For the brain powder of the Uniqlo, every time you have new products, it is to look forward to it. This is no, the Uniqlo 2019 spring and summer new U series, is a wave of fairy designs, so that people will be willing, Lili Ssole!

Speaking of the UNIQLO U series, it is behind the famous door.


➢ It is a uniqlo and

French designer Christophe Lemaire

Collaboration series.

Christophe Lemaire may not be familiar with many people. But Hermès always knows, can’t have it, will always hear.


LeMaire is the former Women’s Art Director of Hermes, he

In 2016, it was officially added to Uniqlo to become a new series of Uniqlo U Art Director.


Prior to this, the Lemaire and Uniqlo have launched a series of collaborators for “UNIQLO X Lemaire”. All said


“You can buy Hermes with 200 pieces.”


At the time, the momentum of hot, he was quite terrible! Many people still grabbed twice in autumn and winter!


After two successful cooperation, LeMaire officially joined the Uniqlo Paris R & D Center in July 2016, and served as art director.

Turn the joint name into a regular series, that is, Uniqlo U, and its own unique LOGO



Since the lamaire taken the UNIQLO U series, each time the new series is released, and it is always one of the eyes. It is perfect

Combine Lemaire’s minimalism, and the practical basics of Uniqlo



In just 3 years, UNIQLO U has become a federal series of Unit! Simple but not simple, high quality but not expensive, but also a must-have item per season.



The 2019 spring and summer U series released before some days, really did not disappoint, as always, a hurt package!


➢ It is already the fifth season of UNIQLO U, this season

Logo also changed


The new logo is still simple, retains black and white color, and two squares, the left is the LOGO of the uniform library, and the right is a separate letter “U”.

➢ On the color of color, it is simply can’t do it.

Spring and summer colors are used in violet red, rubber powder, glass green, and the series of smeared turmeric and grass, but also saturated big earth, lively, very textured tones, look uncomfortable.

➢U series is biased

Loose, vertical design

Similar to the simultaneous daily day.


This series includes short jackets, plaid shirts, knitted cardigans, windbreaks, hoodie, knitters, gadgets, etc.搓 搓, feel a lot, I want to start!

Never too much sweater & t-shirt


Even the basic paragraph of UNIQLO U can be very fashionable. This year’s foundation round neck T-shirt, I feel that I have to come together. I can only say that this season is too good, can’t help but want all in!

Loose five-point sleeve T-shirt is really good.

Design, on both sides

It is not easy to relax.


Long version of the T-shirt dress, the same is also loose five-point sleeve design, and it will be able to go out in summer.

Can also superimpose a skirt

How to look good.

There are also stripes and polo shirts, different style different.

This sweater and t-shirt series, the contour is more relaxed, mostly the design of the shoulder design, the simple single is very high-level, which is also rich in color, super wild. Men and women with couples to wear, but also very eye-catching.

Technology blocktech windbreaker

Blocktech windbreaker is also a popularity of the UNIQLO U series.


Windproof and waterproof

Black technology fabric, also brought


Function, plus the chic tailoring, how can you have such a less than a wardrobe!


This year’s windbreaker design, big lapel, plus sports, it seems not only more level, it is more casual. With sweater, high-neck sweaters are super good.


In addition, men’s clothing has a large pocket design of a coat, tooling style, solid color design, and quite a hundred. Although it is a men’s clothing, it feels that girls will love.


Elegant shirt filled with high level


This spring, summer series must enter the women’s shirt.

From coloring to tailoring, material, full of high-level feelings, the same shoulder design, and the loose and long style is quite elegant. That’s right, it is a Lemaire style.

In addition, there is a five-point sleeve loose shirt, colorful print color, walking is a holiday style, more calm, and the same dress, it is very suitable for the lively atmosphere of the spring and summer.

There are also a variety of shirt skirts, both in the air, and wearing very well.


Men, recommended 5-point sleeve solid color shirt.


Seriously, “straight men” and “fashion men” are a distance of a shirt sleeve. Five-point sleeve shirts make short-sleeved shirts don’t look so dead, Mu, loose design, more lazy casual.

However, the plaid is more testing the temperament of the wearer.

Little cute sweater

The knitted series is more slim, especially in the waist and upper arm.

The overall line is round, the texture is very good, and it can be easily “small waist”. The match is also as you want.

I also launched a special introduction this year.


Cotton knit vest

Super Slim. The upper half has a pattern design, except for black and white, there is a retro glass green and bright Ming Yellow, which feels the show “Xiandan Red” this year.


There is also a slim dress, and the second is elegant little fairy. Dating, party, see parents … I can stay in Hold!

It can only be said that this year’s coloring is really good, even if the simplest pullover is still, I still feel that I have had one with the doors.


This season will continue to have a swimwear. The swimsuit of UNIQLO U is really surprised. The classic design of the 1950s, the generous style, and the color matching.

In terms of pants,




Main width leg narrow mouth and straight


Two kinds of styles,





Wide leg pants

Main, show 1.8 long legs.

In addition, there are different styles of denim jackets, light down series, jackets, etc.

➢ China

Some parts of the mainland January 31

Officially released,

Japan and other countries are on February 1


Ok, Uniqlo U has been ignored this year? Anyway, I am ready to pay!