Not far from West Lake, at No. 57 Changsheng Road, there are two rows of gray brick buildings built opposite each other.

It’s like hiding

The elegant rhyme of the Republic of China in Mayor Street,

Circle a quiet place.

It is unique and wonderfully located


Lore Chateau Hangzhou Lakeside Estate Hotel

Hotel controllers all know that Lolexiadot started as a boutique hotel alliance

It lasted

High standard, no rapid expansion in the country.


The restaurants of the alliance’s hotels always dominate the culinary excellence of their cities.


The first French Rolexia brand member hotel in Zhejiang Province

The quality of the lakeside estate can be imagined.

It still is

Old building renovated “the benchmark in the boutique hotel industry”

Today’s Lakeside Estate,

By the historical and cultural district of Hangzhou——

Lakeside Estate Historic Complex

(Shikumen Lane Building),

Hidden Western Garden Villa, Shawang Road Old House

Composed of three parts, these three groups of buildings are all buildings from the thirties of the last century.

As the only remaining Shikumen building in Hangzhou, living in the lakeside estate is like living in the golden age of the Republic of China.

In such a hotel renovated from a historical building, there is an endless stream of Internet celebrity sisters who come to take photos every day. Every public area of this hotel is perfect for dressing up in cheongsam and wearing a set of vintage makeup.

Especially now that there is

The Chaptel at Lakeside Estate

, a three-story single-storey crystal building, next to the ancient rhyme building of the Republic of China, makes people feel like they are on a street in Europe,

Combining the essence of tradition with modern creativity.

👉 No hotel can replicate its location and history;

👉 Designed by the supporting team of Aman & Bulgari Resort

👉 Exquisite French cuisine that shocked the whole of Hangzhou…

These unique features also make the price of Lakeside Estate high all year round, and one night is more than 3k!

The main room type in the hotel is the townhouse type, the first floor is the living room, the second floor is the bedroom and balcony, and there is a terrace above the bedroom, not counting the terrace, there is already an area of more than 100 square meters.

And today’s package price offered by Primus,

Only from ¥2599

You can check in

Shikumen classic townhouse

2 nights

The average night is only ¥1299.5!

Includes daily breakfast for two + welcome fruit in the room + minibar + bath oils.

If in

March 31, 2022

Before check-in, you can also enjoy 2 additional cups of coffee. Sitting in the outdoor seat full of flowers and bathing in the warm spring sun, this is the ultimate enjoyment by the West Lake~

Blossom viewing season!

2-night package at Lore Chateau Hangzhou Lakeside Estate

Enjoy free minibar + welcome fruit in the room

From ¥2599/2 nights

Stay】Shikumen Classic Townhouse Stay for 2 nights

【Included】Daily breakfast for two

【Enjoy】Free minibar in the room

【Enjoy】1 welcome fruit

【Free】Stay before March 31, 2022, enjoy 2 additional cups of coffee worth 38 yuan (for afternoon tea time)


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Blossom viewing season! Lore Chaduo Hangzhou Lakeside Estate Hotel 2-night package with free minibar in room + welcome fruit

Almost zero distance from West Lake



A boutique hotel like no other

Quaint clear water walls, lane-style stone doors, high-walled patios, green brick tiles, wooden lattice window mullions, half-hidden black lacquered gates…

Stopping in front of the Lakeside Estate Hotel, it seems that time has been turned back 90 years, and the nostalgic factor of nostalgia for the city is beating dimly, all of them

In this Republican-style building

Gradually awakened.

Here it is

No. 57 Changsheng Road, West Lake

, where Lore Chaduo Hangzhou Lakeside Estate is located.


The streetside façade on Baifu Road was upgraded

, ushered in

Brand new lobby and reception

and add a café and bar area open to the public.

The hotel was once renovated by Mr. Zhang Yichun, who was the governor of the highways of Anhui and Zhejiang Provinces of the Republic of China at the time

The largest standard “alley” at that time

It took three years for the designers to renovate

, It retains the silhouette of the former “big household”, and at the same time

The only preserved Shikumen building in Hangzhou

Detached duplex suites are luxurious

Full of Republic of China retro style

Lore Chateau Hangzhou Lakeside Estate Hotel

25 rooms

, the vast majority are single-family suites, among them

Very classic Shikumen townhouse


First floor living room

Second floor bedroom


Detached duplex suite

with a private balcony or a sundeck unique to Shikumen architecture.

▲Shikumen classic townhouse

Push the door in, and the Republic of China wind blows.

The living room on the first floor has a narrow and long layout,

High ceilings

Makes the whole look extra spacious.

The second floor includes a cloakroom, rooms and bathrooms.

The pure bedroom is much more spacious than the average hotel!

In addition to the Republican style, in the lakeside estate, you can also see a “low-key luxury”.

For example, the bed in the guest room comes from

The world’s top mattress brand COCO-MAT

High-precision bedding woven with 120 counts

Latex pillows from the Greek national treasure brand Cocomat

, these top-of-the-line equipment can give you a good night’s sleep.

The “Republic of China retro style” has been done to the extreme

Every detail is breathtaking

Hangzhou Lakeside Estate Hotel can be said to put

“Republic of China retro style”

To the extreme.

The founder, Mr. Liu Zhengqi, was called “detail control”, visited dozens of hotels in the Republic of China, and even ran through large and small antiquities markets for every old object.

A Republic of China building that strives to restore its original appearance

, every detail is heart-pounding.

From a bronze toggle switch, a Republic of China book, a piece of sandalwood soap or a box of Hangzhou commemorative matches, to a retro telephone or an octagonal table…

In this way, the residents unconsciously retreated into this area that was about to overflow with the feelings of the Republic of China and began an interesting journey through time.

The lighting in the room, all the lampshades are adopted

Colored glass material

, very in line with the trend of the Republic of China, and even the colors were the popular peacock green and shou peach yellow at that time.

It was on the bedside table

Retro phone

, especially ceremonial.

The toilet is stylish

High-mounted pull-up toilet

Cast iron bathtub

Wrought-iron washbasin rack and enamel washbasin

, on the sink

Bee Flower brand soap

, is very in line with the tone of niche luxury hotels, and has also made Lakeside Estate on the list of hotel bathtubs that most want to soak in the bath many times.

Toiletries selection is



, very niche, produced in Sicily, Italy, one can fully feel the alluring atmosphere of this beautiful island from their aroma.

The hotel’s Mini Bar is also free~

A famous French restaurant in Hangzhou

Romantic, happy and delicious

Every Rolexiadot hotel is a gastronomic destination

, dominates the forefront of the city’s cuisine, and the lakeside estate as a member is no exception.

Personal strong Amway Lake Estate Creek Living Room afternoon tea

, is recognized as the top afternoon tea in Hangzhou!

The French Rolexiado Alliance and the British Cocan family cooperate,

The finest Roy Kirkham bone china from the UK is used in the Lakeside Estate

, RK was founded 30 years ago in Stoke, a large porcelain town on the River Trent in the United Kingdom, and is also internationally recognized as the highest quality bone china manufacturing family.

Outside the hotel, there is another one

Red wine cellar

, a variety of high-quality red wines in his private collection. The whole bar is very distinctive, suitable for a drink in the evening and add some atmosphere to the ordinary life.

In addition, a new art and culture space has been opened on the third floor——

E Space

Rich exhibitions and activities are planned from time to time

At the same time, it will also periodically hold cultural creativity, art, lifestyle, etc

Theme sharing salon activities in various fields

At Lakeside Estate, from the renovation of historical old buildings to the meticulous details, you can feel that this is a hotel with feelings.

No matter how many times you have been to Hangzhou, this time you live in the lakeside estate, you will definitely find a different Hangzhou again.

– The End –




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Blossom viewing season! Lore Chaduo Hangzhou Lakeside Estate Hotel 2-night package with free minibar in room + welcome fruit

Blossom viewing season! Lore Chaduo Hangzhou Lakeside Estate Hotel 2-night package with free minibar in room + welcome fruit

Blossom viewing season! Lore Chaduo Hangzhou Lakeside Estate Hotel 2-night package with free minibar in room + welcome fruit

▲Shikumen classic townhouse

▲Shikumen classic townhouse