Recently, the “2021 Intellectual Life Conference” hosted by China News Weekly was held in Beijing. During the period of the city, the arrogant coast and Shunde Overseas Chinese Town, the Joy Coast of Shunde Overseas Chinese Town was awarded the intention of interest in 2021, gaining a high degree of affirmation and recognition!


September 16th, Shunde’s Happy Coast Plus is two years old! Since September 16, 2019, the two years “City” long, the lant glow, 18 million + tourists, ferris wheels 1800+, double official micron fans 760,000 +, jam topic 270 million +, More than 30 authority awards are the project as a cultural border, rehabilitate the new center of the city. The United Nations IP A raccoon launched a series of “Happy 2 U · Have you more joy” in the world.

As Chen Zhan, the largest city in the country in 2021, is also a raccoon in Shunde’s first A raccoon, this exhibition has a long time and large significant characteristics. A raccoon IP is a city of cultural dreams. A series of landing scenes related to a raccoon bring the most authentic and interesting immersive shopping experience for tourists. “


On the day of the opening, Mei Chen Exhibition can see the characteristic A raccoon image everywhere: corner, ferris wheel, float, and even a raccoon can interact with a raccoon, 6 meters high giant aura device, large A large A, shopping center Amount, such as a cocontrol model, providing a more immersive play experience for young people.

In order to meet the shopping needs of more groups, not only the second-hand toy market is in Shunde, the game is also existed, so that the trend is also collided here.


“Whether you are age, what kind of demand came here, you can find the happiness that belongs to yourself in this unique immersive A raccoon.” The city of Dream said, “This is Our original intention, and we also hope that in this way, it is possible to provide more scenarios to the IP authorization industry, and also help Shunde to create a new benchmark pole in the park, cultivate the new engine of urban economic development. “


During the start of the period, the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, Dream City and the dream of the happy coast PLUS, can set this beauty Chen Zhan to a new “happy landmark” that must be tacked in Guangdong Province, further increase the Guangdong in young tourists or The components of family travel decisions and active role in local cultural development and economic income.


Affected by historical factors, geographic location, ideological concepts, paradise culture in Guangdong Province is deeply rooted. On the relevant tourism platform, the paradise, especially the theme park, has become the existence of Guangdong’s travel must be tacked.

As a fifteen years of IP image, A raccoon has accompanying countless children to grow. Up to now, the amount of a raccoon has exceeded 20 million, and the fans have been covered from children to 50+ years old. Fans with a certain consumption level in 18-29 is close to 60%.

Whether it is for childhood memories, or the raccoon as an emotional link, the surrounding products based on A raccoon IP are loved by fans. Data from the city of Dreams show that the IP-based IP, the IP-based IP, has accumulated 10,000 + SKU products, laying 3,000 online channels, authorized partners more than 500.

Since the first theme exhibition A commercial institution recommends that long-term cooperative relationships have great influence in the country.

With the acuno theme exhibition, Shunde Joy Coast Plus, Guangdong Park culture will add a strong color. At the same time, the city of Dream will also further expand the IP real-world entertainment development immersive experience. Specifically, it is to authorize the IP image of the A raccoon in Shunde and combined with the local characteristics of Shunde District.


In order to better build the young image of Shunde Joy Coast Plus, the city introduces O’Plaza Happy Coast through the unwanted A raccoon, and introducing a young people’s favorite market product with 100,000 rich surrounding products. The shopping center gives a strong identity label of young groups, attracting them in the form of a community, attracting them to the line, and take a solid step for immersive shopping.

In terms of promoting consumption, the city’s city is used in the form of online, and the flow of mutual drainage is mutually promoted. Inline, a large number of businesses in the linkage shopping center share the resources of the fast flash shop about the surrounding products, and tap the card, the consumption points accumulate exchanges in the form of special surrounding products to promote the consumption of the young group. Online, there is a net red live band, and the member platform integral exchange is attracted to the surrounding fan group to produce consumption resonance. This helps the Happy Coast Shopping Center with a more rich product line in front of the more targeted consumer group, increasing income.

It is foreseeable that with the continuous exploration of a raccoon IP based on a raccoon IP, build an immersion experience to further show the powerful vitality and business value of A raccina IP, will also bring more ip authorized industries. Multi-likely, leading to more China’s local IP to enter a new stage.

(Source: Beijing Evening News)

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