On September 15, with a brisk singing sound, Apple’s annual “Science and Technology Spring Festival Gala” kicked off. At the conference, Apple took the lead in bringing the new iPad 9 and iPad mini 6 to the audience.

It is understood that iPad mini 6 adopts a new full-screen design, with purple, pink, gold and dark gray. In terms of screen, the iPad mini 6 is equipped with a Liquid retina display with primary color display and up to 500 nits of brightness.

Due to the new screen design, the 8.3-inch display can still be made smaller, retaining the portable characteristics of the iPad mini series.

In terms of performance, Apple did not officially disclose the processor model, but said that compared with the previous generation iPad mini, the CPU performance increased by 40%, and the GPU was increased by up to 80%.

It’s worth noting that the iPad mini 6 also supports 5G cellular data networks. Based on the above news, Xiaolei guessed that the iPad mini 6 may be equipped with an A15 processor.

The iPad mini 6 cancels the classic Home button design, but still integrates Touch ID on the side switch for device unlocking and Apple Pay verification. Moreover, the tablet is also compatible with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, and a magnetic charging port for the stylus is made in the fuselage.

In terms of speakers, iPad mini 6 finally adopts a dual-speaker design with symmetrical sound on both sides, which can have a wider sound stage than the previous generation

, users no longer have to endure the embarrassment of only one speaker when watching movies in landscape orientation.

Similarly, the camera has not been upgraded compared to the previous generation, and the iPad mini 6 uses a 12-megapixel rear camera. In addition, the front also uses a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and those who dislike the iPad mini lens quality is not good enough can consider the iPad mini 6 this time.

Switching to a Type-C interface may be the biggest upgrade to the iPad mini 6. This means that the new generation of iPad mini has more possibilities to expand accessories, and users do not have to buy additional data cables for the Lightning interface.

In addition to the iPad mini 6, the entry-level iPad 9 also provides a more suitable choice for consumers with a low budget. The main upgrades to the iPad 9 are the A13 processor and rear camera, as well as support for keyboard covers with trackpads

。 In addition, Apple has not forgotten to play an environmental protection card, the new iPad mini and iPad are made of 100% recycled aluminum.

These two iPads will also be the first tablet products equipped with iPadOS 15, which is officially designed to improve iPad interaction and shorthand efficiency.

Includes dual-app split-screen display, quick notes, and other new features to improve efficiency. Not only that, iPadOS 15 also integrates the desktop organization features of iOS 15, which can provide users with a cleaner interface display. Moreover, iPadOS also has various software developers independently adapted to the iPad “productivity” software, users no longer have a reason to let the iPad eat ashes.

In terms of price, the iPad mini 6 starts at $499, the iPad 9 starts at $329, and the storage specifications start from 64GB and will be officially released next week.

Overall, the new iPad mini still has more upgrade points, and the portable nature may make it a handy gaming device. The iPad 9 provides an affordable option for consumers with a low budget, both of which are more suitable to start.