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Many celebrities on Children’s Day turned on the “baby drying mode”, and the mother of the second child

Zhang Ziyi

No exception, she posted on her personal social platform for a while

Son climbs couch

Video dynamics.

The 17-month-old son is wearing a white T-shirt, loose beige slacks, and a cute bear bear pattern on his butt, and his fleshy little back looks particularly cute.

In order to climb on the sofa, the son lay on the edge of the sofa while pedaling his legs hard, his little butt was pouting, looking a little laborious, and he shouted “Oops” in his mouth, his voice was soft and cute.

Zhang Ziyi wanted to reach out to help her son in the video, but retracted it, and her son finally climbed onto the sofa on his own. Her dynamic caption is:

Who has not yet grown up in “oops”, son, come on.

Indeed, this is what it looks like in the process of growing up, and it will be enough to try a few more times, and it will grow up day by day.

The 17-month-old baby is almost one and a half years old, so what is the development of such a big baby, let’s take a look with Jingma.

1 Characteristics of sports development in babies aged 6-18 months

This stage of the already

Walked steadily

, likes to move around,

Love to run and walk

, but unsteady running, will often wrestle, and also like to throw the ball and raise the foot to kick.

I can go upstairs by holding the handrail

, will also lie down and fall backwards.

Likes to do things by themselves

, such as holding cups with both hands, taking things with spoons, etc.

Can imitate some simple movements,

I can imitate drawing some simple lines, I can turn books multiple pages at once, and I like to doodle and tear paper.

【How to promote the development of your baby’s athletic ability】

(1) Help your baby

Practice walking skillfully and steadily

, can also encourage the baby to walk backwards, feel the spatial changes in it, and promote the development of physical coordination;

In a wide open space with the baby

Play some parent-child games

, such as throwing balls, kicking balls, boules, etc.;

Can also make baby

Play with sand, water

and other things with different characteristics;

With baby

Graffiti, tearing paper

Wait, with the baby to see

Small cloth books, cardboard books, hole books


Characteristics of cognitive development in babies aged 16-18 months

Such a big baby

Perception and memory

To improve further, you can point out parts of the body, usually hold the book in the correct direction when reading a book, and point out some pictures or familiar things in the book.

And often

Try different methods to solve the problem

In the process of trial and error, gradually exercise preliminary comprehensive analysis ability and judgment reasoning ability, increase the understanding of cause and effect, and begin to develop abstract logical thinking.

And yes

Observe things that interest you for a long time

, likes to explore different things with his hands and mouth.

【How to promote your baby’s cognitive development】

Parents can give their babies some to play

Toys that are not easily damaged

, such as rubber toys, plastic toys, so that they can explore without restrictions;

It’s okay often

Play small games with your baby

, such as practicing grasping tiny objects, playing domino games, throwing games, etc., to promote the development of fine hand movements and improve cognitive ability during play.

Features of language development in babies aged 16-18 months

Such a big baby,

Be willing to express and understand some simple instructions from adults, and begin to speak some “children’s language”

, but the pronunciation is not as standard as adults, there will be some ellipses frequently, and you can understand more sentences.

Baby also

I like to name objects I see

, for example, when you see a puppy, you will say “woof”, and when you want to urinate, you will say “shh

When using new vocabulary, some appear

Semantic generalization and narrowing

For example, the use of “bird” refers to all animals and objects flying in the sky, and for example, the grandma in the baby’s mouth refers to its own grandmother.

【How to promote the development of your baby’s language ability】

Parents want

Listen patiently and respond promptly

Baby’s expression;


Proactive questions

, or create situations to entice your baby to speak;

When your baby’s statements are inaccurate,

Adults can pass clever demonstrations,

Let your baby know how to express it correctly, so that your baby can describe his thoughts more accurately in words.

Features of emotional development in babies aged 16-18 months

Babies at this stage will feel anxious or shy when they do not do things well, mostly because they are afraid of being criticized.

In addition, the baby’s self-awareness and empathy ability begin to germinate, parents should pay attention to help the baby gradually shape a healthy personality, help the baby correctly recognize and understand emotions.

According to the theory of “personality development” by American psychologist Erikson, from birth to one and a half years old, babies have been in a psychological conflict of “basically trusting others and not trusting others at all”.

And as a parent, to show up in time for your baby when it needs it,

Help your baby build a sense of trust, let him dare to hope and be full of ideals.

In addition, this stage baby

The biggest interest is imitation

, imitating action calls, tone of voice, others speaking, etc.

【How to promote the development of your baby’s emotional ability】


For example, improve the quality of parent-child relationships

Don’t be too your baby

, but also take advantage of the sensitive period of the baby’s self-awareness development, so that he slowly learns to deal with his emotions and learn to communicate with others.

The above is a baby about one and a half years old, the development characteristics of various abilities, what abilities your baby has when he is so old, what are the fun and interesting things, welcome to share.

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