In 2018, it is fashionable to wear this way, foreign girls are like this, and domestic ones have begun to imitate

For women in the workplace or girls who want to walk lightly, a blazer is indispensable. But do you feel that if you wear a full suit, it will always make people feel too formal and weird, this article will tell you how to wear a blazer.

Look 1: Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans tend to give people a casual feel on the street, and with a blazer they form a stylistic contrast, both with the seriousness of a blazer without looking old-fashioned. Even a gray checked blazer like the one pictured above, which is easy to step on, can easily change the style, fashionable and unobtrusive.

Black jeans are thinner than other colors, and the holes at the knees hide the folds, making them very high. A tan striped blazer with pointed mules is elegant and atmospheric, and a pair of black-framed glasses is age-reducing and lively.

If you’re not used to wearing ripped jeans, you can try them out with small ripped styles. The loose fit is comfortable and intimate, and the small holes at the knees are a bit playful. The light khaki blazer is gentle and elegant, and it goes well with the lace-up heels.

Look 2: Microflared jeans

Micro-flared jeans not only give a more casual feel, but also help conceal the imperfections of the calf curve. The light blue and dark blue color-block styles are chic and chic, and the black and white checked blazer is elegant with a courtly white shirt.

The classic blue color is brighter, and the dark burgundy patent leather booties have a sexy femininity. The light gray solid color T-shirt is simple and fresh, and the light khaki blazer has a bit of modesty and elegance.

Look 3: Frayed jeans

Raw jeans have a casual street feel, but they are much more understated than ripped styles. The dark gray tweed blazer is dignified and atmospheric, and the pure white T-shirt is refreshed and age-reducing. One side of the patent leather high heels is full of aura. The red polka-dot scarf around the neck is sweet and chic, and it is natural to wear both dark blue and light blue jeans.

Darker frayed white frayed jeans are more suitable for autumn and winter. The basic black blazer and velvet stiletto heels are a must-have for working women, and the Gucci Dionysian bag is low-key and luxurious.

Showing your ankles between frayed jeans and pointed-toe heels, especially nude or white heels, is invincible. The longer and wider scarf is warm and special, and it is similar to the khaki blazer, which is very gentle.

Look 4: Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are one of the most common types of jeans of all types. The light brown checked blazer is elegant and elegant, and the rolled-up jeans reveal gold velvet green pointed toe high-heeled booties.

If you like a mature minimalist style, it’s right to wear it like the picture above. The black shirt with a slightly open neckline is not too old-fashioned, and it also echoes the color of patent leather booties and handbags. The double-breasted light grey blazer is simple and elegant, and it is casual with dark blue denim leggings.

The legs are slightly rolled to make the ankles appear slimmer. The high prominence of patent leather pointed toe heels also adds to the aura, and the black blazer with a monogram-printed white T-shirt is just right, reducing age without being childish.

The rose red color and the brighter material are very eye-catching, and the use of white skinny jeans to connect to the black lace-up heels is very natural, and it also makes the whole not look fancy.

I estimate that many girls have the above 4 types of jeans, but they don’t have a blazer. Such a good-looking pairing, buy it~