The role and effectiveness of the use of rose oil

The role of rose oil. It not only helps you from frustration, grief, anger and fear freed, but also the heart and the digestive system to help solve the problem for women is the most amazing; the best and also the use of the effect on the skin one of essential oils.

Rose essential oil effectiveness

Damascus rose oil can soothe and coordination mood, depression, anger, grief, fear, nervousness and depression help; at the same time, but also increase sexual desire, nourish itself, self-confidence and ability to deal with emotional issues.

It has for poor circulation and heart problems very big help, including heart palpitations, cardiac arrhythmias and hypertension; it also used to improve liver and gallbladder function.

For the respiratory system, Damascus rose oil help to solve asthma, hay fever and cough; in the digestive system, liver congestion and to improve the nausea nausea good.

Damascus rose oil scavenging, cleaning, adjustment and female genital purification effect; may be used to regulate and balance hormone secretion, irregular menstruation, abnormal vaginal discharge, menstrual problems excessive uterine bleeding, and other disorders, the coordination of the uterus role is comprehensive, best female care products.

Gem effect on the skin is very effective, it can increase skin moisture, increasing the amount of bound water; at the same time, it also sterilization and the role of incentives skin, suitable for all skin types, but especially for dry, mature and allergic skin. It can also be used to repair broken capillaries, relieve inflammation and redness of the skin, but also help the rehabilitation of eczema and herpes. Rose water can also be used to treat conjunctivitis.

The role and effectiveness of the use of rose oil

Rose essential oil usage

1, aromatherapy: use of incense or incense lamp, a number of the rose oil in water was added dropwise, using a water heating appliance aromatherapy, essential oils circulated in the air;

Bath: The number rose oil droplets or liquid 50-100ml Rose (perfume) – water bath was added, stirred well and then into the first pool, water temperature controlled at about 39 ℃, without too hot, due to the low solubility in water and rose oil, oil may be first added to the base oil, milk, honey, bath salts in order to be mixed with water;

Feet: adding hot water in a basin (water temperature is about 40 ℃) to about the height of the ankle, 1 drop of oil was added dropwise, liquid or 50-100ml Rose (perfume) – soaked in water.

Skin care: Wash your face every morning, put a drop of rose oil drops in warm water, apply the face with a towel by the skin, can delay aging, keep skin healthy and beautiful.

Skin Massage: put two drops of rose oil, 2 drops of sandalwood oil in 5 ml of massage base oil, the weekly 1-2 times as massage facial skin, make the skin soft and moist, young and energetic. Such as body massage, it can create a romantic passion, the whole body skin moist and supple, soft and relaxed. Its aroma has aphrodisiac effects; but also anti-aging. (Source: Visual China)