I believe that Little Sugar has recently introduced a lot of styles and outfits suitable for autumn and winter, and the response of the little fairies is also very enthusiastic. But ah, there are still little fairies and little sugar said, is there something less recommended? Hmph, Little Sugar seems to be right when I think about it, it seems that I haven’t recommended small bags to my friends for a long time. So, Sugar will push a set of bags for small benefits. Which bags with beautiful shapes and chic prices!

Then the first thing to return is the new product of the small CK family. The so-called little CK is the Singapore brand Charles & Keith, which can be said to have quickly captured the hearts of a large number of little fairies a few years after the launch of the brand.

So what Little Sugar wants to recommend today is his velvet tassel embossed chain shoulder bag. The first thing that attracts sugar is this velvet texture, and the luster of the satin instantly raises the grade of the bag a lot, which looks very high-end and expensive.

And the metal tassel is the finishing touch, making the bag more delicate and elegant in simplicity, and the overall look is quite gorgeous and atmospheric.

Next is JACDBAG, a small bag shop with a cold and full of design. His family’s bag, Little Sugar’s biggest favorite is this gold velvet drawstring bucket bag. It can be said that this winter sugar is a small bag with some obsession with flocking texture. However, compared to the thick and layered sense of autumn and winter clothing, it can still hold the velvet texture of small bags.

In addition to the high-end velvet texture surface, the twist bracelet is also quite chic and distinctive, and the simple body creates a wealth of light and shadow details, making the bag more delicate overall.

It is said that this year’s lamb cashmere bags are in the limelight, and all kinds of star bloggers have harnessed it. However, when it comes to lamb cashmere bags, it may be more different.

Therefore, the first time I saw this lamb wool Kylie bag candy from Misu’s custom women’s bag, I was moved. The trendy material, with the classic Kylie bag style, makes this winter more fashionable warmth, relatively speaking, the recognition is also very high.