Not long ago, I just bought a new pair of sandals for my baby to cope with the hot summer, which is particularly cool. But within two days of wearing it, I noticed that the baby’s little toes often wandered around the outside of the shoes, which looked particularly uncomfortable.

In order to change into a pair of comfortable shoes, I added more than a dozen pairs of sandals to the shopping cart, some big-name, some high-value, some soft soles… A week passed, and the shoes were finally bought. Wata’s daddy complained: Isn’t it just to buy a pair of baby sandals? Is it so difficult?

Really, it’s more difficult! After a week of painstaking research, Xiaobian found that there are too many shopping points to pay attention to when choosing sandals for babies, so let’s teach you to choose baby sandals today.

1. The upper material is better to choose leather side

Cave shoes, jelly shoes, etc., look very good-looking, can’t help but want to buy?

Think twice. Plastic shoes are usually not breathable enough, stuffy, and unsafe. It is recommended to choose sandals made of leather for your baby, which can give your baby more effective support. The upper will be more comfortable.

Clarks cave sandals

Clarks’ baby shoes, which have been planted for a long time, are a little injured in their wallets. The toe cap is reinforced to protect your baby’s little feet. I especially like this pair of shoes because you can throw the whole pair into the washing machine, “lazy” mom gospel.

2. The sole is soft and hard, and the slip resistance should be good

Shoes that are too soft to support your feet. In general, it is better to choose beef tendon and rubber soles, which are not too soft.

Babies are naturally active, and the anti-slip performance of the sole ensures safe walking and avoids slipping. In addition, the height of the sole is generally about 2 mm better, and the height of the sole to the upper is not more than 5 mm.

adidas toddler sandals

In the hot summer, who doesn’t have a pair of beach sandals with soft and delicate feet and quick wading drying. Adi’s baby sandals are made of breathable mesh inside, which is not afraid of sweating a lot in summer. The sole is a wear-resistant and non-slip concave and convex design, and the material is very light, which is worthy of being a professional sports brand.

3. Wrap the toes in front and the heels in the back

Pick sandals for your baby, especially for babies under 3 years old, it is better to choose a style that covers all the toes before the bread to avoid walking bumps and hurting the little feet.

The back bread heel is because the baby’s back heel is small and cannot hang the side of the sandal. The back heel can prevent injuries to the heel and ankle, and also prevent shoes from falling off when walking.

Dr. Kong baby toddler sandals

Its more classic style today is this front head and back bottom of the hollow sandals, the toe cap is relatively wide, and has the characteristics of toe, non-slip, breathable, but also a large velcro design, the baby can complete the wearing and taking off by himself. My baby has a pair of the same model.

4. Simple design, easy to put on and take off

The sandals you choose for your baby, the buckle style is even better. No laces, easy to put on and take off, and can adjust the elasticity according to the height of your baby’s instep. Velcro is also very common, but Le Mama once bought a pair of shoes for the baby, and after wearing them for two months, the Velcro did not stick! Therefore, choose a velcro to pay attention to whether the firmness is good.


MIKIHOUSE can be described as a fighter in baby footwear, and many mothers like to choose. It is suitable for babies who have just learned to walk, the toe cap is soft, and the upper is a double-layer breathable mesh for a more comfortable foot feel. In addition, the sole has a shock-absorbing design, and the toe cap is spacious and kick-proof, which is worth planting.

Remember, while appearance is important, choosing aesthetics on the basis of ensuring safety and comfort is king!