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At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, it is time for the annual stocktaking. Different from the recommendation of all categories in previous years, because this year is really in contact with too many mechanical keyboards, so this time we are ready to issue a separate issue of the annual inventory of mechanical keyboards, according to the order of recommended starting prices from low to high, to make a simple recommendation and evaluation of mechanical keyboards on sale in various price segments.

So, before getting to the point, please allow me to insert an advertisement, players call the insider has opened the “machine camp” Douyin account, we will put the physical start, good things recommendation, purchase advice and other content in the form of a short video to show you more intuitively. The keyboards mentioned in this issue will also appear in our Douyin account one after another, do a more detailed single product review, welcome to pay more attention~

The ad ends and gets down to business. To be clear, the mechanical keyboard mentioned in this issue is worth buying in the price range I framed; The feel varies from person to person, and all we are in contact with are products after formal mass production, so what to say; In 2022, domestic axes have risen.


Recommended starting price: within 100 yuan

Configuration: high axle; Satellite axis large key; ABS keycaps; Mixed light effect; 104 keys.

Brief comment: fence-type axis, small keys are relatively stable and crisp; The consistency of the large key feel is OK, but the rebound is more meaty; The keycap coating is not uniform, and the light transmittance is good; The white color is good-looking, and there are two side light strips.

Note: What kind of bicycle level is 100 yuan~

2E element Z-11

Configuration: high axle; Satellite axis large key; Sleeve hot-swappable; PBT keycaps; monochrome backlight; Type-C key line separation; 61 keys.

Brief comment: fence-type axis, small key is more stable; The consistency of the large key is poor and the meat is rebounded; Sleeve type hot plug has good compatibility with three-leg shafts with thin pins, and thick pins can also be used after polishing; Keycaps with general PBT content, not easy to oil; The Type-C interface design on the side is personally praised by me; The 61 key is also a selling point, saving space, easy to put on keycaps, and taking pictures is also better.

Note: The main reason for the recommendation is that this is a keyboard that can forcibly increase playability~

3Logitech K835

Recommended starting price: within 150 yuan

Configuration: TTC axis; Satellite axis large key; ABS keycaps; 87 keys.

Brief comment: smooth shaft body; Large keys are not loose and the noise is small; The surface of the keycap is frosted, which can last for a long time to be oiled; The metal top cover has a good texture, making the keyboard appear more advanced; Good after-sales; No backlit bad reviews.

Note: Peripheral large factory; Peripheral large factories; Peripheral big factory.

4 Black Canyon GK715

Recommended starting price: within 200 yuan

Configuration: Kaihua BOX axis; Satellite axis large key; Three-pin hot-swap; ABS keycaps; monochrome backlight; 104 keys.

Brief comment: BOX axis from stability to smoothness are very good, especially recommend BOX white axis, I personally think that the sense of paragraph and sound are stronger than CHERRY green axis, it is worth trying; The big keys are quite loose; Hot-swappable can be compatible with most three-legged axes on the market, and it is playable; keycaps matte, poor character printing; The cheap metal top cover, this one in my hand is a red backlight, and it is a bit earthy to match.

Note: This is probably a typical case of buying a shaft and sending a keyboard~

5 Ai Stone FE87 RGB version

Configuration: Huanuo custom shaft; Satellite axis large key; Five-pin hot-swap; ABS keycaps; RGB backlight; Magnetic upper cover; Type-C key line separation; 87 keys.

Brief comment: This keyboard appears within 200 yuan is really quite rolled. THE CUSTOM SHAFT FEELS NOT MUCH DIFFERENT FROM THE CHERRY SHAFT (I AM NOT PRAISING ITS GOOD FEEL); The big key adjustment is good, not loose, quite crisp; The biggest selling point supports five-pin hot plugging, compatible with most shaft bodies on the market, I personally recommend changing shafts; ABS keycaps with open characters, so-so; The magnetic top cover is well received, and it can be removed to transform into a floating keyboard for more lighting effects.


6 Black Canyon X3

Recommended starting price: within 300 yuan

Configuration: Kaihua BOX custom shaft; Satellite axis large key; PBT keycaps; monochrome backlight; 2.4G wireless connection; Type-C key line separation; removable hand rest; 87 keys.

Brief comment: With a good relationship with Kaihua, all the customized shafts used by BOX are stable, and the hand feels stable; The big key is also quite stable, even the rebound is also quite meaty; Pudding-style PBT keycaps, I personally think that the appearance is okay, and there are many colors; There is a 2.4GHz wireless connection, but a 125Hz firewood waste, which is also light office use; standard removable hand rest, praise; back with receiver storage design, praise.

Note: Budget sufficient optional upgrade version, 2.4GHz upgraded to 1000Hz, Bluetooth 5.0 also added, five-leg shaft seat hot plug also added, sound attenuating cotton also added (the sound is better, the feel has not changed much), in general, the upgrade range is quite large.

7 Dalyou A87 Wired Edition

Recommended starting price: within 350 yuan

Configuration: Huanuo custom axis (sky axis V2, purple gold axis V2); Satellite axis large key; Five-pin hot-swap; sound-absorbing silicone pads; PBT keycaps; monochrome backlight; Magnetic upper cover; Type-C key line separation; 87 keys.

Brief comment: The feel of the custom shaft body is actually quite good, but it still can’t avoid the common problem of having a traditional cross axis, that is, a little shaky. I personally recommend buying the sky axis version, the feel is between the red shaft and the gold dust shaft, taking into account light and smooth, as for the purple gold shaft, the rebound is indeed a little bigger; The large key is the first gradient of this price segment; PBT keycaps with very solid material, the surface is a particularly fine matte treatment, the feel is great; It’s a pity that the monochrome backlight is a pity, and with such a thick keycap, there is no lighting effect at all; I like the magnetic upper cover very much, and the workmanship is better than FE87.

Note: I personally do not recommend buying the three-template version~

8RK RK98

Recommended starting price: within 400 yuan

Configuration: TTC colorful red axis; Satellite axis large key; Five-pin hot-swap; Sandwich silicone + sound-absorbing cotton; PBT keycaps; RGB backlight; 2.4G+ Bluetooth wireless connection; Type-C key line separation; 100 keys.

Brief comment: TTC colorful red shaft generally feels similar to CHERRY red shaft, but the rebound is more powerful and smoother, basically no spring sound, infinitely close to TTC golden red shaft. The common problem of the same traditional cross axis, which is still more shaky than the fence axis; The big key is the first gradient of this price segment, crisp and neat, and the consistency of the hand is quite good; Sandwich silicone and sound-absorbing cotton are all given, and there is no hollow sound; The keycaps are decent; RGB light effect thief is weak; Wireless connection stability can be achieved, and the battery life is long; Type-C interface exposed praise, with receiver storage slot praise; 100 keys are to circumvent patents; This keyboard is also quite rolled.

Note: Compare with the AKKO 3098B CS axis version with similar price and configuration. The CS axis of the AKKO 3098B is obviously more shaky, the big keys are obviously more meaty, the wireless connection wake-up is obviously more difficult to use, the lights are obviously brighter, and the color matching and appearance are obviously better.

The above is the entire content of “Annual Keyboard Recommendation Part I”, within 400 yuan, this relatively close price segment, recommended a total of 8 keyboards worth buying. Next, the price will go up to about 400 to 1000 yuan, and make a small summary of the experience of the keyboard in each price segment, the content is being produced, please pay attention to the “players call insider” station number & “machine camp” Douyin number, we will come back immediately~

Friends have any keyboards you want to know or recommend within the price of 400 yuan, welcome to discuss and leave a message in the comment area, we strive to buy them all back for everyone to test~

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Recommended starting price: within 100 yuan

Recommended starting price: within 200 yuan