How can a brand can be called the soul of a national brand? What kind of corporate pioneers can advertise the rise of the China maternal and child industry? Only brand of time, activation, deepness, scientific research, quality, reputation, with reputation to open up domestic and foreign markets, such a brand can become the backbone of my country’s national brands.

In the past 2021, it was the year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, which is also a new year of building a new journey of socialism modernization. It has accelerated the new development patterns mainly based on internal circulation, and domestic demand potential will be further stimulated, support for economic growth. Further increase. National companies represented by the Laostel of our province, Qingdao Zhenren Group, are the backbone of current “Chinese Zhizhi”. With the basis of quality, innovation is the core competitiveness, Qingdao Zhongren Health Industry Group, for more than 20 years, it has always put consumers first, adhere to the quality first, this time is the development of the world’s baby care industry Contribute your own Chinese program.

Zhongren Group is a national enterprise and is an integral part of the Chinese characteristic market economy system. In the context of high quality development in the new era, national enterprises have deepened reform, expand and open and rich people, and have been given an irreplaceable mission and responsibility. The Zhongren Group has been carefully developed for 5 years, launched a real safe, good domestic brand specially developed for Chinese babies, “Huayi” was born.


Hi Hui series products have been enthusiastic through the listing, the sales volume exceeded 10 million, and the dealer returned!

Strength enterprises, quality is too hard! Since the official listing of huhi products, many parents have been highly praised, and the terminal market sells a red fire! With the good reputation, the new product is just a warm response from all over the dealers, and the return is constant!

Quality and sales are parallel, according to its cooperative store feedback, where the series of products received, the feedback received after the sale is very “good”, the repo rate is far away, and the mother and child care products are in front of the mother and child care products, not only The in-house reputation, performance contribution, profit is also considerable. According to Huayi channel dealers, the incomplete statistics of the payment of the goods, the Hui series products have been released, the sales volume has exceeded 10 million!

After nearly a few months, in the terminal partner store, the exhibition of Hui series products is more conspicuous than before, the large-scale large-scale space show, with the season, the season, the season, the season, is doing sales A good time, there is a confidence in the big stores to the brand products. This smile faced from the terminal is fixed, and it is also a demonstration of the high-alpise high return.

Layout global scientific research institutions, protect baby skin safety, sell three explosions products after listed

Hiwei has launched research and cooperation with leading research institutions at home and abroad, and the Brand, New York Research Institute, Japanese Bird University, Ocean Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China University of Pharmaceutical University, China Agricultural University, China Agricultural University , Southeast University, Jiangnan University, Qingdao University, Qingdao Agricultural University and other domestic and foreign research institutes have established a long-term in-depth industrial and research-related relationship. International first-class enterprises such as South Korea Botamedi, American Baihao Biotechnology Co., Ltd., China (Hong Kong) Daily Health Co., Ltd. reached an international strategic cooperation. Social development and innovation strength in the world’s leading edge of the brand.


After the wire is online, the three products are unusually hot, and the babes are moisturizing and repairing cream. Media. From the beginning of the publicity period and public beta, the product has been affirmed by the first round of users, praises the tide, accumulating many faithful users, with a high praise rate of 99.9%.

In the future, I hope that Zhongren Group and Hui brand will continue to maintain the initial, carry forward the spirit of the craftsman, always with the quality of the product benchmark, strive to make more excellent style word-of-mouth products, so that the private brand will go to the International Stage.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.