The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon! At this moment, my heart can’t wait to go to the holiday.

Speaking of playing, I always see many girlsBeautiful dressTake a photo. After all, I don’t have to spend a lot of mind, and I can put it out directly.

Have to say, summer is really “troubled”! There is always a beautiful dress that can’t worn. inPuzzleIt is more loved by the majority of girls.

When I first saw this 3 words, was it a bit frightened? Granular grains are also the same as you!

但是经过一番了解才知道:其实Puzzle就是Collective skin care, Show the clavicle and neck lines.

If you are also more troubles, please don’t worry, granules are ready to help you.3 dressDifferent body can wear! If you have a heart, you will follow it down!


Summer, please come to a cup of Mogito

When the granules are just started this dress, they are tried by the studio guy Yao Yao “grab”! It is conceivable to know how big it is!

Speaking of summer colors,沁人心 心 脾 and withdrawnEffect, non-green.

This kind of grain selection isDelan DiSaturation. It is not suitable for both fresh temperament, and the Asian girls are still suitable.

TalkPear-shaped figureIt is an universal figure in Asian girls. The characteristics are narrow shoulders, waist, buttocks and thighs.(I.e.

So this kind of little cute, mustRemember to avoid adapter or too slim的裙子!但是只要选对裙子,这些都不是烦恼

chooseHigh waist A-line design的伞裙,既可以很好地修饰胯宽、腿粗、小肚腩的困扰,又可以凸显腰细的优势

泡泡袖的遮肉能力也不在话下 微膨的肩袖设计,隐藏手臂肉肉的同时也能营造出甜美感

Besides,Small V collarFor round faces, small cute people with short neck are very friendly!

Appropriate skin care in the chest,Big breast穿也不用担心走光 这不,粒粒顺便把闺蜜Tina拉过来,亲自测试了一下

(Left is: small chest, right: big chest)


This main usePolyester fiber fabric 优点有:Breathable, wear resistant, good light resistanceEven the sunshine capacity is better than natural fiber fabric!

尤其像夏天这种闷热季节,容易出汗、紫外线又强 穿聚酯纤维做的连衣裙再好不过了!

Some clothes will be wrinkled in a few times, but this fabricSoft and implied, Not easily deformed, wear resistance is certified!


First love skirt, forever memories

The so-called first love dress isClean and pure white dress啦 也是约会必备的款式之一!这不,热恋中的小金已经提前安排上了


首先颜色不能choose太突兀的亮白色,要不然很容易显黑 Low saturation of rice white,则更适合大多数人

White itself is self-expanding, soDesign must be simple 大面积蕾丝&贴身透视设计,千万别碰,巨显胖!

V-neck and square collar have the role of extending the neck line, butThe square will be more suitable for preference的小可爱们


Like Xiaojin’s thin-thin girl, it is easy to put clothes in the clothes, no spiritual look!

But don’t worry, this belt comes withbelt 在背后系一条蝴蝶结,起到Dragon作用的同时,还能展现身材曲线

This model is compared to the first A word effect.More slim but not close 像腿型问题,肚子肉肉照样被隐藏了起来

In order to take care of the color preferences of different groups, this time granules3 types颜色给你们


Stitching out summer

Look at the pure color, the last one brings a little cuteStitching style!这次换成粒粒亲自上阵展示

胸前褶皱=小胸福音 Because the wrinkles of small breasts will give people visionExpandSo the little chest will make the surrounding more!

灯笼袖也叫公主袖,微阔的袖子在袖口处收紧 走起路来飘逸但不凌乱,且修饰手臂拜拜肉根本不是问题

这款也是自带belt,属于细belt 可以根据当天的个人心情,往前往后都可以系蝴蝶结

I don’t know if there is a little cute, there is no one in the same, and I will always wear clothes.Worried clothes, When the head is wornAlways get a makeup on your face!

后面自带的纽扣,就能很好地解决这种烦恼 以及Intermediate detail design,不会让脖子后有勒住感觉

Because ofWaist tight design,所以对身材的包容性hin高 Different body and height都可以轻松驾驭 办公室的小伙伴都开始穿上臭美的衣服啦

This time is still preparing blue, powder, black three colors, arbitrarily selected!