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Chef Intelligent Warm Steak Machine

Frying steak is a “technical job”. But there you have it, the starred steak from Michelin restaurants to take home. The original “temperature probe” is inserted into the steak core, and the intelligent program is equipped to start precise temperature control and time with one button. Between opening and closing, ordinary people master high-end technology.

180° flattening, BBQ kebab, multi-functional use scenarios. Family dinners have a universal it, this winter at home some to eat, some to play. Professional steak machine master, please look for the restaurant beauty brand, the big American brand you deserve.

Guaranteed price double 11 ❤ to hand price ¥3699

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Chef pressure IH water cooker

Chinese stomach, indispensable rice every day, is the favorite of the family. The white rice is glutinous and tastes great when chewed in the mouth. When you move to a new home, you need a rice cooker with good looks and good texture. Upgrading a rice cooker for the older generation who love rice, the time of worry and fatigue finally has a happy dawn.

What is the mystery of the world’s most precious and rare “earthen pot liner”? The inner and outer ceramic coating particles can produce a large number of water bubbles under IH true high pressure, and these water bubbles tightly wrap each grain of rice, which can release nutrients in addition to the water content of the rice. If you want taste, buy it. If you want to be fast, buy it. Remove from pan in 15 minutes.

3L/5L ❤ double 11 ¥1599

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Food processing machine

Everyone may be a little unfamiliar with #food processor, want to grind food into puree, pulp, suitable for using a wall breaker, and want to process and crush the food processor, we call it #food processor. This is a small multi-functional blender, 6 seconds to grind meat and vegetables, one machine top six machines (food preparation machine, meat grinder, dry mill, seasoning machine, ice shaver, vegetable cutter).

Compared to other meat grinders, there is no wall-hung food problem. The innovative “liftable S-shaped knife head” can grind meat in a 360° direction, the jogging function will be suitable for cutting fat into small pieces, the long movement function is suitable for cutting lean meat into puree, and the taste of meat filling after stirring will be extremely elastic. Tritan mother-and-baby grade materials can be absolutely assured to make complementary food for babies.

The current reference price ❤ is ¥599

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Thermo heats the nutritional blender

Winter is coming, the cold wall breaking opportunity is considered to be single function, on weekdays hope to break the wall at the same time can be heated, and when the lid is opened, it is a complete cooked hot drink, then choose this #MealMeishi heating nutrition blender. The small and exquisite drawers are just right, compared with other giant wall-breaking machines and blenders, choose it with both appearance and strength.

Hot and cold doubles, double cups. One top (smoothie machine, juicer, blender, soy milk machine, food supplement machine, dry mill). For example, high-calcium nourishing fish soup, from the whole fish fried, add ginger, only need to start with one button, it will be boiled and simmered slowly, broken walls and heated over and over again, and finally open the lid is a whole cup of milky white fish soup that can be eaten directly while hot. For example, soy milk is also, the intelligent temperature sensing system of the food beauty master can allow you to enjoy a healthy and exquisite life “slowly”, and the slow-cooked soy milk does not have sandwiches and toxins. For the ultimate smooth taste, choose it.

The current reference price ❤ is ¥1299

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Thimax Dietetician

“High-end quality, elegant new kitchen”

A well-known American steak machine brand entered China

The world’s top R&D and design resources are designed for Chinese families

Provide professional-grade kitchen appliance product solutions

Leading the high-end customer group who pursues quality of life and aesthetic texture

Such as Porsche Owners Club/Jin Mao Province owners/million-level bloggers, etc

Create a new experience of elegant cooking and a premium lifestyle