Under this day, under this day of the trend of trend, many young people who chase the trend are dazzled, and the tide cards have been loved by the current popular brands. So, what are you suitable for young people? The following small series introduces you to the world’s top ten tidal tables, suitable for young people’s tidal cards, let us take a look at which brand watches is the most popular?

World’s top ten tidal table list

1, Bondon JY7108G


Bondton’s net red series of watch has a very colorful mirror, which is inlaid in the 22 gemstone movement, which can automatically string, the crucible of the strips, the strip of steel forge is very durable, ten very good Make people a heartbeat.

2, Lian Nia 097M958


Many friends’ first impression of this watch is beautiful, inlaid in a crystal of almost two thousand Swarovo, which is very elegant and very elegant, and very elegant, and very elegant. The steel straps do not have to worry about the condition of falling off.

3, Sulllen hollow automatic mechanical watch

The details of the Sleren home in the world’s top ten tidal tables can be said to be meticulous, double-sided perspective, and the hollow design gives people very cool feeling, containing fluorine atoms. Rubber table with skin skin, high wear resistance.

4, Welly Merck WM008

Welly Merck This watch brand can be said to be known worldwide with a tidal design style. This is really a quality craftsman spirit, multi-function timeline is aesthetic, super quality physical mirror anti-corrosion and resistance High temperatures are superb.

5, Linmira LM682

LinMira’s single product is an extremely popular brand in the top ten tidal tablets in the world. For example, this is a very good representative, the comfortable strap and the french disk of the camouflage are very handsome, accurate, can also Adapt to different thick arms.

6, Jeep JPS700102M

The single product made under the Jeep brand has been super good in the entire price ratio, and the strap of the splicing material is very personal, the wear resistance is higher, the exclusive back cover The overall consumption is out of quality.

7, AVI-8 AV-4056-03

Avi-8 This brand is deeply loved by many friends in the market, and this single product is more favored, and the hour and divids and dividers cooperate with unique style dials. It is very comfortable, multi-way The crown that works is also very refined.

8, Aiqi 3065

This Achi 3065 uses a dual-core dual-time characteristic of the world’s top ten tidal tables, and the double spiral crown and the lap are very good showing the beauty of symmetry, so the whole is very powerful waterproof. performance.


9, OT 90608S

This watch is very personality, domineering appearance and quality of each detail, the artificial synthetic sapphire glass mirror is more resistant, the hollowed design is light, and it is very vigorous in the hands. .

10, ulzzang retro mechanical table

This watch has got a lot of fans with the appearance. The big dial of the European and American style is very domineering. The two movements can set different places, and the errors are very small, and they can be said to the special match. .