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Motorcycle leather

It is a popular single product that is not dead for the fashion circle. Nothing else can be used perfectly in the cool and leisurely. In its rebellious appearance, there is also its excellent functionality. As early as 1928, IRVing Schott designed to include the first locomotive leather Perfecto, it is designed to include asymmetrical front, additional The compartment, and the belt that helps the shaped, and replaced the button with a zipper, which has become a sign element of modern locomotive jacket.

The weather is cold, and the people of the fashion circles will always replace a locomotive leather, as if not at a locomotive leather is similar to the fashion world. I don’t know if you have found that during the weekly period, no matter which showcase, blogger, fashion editing, the appearance rate of locomotive leather can be described as very high.

To say why the locomotive is so hot, the reason is simple:

Good look, wild, practical



↘ Product Name: Japanese sheepskin motorcycle short leather clothes

This season “


“I like it very much. I am freely free of the freedom of the Ranger. After the clothing is in the clothing. After the sheep paste the water, the pleats of naturally presented have a soft feeling. Put on this short locomotive You can snap the waist line on the one hand, on the one hand, the leg is longer, and on the other hand, it can take out the profile and sprinkle of the people. You can do a high-necked sweater like now. The temperature is both incorrect.



↘ Product Name: Retro Electric Plant Motor Jacket

Mashama’s design is still as always



The loose version is suitable for all the eyebrows who want to hold meat, easily doing thin and beautiful, and can also crazy clothes in the coat in the weather in the cold air, both warm, not delayed. The highlight of the whole dress is that it is back design, the position of the ring is just right, and the waist will take ten centimeters.


SPMA X Zhang Jiayi

↘ Product Name: Black Locomotive PU Jacket


SPMA color is Mashama’s hatched independent designer group, this time, with Zhang Jiayi, the launch of the 2019 autumn and winter series. This is a very classic locomotive leather, which is also a wild jacket while highlighting, giving people a clean and inflatable feeling. Such a simple style of leather, whether you are in short skirts, long skirts or jeans are not easy.



↘ Product Name: Serpent Splicing Leather Jacket


Animal pattern can be one of the most HOT’s elements this year. When the cool serpentine is used in the leather, it creates a strong visual impact, and the ink mirror is in the nose. The leather pants are put on the trousers. The patent leather high, even if you are only a small white rabbit, you can wear strong


The communication. Like this kind of design is very strong, it is not necessary to match the more complex single product. It is enough to simply put the simple color, otherwise it is a bit more no, after all, the fashion circle is circulating a thousand people. “Less is more “Well.



↘ Product Name: Leather Chicken Eye Locomotive Jacket

It may be seen that a lot of dense phobia’s small partners will cover their eyes and shout “life”, but this jacket is this issue of this issue of List

Punk and rock

One, watching it, I have a rock star, I have emerged in my mind. Although its price is not friendly, after all, it is leather, insulation and wind protection performance is that the artificial leather can’t be more than, the belt of the hem is completely blocked, and there is a piece in the autumn and winter in the South!


↘ Product Name: PU Locomotive Jacket

When I saw this lychee leather, I was attracted to the textured texture. The zipper decoration in front and sleeves gives people a modern ⚙️

Mechanical hardcore

The length of the sleeves is just to the depression of the palm. Directly draw the arm directly, the short jacket will be a lot of insulation functionality (such as frozen butt), but the fashion girl will never panic, we can be stacked what! Of course, I am not afraid of the “refusal of the autumn pants party” can also be equipped with a pair of boots like a model, showing half a white flowers, and walking in the street is definitely a lever.

Flower fruit

↘ Product Name: Dream Short Sheepskin Locomotive Leather Jacket

The flower tree is a fresh treasure brand I found when I gave you a good-looking locomotive, I believe everyone is very strange! This leather is designed in a black pressure, and a small-small locomotive leather is standing out. The details on the sleeves are the highlight of the whole clothes. The distances of each button are accurately measured to ensure the shape of each pleat (to applaud for the designer . Sheepskin is selected on the fabric, ensuring soft and comfortable clothes, only thousands of prices can be said to be very worthy.

June Eleven

↘ Product Name: Locomotive Wind imitation leather


This black locomotive leather is a very basic style, but it will find its unique place to turn, the biggest highlight is behind it, connecting two sleeves with the back back. Designed to the original monotonic fundamental funds a little career. But rest assured, this is just a fake opening, and will not let you take the cold wind when you walk. I strongly recommend it to you want to wear “


Inadvertent high-profile

“I feel the girl.


↘ Product Name: Retro Wash Effect Parchment Classic Leather Jacket


That’s right, uooyaa Wu, seeing its clothes, always can’t control your own hands. The fabric of this locomotive leather is selected from the sheepskin, and after the treatment of the water washing effect, the traces of the age are transmitted. The sheep skin itself is very soft, and it is also known as the Oversized version, which makes the whole dress more comfortable to wear, suitable for the autumn and winter seasons into the inside. In addition, its pockets are different from the classic locomotive jacket, which makes the styles of the big zipper, improves safety, solves the autumn and winter often because of the troubles of the clothes too thick.


↘ Product Name: purple short locomotive leather


Next, the girls who pursue personality Amway this special purple locomotive leather, the classic design of the casing, plus the design of the unique pocket, so that half of the original gap is more fulfilling. The details of the fabric are also in place, suppressed into a dense diamond line, and the gloss of the whole piece doubles. This leather is brought by a hint of aggressive, put it on the air field buff, in touch with it, does not have to worry about me!


↘ Product Name: Red Cracked Leisure Leather Jacket


Its red is high-profile, dazzling, like the fire in winter, Oversized version makes this originally non-low-adjusted leather to be more rebellious. It belongs to the street with youthful atmosphere, the stainless steel rivet with the pocket embellishment is exposed to a small heart and rebellion. This leather is very suitable for special, confident modern cool girls, after all wearing this dress, thinking of low-key is hard.


With the magic for free switching in a variety of styles, such a wild single product is not that you can only show you out, after reading this article, don’t hurry!

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Motorcycle leather