The stainless steel dinner knife, fork and spoon of Mijia Shuangliren are the first products of the Mijia brand to enter the field of home kitchen. The knife, fork and spoon are made of food contact grade high-quality stainless steel, which is jointly developed with Shuangliren, Germany’s top tableware brand.

Compared with brands that sell for hundreds of thousands of yuan at every turn, the set price of 49 yuan continues Xiaomi’s cost-effective style. The three products of stainless steel dinner knife, fork and dinner spoon are currently available for sale in Xiaomi.

Mijia + Shuangliren Big brand quality civilian price

For cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs, high-quality and professional Shuangliren kitchenware is their first choice. Based on the insistence of German craftsmanship, Shuangli people have more than 280 years of exquisite manufacturing technology and rich production experience of top kitchenware, and have set up flagship stores in Paris, Barcelona, Spain, Dusseldorf and Shanghai, China, and are world-renowned high-end kitchenware brands.

While insisting on ingenuity manufacturing, Shuangli people also pay great attention to the development of products with the times, so as to attract young consumers and adapt to the needs of modern modern kitchens. Xiaomi has always combined technology products with innovation to provide consumers with cost-effective products and harvested a large number of “rice noodles”. The combination of Shuangliren and Mijia is the first cross-border attempt in the field of tableware.

Ultimate craftsmanship creates oriental table aesthetics

Relative to the “ordinary” appearance of similar products on the market. The design language of this tableware incorporates oriental aesthetic elements while following the European style. The elegant tableware aesthetics, comfortable entrance curve and sophisticated minimalist shape make a new interpretation of the aesthetic tableware of life. The tableware adopts a one-piece forging process, which is strong and durable and comfortable to hold.

The cutter body, fork head and spoon head are mirrored to ensure that they will continue to shine with long-term use. The cutter body is made of cutting steel, which is quenched at high temperature for higher hardness. The finely polished fork head has a good use experience, and the hyperboloid design can be forked and scooped. The spoon head has a flexible shape, a larger capacity, a wider range of uses, and a comfortable curve that fits the dining habits. The tableware has a compact design that can be used by itself or given away, becoming synonymous with aesthetic life tableware.

The American IDEA Industrial Design Award winning tableware brings a new and great experience

On the eve of the sale, we received an award notice from the IDEA jury in the United States. The American IDEA Award is one of the world’s top four industrial design awards, along with the German IF Award, the German Red Dot Award and the Japanese G-Mark Award. Established in 1980, the awards are sponsored by Business Week and judged by the Industrial Designers Society of America. Every year, tens of thousands of works are selected by IDEA, and experts select only more than 100 works and award them the honors they deserve.

Mijia Shuangliren stainless steel dinner knives, forks and spoons were recognized and favored by the judges for their flexible and versatile design, challenging manufacturing process and durable and recyclable environmental protection concept, and won the 2018 American IDEA Award.

In addition to having a careful design, this tableware also has exquisite craftsmanship, each tableware has gone through more than 50 processes, using fine manual polishing process, its production process is strictly in accordance with the quality and inspection process of Shuangli people, through a number of strict tests, to achieve high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and safety and stable quality, passed the national light industry tool hardware quality supervision and testing Shanghai station testing.

Tableware is suitable for international cuisine and different dishes, helping to promote the cultural integration and innovation of Chinese and Western cuisine. The affordable price allows more people to enjoy the comfort brought by high-quality design. Click [Learn more] below to enter Xiaomi Youpin to buy now.