The weather has always been hot and cold recently, are you very worried about what you should wear today? In fact, a knitted jacket can solve this problem, because the knitted jacket is too practical, both to resist slightly cool temperatures, but also to be a “concave shape” weapon. It can easily match most of the clothes, whether it is casual jeans, or a little fairy dress, or an intellectual shirt, knitted jackets can be easily matched, the key is too convenient, no brain, and can be worn from early autumn to winter, and knitted jackets can be described as suitable for all ages, this is not, the 83-year-old “Grandma Rong” teacher Li Mingqi, who recently appeared in the 28th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers, held his head high all the way, wearing floral shirts and cardigan jackets as fashion pioneers

Many friends are actually afraid of knitted jackets, because I don’t know when it started, it gives people the impression of being old and rustic, the biggest reason for this problem is because it is too inclusive, whether tall, short, fat and thin, young or old can wear it, it completely ignores age, age, trend, is a “Great Wall will never fall” posture. Therefore, if you want to wear it beautifully, matching becomes particularly important

Teacher Li Mingqi is an older generation of performing artists, she played the “Grandma Rong”, I believe most of the friends are still fresh in their memories now, which shows that Mr. Li Mingqi’s acting skills are pure, in addition to Mr. Li Mingqi’s acting skills, her dressing is also very worthy of reference, whether it is participating in large-scale activities, or in daily life, her clothing matching is always decent, in line with herself, and even chasing trends

This time, Mr. Li Mingqi’s airport outfit is very nice, the overall shape is dignified and not lacking in fashion, the layering method is quite perfect, wearing a knitted jacket outside, wearing an oversized printed shirt inside, it is not at all obvious that she is 83 years old, and she is full of spirit

This knitted jacket is mainly black, on the basis of black added red pattern, the addition of red pattern suddenly broke the black dullness, looks very fashionable, and the red pattern uses a hollow design, the black shading is revealed, this small design, the fashion value is very high, and there is no sense of obtrusion

To say that the highlight of the overall shape is the printed shirt inside, the blue shirt is very colorful, making Mr. Li Mingqi look very spiritual, the print on the shirt is a little Chinese style, different flowers are greatly printed on the shirt, very small and fresh, and although the shirt is used as an underwear, but did not choose a slim style, but chose an oversized shirt, this outfit gives people a bright feeling

The bottom is paired with a pair of black slacks, and a pair of red-brown leather shoes, and the simple clothes can reflect their own temperament and the style of the older generation of performance artists. Next, Xiaobian will introduce several fashion outfits about knitted jackets to friends, so let’s take a look

This season’s clothes are the most difficult to match, open the wardrobe cotton clothes, tweed coats are too thick, single clothes are too little, I don’t know how to wear when it’s hot and cold, then let a knitted jacket do all the matching of this season! The versatile knitted jacket is warm and fashionable, and fashionable supermodel stars have quietly worn this versatile seasonal coat, this knitted cardigan is not only comfortable but also fashionable. He Sui wore a deep V gold dress, with a loose white print knitted cardigan, and then paired with a gorgeous bag, full of expensive matching, knitted cardigan half-exposed shoulder wearing, sexy, very supermodel fashion charm

A loose-fitting knitted cardigan with leather pants shows a rebellious feminine flavor, and a gray undershirt seems to create a domineering yet intimate feel. The irregular knitted jacket with leather leggings reveals a bit of sexiness in its simplicity, and a chunky knitted cardigan is also very stylish to wear wrapped around, which not only keeps you warm but also makes you look slimmer

The long knitted jacket with black jeans is not only full of modernity, but also has a touch of coldness and elegance; If you want to be casual, you can match it with your boyfriend’s ripped jeans, which reveal a bit of unruly taste in handsomeness. In this look, a khaki knitted cardigan jacket is layered over slim black jeans, and paired with a black scarf that not only keeps you warm but also serves to decorate the whole body. In addition, you can also wear it with ripped jeans, or light-colored jeans, which looks clean and tidy. The above is the editor introduced several fashion outfits about knitted jackets, if you have better ideas or suggestions, welcome to comment in the comment area! I hope you can enjoy this article