Today, I continued to update the most comprehensive family parent-child English enlightenment 60 asked, and pointed out the mine area on the Mongolian Road in English.

Q11: When does the child get to read?

If you read this, you are, the sooner it is.


Here, special answer to the reading of 0-3 years old baby. If your baby is a baby 0-3 years old, then the only way to perform English enlightenment is: You and your baby talk to English.

The family English environment is the only way for the 0-3 years old baby grinders. This is also why bilingual families are easier to bring out the baby’s language, such as Li Xiaopeng and Li Anqi brought out of Orly.

Of course, English stories can be played as a background tone, but don’t count on the effect.

Many parents have heard that there must be very fragmented: then I am in English, can’t I enlighten my child in 0-3?

of course not.

In this society, everything has a solution, and you will see that you are a lifelong learning.

Q12: What should I pay attention to when I read?

First, start reading from a complete set of books

Second, starting from reading interesting stories

Third, choose a short story small thin book to be easier

Fourth, be sure to start from listening, listening too important!

Fifth, don’t have more every day, but you must read every day.


Sixth, once you start, you must adhere to at least three months.

Q13: How to choose a child for your child?

The paint in the world is full, not exhaus, inexhaustible, how to choose from thousands of books?


The most important standard is:


The child likes the book is a good book.

Q14: How to grasp the difficulty of reading?

Very simple, open an English paint, if you don’t understand 80% of the children,

Decisively abandon.

If the 80% of the child knows, then this book is more in line with the child’s reading.

Q15: The child is read, or listen to it first?

I have already emphasized when I have said five phases, I must first listen to it again.


Before you do a lot of listening inputs.

At the same time, parents must allow children to have a silence, don’t eager to seek, forced children to open.


Original English audio can cultivate children’s general habits,


If the child can’t accept the child, you can listen to the bilingual version of the bilingual version, wait until you are familiar with the story, then listen to the pure English audio,

I will have to harvest the improvement of the naked eye for a long time.

Q16: Do you want to read the sound when reading?

It is important to read the child in the enlightenment phase.

And not only to read the sound,

The words and sentence pronunciation standards read out.

Here, parents still need to clearly realize that reading is not completely equal to speaking, reading only the materials you see by the original original, and the speaking requires the child to organize the language and require higher requirements.

So this doesn’t violate the first time. So why do the teacher insisted that the child must read out? There are four reasons.

First, the child’s voice learning ability is better than adult.

It is really unfortunately if you don’t use the language of the language.

Second, voice and listening is close


Related, pronunciation means identifying tone.


When Chinese children participate in four or six or IELTTOK test, hearing is often relatively low. This is because the child can only understand the same content as my own speaking, if the pronunciation is not allowed, I will not understand.

Third, voice is closely related to spoken language, pronounced beautiful, standard, can bring confidence to your child.

This trust everyone feels deeply, whether it is studying or working, if a person talks about a standard Mandarin, then everyone will feel that this person is well educated.

The United States is the same, everyone should have seen Gossip Girl gossip girls, the accents used in this drama are the accents in Upper Eastern New York, and others can feel that this person is not rich.

So the pronunciation is beautiful.

The standard is critical.

Fourth, voice is closely related to reading, voice is an integral part of reading decoding.


We can try it. When you see a paragraph, even a silent reading, there will be sound in your mind.

This is also the case, no sound, will affect the speed of reading and understanding.

Q17: How to make children read?


Record the child’s readings and the original sound to make a contrast, insist on a month, let the child find their progress, this is the greatest encouragement for the child.

Parents have to design some props or activities that can cause children to follow their interests.

Here, give you some particularly useful gadgets.

Recording the microphone, which will make him feel like a small star’s small anchor, and can record the growth of the child, let him feel the progress of my little bit.

You can also use a variety of convenient stickers, color pen, abstract text materials, stuck at home, and always stimulate the desire to follow children, such as the excergeration of the dinosaur lary of the Lanyon Mother in the Pavilion, is very good. demonstration.

There is also an audio, and it is also very important productive tool. Good audio can even hear English generic reading and weak reading, which is very helpful for the accuracy of children’s English pronunciation.

Q18: What should I do if my child does not read?


Parents need to allow children to have a silence, understanding that children do not speak English is very natural, normal behavior.

Second, parents must bring their children.

Even you are not reading, the child will not read.

Don’t think: Reading English is a child’s own business, parents’ pronunciation will be able to take a child.

In fact, is this a good opportunity for children and parents to learn English to deepen their feelings?


Some parents have pushed all the responsibilities directly to the teachers after sending their children into a training class.


Teacher is a teacher of everyone,

Mom is the only mother of the child.

Q19: What should I do if my child is reading?


The new Oriental teachers have summed up the seven reasons for children to read bad problems.


The simplest judgment is that the child’s vocabulary is too small.

And this is indeed the most important reason. This reason, nothing can be said, accumulating words are unique way.

Second, the child’s grammar is not working, here you need to pay attention,

A little child does not need to overreighten, and children aged 6-7 can begin to contact grammar.


The child does not have a correct reading strategy.

That is, the method is not appropriate.


The child’s voice tone and spelling ability will also affect reading.

Fifth, there is a possibility that

The child reads it, but it is around.


Children are unfamiliar with the form of exams and theme

It will also become obstacles.




The child’s knowledge is narrow,


So the background and story in reading the material cannot fully understand.

Q20: Is it necessary to read more than reading?

A: No.

read more books,

It is necessary inadequate conditions for the improvement of reading force.

The lifting of reading is sure to pick up the four phases.

Phase 1: Play and have fun

That is, playing middle school, learning to play.

For the start of the child,

Most importantly,

Very bright eyes,

And very spiritual ears.

Simple and straightforward, it is necessary to have a sense.

Very bright eyes are stimulating by rich graphic beauty, very spiritual ear is to grind a lot of audio information. A solid sense can make PHONICs’ learning speed growth growth.

At this stage, if your child can’t play, you must have no interest, no interest, you can’t learn knowledge.

second stage:

Sight Words


If the first phase is the unconscious study of the middle school, then the second stage is going on


Deliberately trained.


After the initial original paint book, the first step in English enlightenment is the learning of Sight Words.

In the United States and Canada, the children need to accumulate the first batch of most core high-frequency words called Sight Words, such as “in, on, at, under, for”, about 220.

These words usually do not meet the natural spelling method, and learn to accumulate Sight Words before studying naturally.

According to the survey, they can reach 80% in children’s readings, and they are the vocabulary that children who are never bypass in children.

While reading, consciously memorize high frequency words Sight Words, which has a great advantage for children to master primary reading.

The third stage: Ready to read

In the third stage, you can choose some difficulty than lower level reading reading.

The graded readings typically prepare different content according to different English levels and psychological features, and the difficulty layers progress.

The third stage is that the second phase is generally cross-made, because you can’t get out of the story to words, simply only memory words, children are easy to be interested.


Fourth stage: chapter book

The most typical feature is the most typical character compared to Chapter book and paint.

There are more pictures.

Classic Chapter Book includes Magic School Bus, Harry Potter, Crazy School, Mika House, Panties Superman, Mouse Reporter and Tour.

They are very difficult, equal to the high-grade reading level of foreign primary schools, these levels of books can fully “parent-child common learning” together.

Ok, today’s family English enlightenment 60 will be here, tomorrow will continue to update, I hope to help the parents who have questions in the mail!

If English is a small monster,

I hope that the children can become a small superman.


After hundreds of rounds with the monster war,

See the trick,

Not afraid, bravely go forward.

One day, children

Will see new, broader worlds.