Under the cold weather in winter, you can’t wear a dress every day, so many clothes wear will become a frequent visitor wearing everyday winter, and the clothes of the clothes will never be separated. Piece of bottoming shirt.


The clothes that can be used as a bottoming shirt are also a million existence. How to choose a bottoming shirt, or what kind of bottoming shirt, sometimes it is also able to highlight personal lives.

Today, I recommend the knit sweater below. It can be used as a hipster single product that can be worn directly from the bottom of the bottom, and the temperament is improved.

[Beautiful sense of appearance]


This knit sweater is dominated by simple winds, but it is not low-key, and it does not show the sexy charm of your body. In the style, it is very rich in style, but it is a kind of practice and profit, wearing a temperament that can improve its own temperament.


In the version, this knit sweater belongs to the slim version, no loose version of loose feel, but because of the good elasticity of the sweater, such a suitable version will not be tight, comfortable In order to keep warm and show the charm of your body.

The simple appearance has a rich color choice. As a multi-hunting, different colors have different personalities, but they are inseparable from the elegant and soft, soft and tenderness. There is a knowledgeable charm between it.

[Delicate design]

The first is the choice of materials, the paint of the fabric, but also the softness, warm and breathable materials, plus soft touch makes it more comfortable, and the precision of the first line, showing quality life Pursue.

From the inside, the design in the appearance is also a delicate mind. The design of the stylish high collar adds a classic element to the minimalist wind, and the comfort and comfort is effective wind and warm. The simple texture of the cuffs, the exquisite exquisiteness of the handless arm.

In addition, the design of the shoulder, the splicing between the sleeves and the clothes, the workmanship, the workmanship, and the production process of the clothes. The detail of the hem has a good lining effect, and the contour shape of the clothes has played a good modification.


[Wearing a hundred-way style style]

In this knit sweater, there is a wild style, can be worn as a single product, can also be used as a bottom, casual dressing style, more comfortable and labor-saving.

On match, if you want to highlight your own elegant and gentle style, then the choice can be some warm skirt, after all, in winter, keep warm, the skirt itself has a gentle style and fresh. The whole will be more high and tenderness in the whole wearing.

Of course, this dress itself has a very good moral effect. Choose to match some leather pants, will give people a sense of practice, build a style of a workplace, such a more temperament. In addition to this, we can do it according to different color systems, more distinctive style.

[Full text Summary]


In the winter, in the winter, in addition to the style of the appearance, the most important or warm effect, after all, a warm clothes are better than the superimposed clothes, so good bottoming shirt is very important in winter everyday wear.

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