Life is easy to be old, the age of Chongyang, today’s Chongyang. Another year of the Chongyang Festival, is it ready for the gift of the elders? In this era of this, give the elders to give a big problem for contemporary children. Because I am busy working, I have been engaged in a long time. Now I can’t figure it out, I can’t send my heart, but I will be spit and flow money. I don’t know what to send for a while.

Jingdong search big data shows that the number of people buying people buying their parents is jackets, sweaters, leather shoes, buying the mother-in-law to buy a coat, scarves and necklace. The seriousness of my parents is a gift for my mother-in-law, and there is a face. It is more than 50% of the jewelery of the jewelry, and the transaction of the shoe bag is 6.7 times higher than the surplus.

In order to let everyone feel eye-catching, you can buy the elders of Hearts. Jingdong released the “Trend of the Trend of the Double Ninth Festival”, the list of explosions on the list, not only quality, cost performance, user evaluation integrated ranking And all the fashion explosions in front of the frontier.

The rise of the silver firing, the elders walked in the forefront of the trend

In the traditional impression, everyone generally believes that the elders have only health products, grain and oil consumption, etc., but have nothing to do with fashion consumption, but in recent years, their consumption concept has laid. Focus on the AgeClub institutions of commercial innovation in China, through the continuous tracking observation of new generation of parents, their consumption habits are transforming from the previous highly reproduction of physiological pain, and the functional demand changes to psychological needs, fashion demand, and consumer mentality. And fashion.


Considering the new generation of elders’ pursuit of fashion and young people want to express their minds, during the Chongyang Festival, Jingdong apparel buyers recommended a variety of trends to wear must buy single items.

Clothing, jewelry sample trend, national trend, British fanatic fashion


The rise of the national tide makes the Chinese cheongsam again become the existence of bright eyes, and it has also become the most favored temperament of mothers. “Yi Hongqiangqi Qiqiu Autumn Winter” improve the traditional cheongsam, using the elastic woven, the most popular, the most popular cheongsam fabric. “Magic Walk V-neck Shura Sudu Leisure Shirt Sweater” jacquard process with retro interesting patterns, never lacks identification. “Baozi Big Supory Shawl Case” is more wearing a way, can be used as a shawl, scarf wearing.

The cowbur blows in the young group have gradually become the standard of the new generation of elders, “Carino Cowbi Jacket” will combine Dunhuang image with heavy power embroidery technology, and make a beautiful artistic aesthetics. “Barrute double-sided windbreaker” with “its music autumn classic Martin boots”, British fan is full, both of which have temperatures. “Three shots Xiqi Palace Culture joint home service” unique skin baby cotton velvet material, let the elders can become fashionable at home.

How can I get less trend ornaments? “Tissot Swiss Watch” is designed with three eye hours, and the lines are smooth. “Carnon Autumn Winter New British Bank” can not only modify face, but also contain far infrared fever fibers and antibacterial particles, and insulation can effectively inhibit bacterial reproduction. “Zhou Da Fufu Word Sound Card” is integrated, and parents are wearing them, and there is a charm in the occasions of friends and relatives.

Many brands join, help elders are not afraid of age and brave pursuit of self


From October 22nd to 25th, Jingdong Clothing opened “Heavy young time a good gift” theme venue, many brands handed hands with the Shanghai quantity autumn and winter fashion, from inside and outside to men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, shoes boots, watch, jewelry Waiting, etc.


At the moment, the top is about 1.11 million in the special world. It is 50% off for warm underwear. International jewelry is even less than 30% off. It can also be lower than the big market price to grab 100 kg gold bars, 10 pairs of socks as long as 11.11 yuan, and 1111 IP new children’s wear materials 50% off exclusive excellent service benefits.

Chongyang Festival, choose a warm heart gift for parents, not only to express filial piety, and parents’ good time, but also pay attention to their spiritual pursuit, and quickly take advantage of good things, give the whole family to arrange it. .