From 2015 to 2018, the Chinese have been the largest foreign buyer of Australian real estate. Industry companies say that China’s buyers in China have fell half a year-on-year. “For China Investment in Australia, there is a lot of uncertainties before eliminating the political nervousness of the two countries.” Sidney Horse, the head of the developers of Australia, “From the current relevant policy, it can be seen, recently Central Australia Nervousness is giving such overseas investors to bring a range of unfavorable factors. “

Industry companies said that in 2020, investors at home and abroad were less than 30% in Australian total mortgage, and 50% 4 years ago. Harry Zhang (tone), a partner of Macao Law Firm, said that Chinese developers, especially those supported by state-owned enterprises, recently purchased any big real estate assets around the Sydney Airport.

At the moment, many states in Australia are “laying red carpets” to attract foreign investors. For example, 75% tax rebate provided by stamp duty payable by Western Australia. The relevant preferential measures announced in October 2019 will continue until October this year. In Victoria, the residents of buying $ 1 million can get a maximum of 275 million land transfer tax waves, which will continue until (this year) July …

China is the largest trading partner in Australia, and the export of about 1/3 of Australia is purchased annually. But Beijing and Canberra relations have worsened that China’s investors’ interest in Australia has made them more cautious and pessimistic about the prospects of investment in Australia. “Recently, the relationship between Australia (for the Macao Mountain) is not a good sign,”, the team headed by Lyon Securities and Macau Real Estate Analyst James Dulus wrote in the recent report. (Author Lam Ka-Sing, Cui Xiamin)