2019 15th STIGA Cup National Table Tennis Tour

Huaqing Huiyou-Yinglian Beijing Division Competition Regulations

Dear participants,

Hello everyone, the 15th Stika Cup National Table Tennis Tour – Beijing Yinglian Division in 2019 will be held in Beijing Ditan Stadium from August 24th to 25th, and the event registration will start soon. If the competition is scheduled for large-scale events in the city, we will notify you as soon as possible. If such force majeure factors lead to the original schedule being changed, STIKA officials will postpone the competition time to December, we hope that all athletes understand and support, thank you for your participation.

1. Organizer

STIKA (Beijing) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd

Beijing Dongcheng District Sports Bureau

Beijing Table Tennis Association

2. Organizer

Beijing Huaqing Huiyou Trading Co., Ltd

Yinglian Table Tennis https://luciferchen.taobao.com/

3. Co-organizers

Beijing Ditan Gymnasium

4. Co-organizing media

“Table Tennis World”

Stika V Table Tennis

Elite table tennis

“National Ball Exchange”

“Ping Pong Kingdom”

Happy Ping Pong

Love the net

Tee net

5. Competition location

Address: No. 116, Andingmenwai Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing (due to the limited parking space of the competition venue, participants are expected to take public transportation to the competition venue as much as possible, and parking spaces are not provided for this competition).

6. Competition time


7. Competition items


The three-person team competition consists of three categories.

Young and middle-aged group

: Under the age of 45, that is, born after January 1, 1974 (inclusive), and not a registered athlete of the Chinese Table Tennis Association this year.

Middle-aged and adult group

: 46 years of age or older, i.e. born before December 31, 1973 (inclusive).

Public Group:

Aimed at all table tennis enthusiasts, without any age, professional background and other restrictions

Active athletes can also sign up).

Players over the age of 65 are required to have a health certificate to participate.

VIII. Eligibility

1. There is no limit to the region, male or female, each team can report 4 people, and each team match is played by three team members. Participating athletes shall be subject to their ID card, name and age.

2. There are 32 teams each in the young and middle-aged group and the middle and senior group, and 24 teams in the open group, and the application deadline is full.

3. Team members cannot register concurrently, and players must meet the relevant regulations of this group.

9. Admission Rank and Rewards

The top eight in the young and middle-aged and senior groups,

Champion team: trophies, medals, prizes (RMB 6,000 before tax) + RMB 3,000 prizes

Runner-up: Trophies, medals, prizes (RMB 4,000 before tax) + RMB 2,500 prizes

Ji Jun: Trophies, medals, bonuses (RMB 2,000 before tax) + RMB 2,000 prizes

4th place: certificate, 1500 yuan prize

Tied for fifth place (5th to 8th place): certificate, 1200 yuan prize

The top eight in the open category are taken

Champion team: trophies, medals, prizes (RMB 12,000 before tax) + RMB 10,000 prizes

Runner-up: Trophies, medals, prizes (RMB 8,000 before tax) + RMB 6,000 prizes

Ji Jun: Trophies, medals, prizes (RMB 5,000 before tax) + RMB 3,000 prizes

4th place: certificate, 2000 yuan prize

Tied for fifth place (5 to 8 places): certificate, 1500 yuan prize

Note: In addition to the prizes and bonuses, the top three teams in each category of this competition will be awarded a trophy and 3 medals, and the prize money will be withheld by STICA (Beijing) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. 20% of personal income tax.

10. Competition Measures

1. The competition implements the “Table Tennis Competition Rules” (2016 version) approved by the Chinese Table Tennis Association.

2. The first stage of the competition adopts a group round robin, the second stage of single elimination and three or four place play-offs. The top two teams from the first phase move on to the second phase.

(1) The matches before the finals of the champions and runners-up of each group and the play-offs for three or four places are three best-of-three games, and the order of play is:

The first game A – X

The second game B+C – Y+Z

The third game B or C – Y or Z

(2) The final winner and runner-up of each group will be played in a best-of-five format, and the order of play is:

The second game B – Y

The third game C+A or B – Z+X or Y

Game 4: B or A-Z

Fifth Scene C – Y or X

Note: Each team member can participate in a maximum of 2 matches

(3) Before the semi-finals, each game will be played in three sets and two wins, with a 11-point system per game.

(4) The semifinals, the three and four place play-offs, and the championship and runner-up finals all adopt a best-of-five game system, with an 11-point system per game.

3. The competition uses STIGA 40+ Samsung white plastic sewn table tennis (ITTF certification).

11. Registration Methods

1. The applicant shall personally bring a copy of the ID card, the size of the competition uniform, and the registration fee to the registration location to complete the registration procedures. The application fee is 50 yuan per person.

2. Each team member will be given a STIGA uniform, and they are required to wear a uniform before they can play.

3. Registration period for this sub-competition: from now until August 11, 2019

4. Registration method:

4.1. Address: Yinglian Table Tennis Official Taobao Store


4.2、Registration consultation telephone: 13401265812 Person in charge: Zhao Xueli

XII. Pre-match draw and preparation meeting:


The organizing committee will hold a team leader meeting at 19:00 on August 13, 2019 in the multi-functional hall on the 2nd floor of Ditan Stadium to hold a lottery ceremony, at which time please be sure to attend the meeting within the specified time to avoid delaying everyone’s competition (the team leader will not distribute any competition-related materials).

2. From 9:00 to 17:00 on August 23, 2019, please ask the team leaders to go to Stica (Beijing) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. to collect clothing, name cloth, participation card and order book, please collect relevant items within the specified time to avoid delaying the competition.

Note: STIKA (Beijing) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. address: 1805, Block D, Sanlitun SOHO, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Phone: 59259726

XIII. Competition Requirements

1. On the day of the competition, all participants must bring their original ID cards for inspection.

2. All team members must meet the age requirements of the corresponding level and whether they are active in service.

3. If false concealment is found, the organizing committee will immediately cancel its qualification and corresponding results, and the organizer will withdraw the honors and awards obtained and notify them.

4. Both the competition and the prize need to wear STIGA brand clothing, otherwise they will be abstained.

5. Due to the large number of participants, the organizer cannot guarantee that the final uniform received by each participant is exactly the same as the size provided at the time of registration, please understand all participants.

(You can bring your own STIGA brand clothing)

6. Each team competition requires that each team has no less than 3 players present, otherwise, the competition is allowed to be played according to the existing number, but the result of the team competition will be treated as a waiver for teams with less than 3 participants.


Grievance process

: This competition accepts appeals according to the rules, and the captain of the participating team shall explain the reason for the appeal in writing and pay the appeal fee (RMB 1000) If the content of the team’s appeal is established, the appeal fee will be returned, and if the content of the appeal is confirmed by the organizing committee to be false, the appeal fee will not be refunded.

8. All team transportation and accommodation expenses shall be borne by each participant.

9. The trophies, medals, prizes and prizes awarded by this competition are collectively owned by the winning teams, regardless of the number of applicants of the team, and the organizer does not have the ability and obligation to help the teams coordinate and distribute them internally.

14. Safety Instructions

1. Participants should exercise moderately according to their physical condition to avoid the danger caused by excessive exercise. People suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc., please strictly refrain from participating in the competition. If there is an accident at the game site, you will do so at your own risk.

2. Minors must be supervised by an adult when participating in the competition or coming to observe, and they must be responsible for their safety.

3. Keep your personal belongings to prevent loss.

4. All guests please cooperate with the work of the management staff.

5. The organizer provides an accident insurance for all athletes free of charge, please cooperate with the registration materials to fill in the complete registration materials, if the participants fail to cooperate with the staff to complete the insurance for the participants immediately because the registration materials are not timely or wrong, any problems at the competition site will be borne by themselves.

All participants are deemed to have read all the terms of this notice, especially the Safety Notice and the Competition Requirements, and are willing to comply with them.

15. The final interpretation right belongs to the organizing committee

Competition Notice

1. Each participating team shall check in the report 15 minutes in advance, and if the report is not checked for more than 15 minutes after the competition time, it will be treated as a waiver.

2. Spectators and participants who are not in the competition time can participate in the rest area, trial area, and sales area, and are not allowed to enter the competition venue.

3. All participating teams and athletes must obey the referee’s adjustment arrangements for the venue, time and number of games, and those who do not comply shall be treated as waivers.

4. Athletes must bring their participation card, ID card or valid certificate that can prove their identity, and the referee has the right to require the participating athletes to show relevant documents when there is any doubt, and those who refuse to show them will be treated as waivers.

5. Team members must wear STIKA brand tops and personal name cloth to participate in the competition.

6. The organizing committee has the right to use the photos and videos of the participating athletes in this competition for the later publicity and promotion of the competition.

Beijing Ditan Gymnasium

The first game A – X