It has to be said that the trend elements in the fashion industry change frequently, not to mention the fashion sense of clothing changes rapidly. Even footwear items that we can easily overlook have now had a great aesthetic change. Platform shoes that were once fiercely disliked by us are worn today in half of the fashion circle, what’s going on?

What kind of shoes are platform shoes? I believe that short girls are no strangers. Platform shoes are a new form of high heels, but they are generally flat with a high pad. So before short women liked to use platform shoes to achieve the effect of heightening.

However, due to the previous outfit and platform shoes, the effect of adaptation was not achieved. So let such a pair of fashionable shoes look very abrupt in a simple outfit.

Today, platform shoes are back in the public eye, because we found that the clothes that platform shoes are suitable for should be full of stylish details. It is definitely not the most simple set of clothes and pants that can be worn to effect.

What is the charm of platform shoes?

Before sharing with you how to wear platform shoes, let’s take a look at the advantages of this shoe design?

1. Strong grip and comfortable wearing

Platform shoes should be more comfortable to wear than flat or single-soled shoes, provided that the platform is made of good fabric. We can compare sports platform shoes, single-soled sneakers do not fit too well, and slightly thick or padded dad shoes make us feel more grippy and comfortable to wear.

2. The retro charm is stronger

The platform style of the small heel is similar to the earliest European high heel design. Compared with the stiletto heel, the thick heel has a more age-oriented aesthetic effect. The line of the feet does not look too sharp, and when paired with loose payment clothing, the overall styling looks more closely fitted.

3. Full of leisure

Thick-soled shoes similar to canvas shoes, compared with other styles of flat shoes, will have a full of aesthetic characteristics that complement fashion and casualness. This is also the reason why canvas shoes generally have some rubber sole design, and will form a color contrast with the upper, or increase the line distinction between the upper and the sole, in order to highlight the existence of the sole and better highlight the casual characteristics of platform canvas shoes.

4. Fashion style is richer

Shoes with a platform style will be richer in the design of the upper, especially sandals that are often worn in summer. Thin-soled sandals are designed to be elegant, but heavy-soled sandals focus on developing more neutral or cool designs to create a variety of looks. Whether it’s a commuting shirt and tapered trouser combo or an elegant skirt, platform shoes will give your look more shape.

It is worth distinguishing that platform shoes and muffin shoes are completely two types of shoe designs. Platform shoes have a thick sole and are flat front and back, but muffin shoes are thick and concentrated on the heel. The design of muffin shoes makes our mask stiff and easily injured, so it is not recommended to wear them. Choose platform shoes that are more comfortable and fashionable.

These 3 pairs of platform shoes, you deserve it

If you are already interested, follow the editor to continue to read, what are the popular platform shoes styles this year?

The first pair – platform sandals

1. Strappy platform sandals

The simple two-strap design platform sandals are suitable for women at all stages, and it is highly recommended that the wearing comfort of these sandals is generally a very soft sponge platform that fits very well when walking. These minimalist platform sandals are perfect for pairing with shorts or silhouette trousers for a casual summer look.

2. Cross-lace-up platform sandals

Also as a platform sandal, the cross-lace style looks like the upper will be more colorful. Because the presence of a thick sole is relatively strong, we will not recommend the lace-up style upper design, and the wide leather upper lace-up design looks more popular in the style of the sweet cool girl. It also looks very trendy when wearing jeans and T-shirts.

The second pair – platform shoes

1. Buckle strap platform shoes

Platform shoes are exclusive to many children who like to wear small skirts, and this kind of footwear that originally belonged to the dressing culture of small circles has now slowly entered the public’s field of vision. Especially the buckle style, which looks just as good with the usual top and bottom pants.

Lolita’s pocket-style platform shoes that are often matched in her dressing style are very personal if taken out separately with a commute-style outfit. It’s not very hot to wear buckle-up style platform shoes in summer, because the upper is a half-wrapped design that exposes the instep and ankle parts, and when wearing pants, we wear them with cropped boat socks. Leather platform shoes are very textured, showing great taste and grade.

2. Platform high-top leather shoes

The wearability of high-top leather shoes is not limited to spring and autumn, in order to reduce the stuffiness of leather shoes in summer, there are now many high-top leather shoes with hollow designs on the market. We must choose high-top leather shoes designed with a platform style, which look very handsome and have personality when paired with small leg pants or wide-leg pants.

There are fewer color options for leather platform high-top shoes, but generally pure black is enough to create various looks. Introduce you to a mature woman’s wearing method with platform high-top leather shoes: long sunscreen shirt + small leg pants + platform high-top leather shoes. The leggings can be selected in a length of seven or nine, which fits perfectly with the platform high-top leather shoes and instantly lengthens the leg line.

Third pair – platform boots

1. Mid-barrel platform boots

Boots are a typical example of mixed season wear in summer, and a pair of platform boots in mid-barrel style will look extremely youthful when paired with a knee-length skirt or shorts. If you add the appropriate check or leopard pattern as an embellishment, a pair of thick-soled mid-tube boots will earn enough attention and become a highlight that cannot be ignored in your complete outfit.

2. Platform low-top boots

Low-top boots in the platform style, there are high-top daddy shoes in the sports style, and there are low-top platform Martin boots. These two pieces are suitable for matching with skirts and trousers, respectively.

A long dress, how to wear it brilliantly? Swap your sandals for thick-soled low-top Martin boots and instantly look cool and fanciful.

And the combination of simple top and bottom pants will also look unnew, and the way to add a sense of detail is to choose high-top daddy shoes with thick soles, which not only increases the proportion of the figure, but also makes the simple and simple shape into the design sense of shoes, just right to enrich the fashion and changes of dressing.

Once platform shoes, now have swept the entire fashion circle, the above three platform shoes, do you like the style? Try it this summer!