The domestic luxury car market has been ruled by BBA, but many people think that BB (Mercedes, BMW) is a generic, and A (Audi) is a little inferior, Audi has a certain luck in today, since Audi lost After the official car, the sales volume was completely contrary to BMW and Mercedes-Benz, the top car A8L, there is no power in front of the new Mercedes-Benz S level, and Audi urgently needs to improve their own brand image, so Audi A is successful, listed and Mercedes-Benz S compete.

At the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, Audi A9 debuted in 2017 in 2017, then the public broke out a series of negative events, led to the listing of A9, recently seen Audi A9 real car in Germany, I believe it should be left Very close.


The new car represents the future design development direction of Audi, and the shape of the Audi is changed, and the hexagonal intake grille is equipped with flat head. In addition, it has a very low wind resistance coefficient, and the integrated tail light rays have a scientific and technological sense, and the Audi lamp factory is not flexible.

The interior is still a simple style, abandoned all the physical buttons, the operation is completed by the LCD touch screen, although it is very avant-garde but some functions or physical buttons are convenient, and the aircraft gear is very domineering, sitting in and has a kind The feeling of the fighter, the adrenaline burst.


In terms of power, Audi A9 will be equipped with 4.0TFSI twin turbocharged engine, maximum power output 605 hp, peak torque 750 Nm, transmission system matches 8-speed automatic transmission, in addition, new car also uses quittro four-drive system, 100 kilometers Acceleration is only 3.7 seconds, enough to match the mainstream sports car.

Audi A9 competitors are locked as Mercedes-Benz S, and the price is expected to start. In the same level of models, Audi A9 is absolutely one of the most fashionable movements. It is expected to be loved by a lot of young consumers, but can afford it. The people in this level, the general is generally biased, and more seriously valued the luxury and comfort of the car, and the Mercedes-Benz S400 competition is not realistic, but the BMW 7 is a good day.


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