Now our toilets pay attention to the problem of dry and wet separation, and generally the bathroom at home will choose to use glass for aesthetics.

But at this time, there is a problem that is really a headache, that is, the bathroom glass is not resistant to dirt, it has to be cleaned every day, and sometimes it is not clean, and it is a little unbearable for a long time.

So how exactly should the glass in the bathroom be cleaned? Let’s take a look!

The simplest is to use the shampoo we all have in the bathroom to clean, you can pour a small amount of shampoo into the basin and add warm water to stir, and then use this water to wipe the glass in the bathroom, which will also make the glass exceptionally clean and bright.

If it is some old dirt accumulated over the years, the above method alone is basically ineffective.

If you want to clean up, you can pour an appropriate amount of white vinegar into clean water, then pour it into a watering can and spray on the dirt, and then wipe the glass with a clean newspaper or dry rag.

Or we can spray a layer of detergent on the glass first, and then put a layer of plastic wrap on the place where the detergent is sprayed, just wait quietly for about 10 minutes before removing the plastic wrap, and then wipe it again with a clean wet rag, which can also make the glass in the bathroom at home look new.

Apply chalk gray water or gypsum powder to the glass door in advance, and after the glass is dry, wipe it directly with a dry rag, or remove stains and wipe the glass clean.

Occasionally there will be black spots on the glass door, which can be wiped with a cloth dipped in toothpaste.

The use of plastic wrap and a damp cloth sprayed with detergent can also “revitalize” glass doors, which are often stained with oil.

First, spray the glass door with detergent and apply plastic wrap to soften the solidified oil stains.

After 10 minutes, remove the plastic wrap and wipe with a damp cloth. If there is handwriting on the glass door, rub it with rubber soaked in water and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

If there is paint on the glass door, it can be scrubbed with cotton dipped in hot vinegar. Wipe the glass with a dry clean cloth dampened in alcohol to make it as bright as crystal.

If the mirror in the bathroom is stained with oil, you can use a rag to wash it with tea, but do not let the tea seep into the edge or back of the mirror to avoid damaging the plating on the back of the mirror.

You can also use a soft cloth or gauze, dipped in some kerosene or wax to wipe, do not use a damp cloth to wipe directly, otherwise the mirror surface will be more blurred.

Dirty mirrors can also be dipped in a cloth with pure alcohol or white vinegar mixed with water, or scrubbed with white radish slices and then dried with a dry cloth.

Wipe the mirror, frame with a cloth dipped in milk to restore clarity and brightness.