Recently, the highly discussed Korean reality romance show “Single is Hell”, member Song Zhiya has won the love and attention of fans with her sweet cat looks, hot body and excellent dressing taste, as well as the show’s extraordinary male flirting skills! She is a beauty blogger, often shares her beauty secrets on IG and YT, even nail art is a highlight of the overall look, the following is to bring you Song Zhiya’s 8 nail art templates!

“Single is Hell” Song Zhiya nail art template recommendation: Chanel style nail art

Song Zhiya in the show or IG outfits, there are many Chanel bag accessories, even nail art is also Chanel’s style, it is not difficult to find Song Zhiya’s enthusiasm and love for Chanel! This “Chanel style nail art” is composed of black, white and gray, with Chanel’s classic tweed elements, as well as rhinestone double C logo, plus fine flashes on the big and little fingers, the whole fingertip looks shiny and advanced!

Fashion fans who love Chanel can also refer to this one! Compared with the previous one, it is simple and attractive, with a white base, with a black double C logo, CHANEL slogan and camellia logo, it is really beautiful and irresistible~

“Single is Hell” Song Zhiya nail art template recommendation: DIOR style nail art

Song Zhiya’s Chanel style nail art is made of square nails, DIOR this one is presented as pointed armor, with matte milk tea brown base, with DIOR, CHRISTIAN DIOR words and classic reading flower patterns, it looks temperamental and elegant! Song Zhiya took photos inadvertently showing her fingertips, which are super eye-catching! Fans who love DIOR, this one must be collected~

“Single is Hell” Song Zhiya nail art template recommendation: Tiffany blue-green rhinestone manicure

Song Zhiya’s nail art is too hot! With Tiffany blue-green base, on each nail surface, embellished with rhinestones of different shapes, there are love, round, long strips, it looks simple and not monotonous, the point is that it also looks huge white, how to shoot beautiful!

“Single is Hell” Song Zhiya nail art template recommendation: nude pink rhinestone nail art

The style of this nail art is super unique! Designed in the shape of a lipstick, it is embellished with a rhinestone at the corner and underpinned with a nude pink base, which is not only gentle, but also full of luxury! When Song Zhiya takes photos, she can see the flashes of her fingertips, which is really eye-catching.

“Single is Hell” Song Zhiya nail art template recommendation: red nail art

Song Zhiya’s manicurs are the same as lip color! It is YSL Luxury Satin Velvet Mist Lipstick #306, which is a red color with orange brown, which is very white and colorful! Still thinking about what nail art to do for the New Year? I highly recommend this and can also buy lipstick!

In addition, this one is a bright red color, plus the beveled design of the lipstick shape, it is really full of aura! Doing this in the New Year will definitely become the focus of attention~

Song Zhiya really loves this nail art! It is from light pink, pink to red, each one is different, and it looks breathtakingly beautiful! When wearing an all-black or all-white outfit, it is very attractive, like simple and unusual styles, choose this one is right~