The bag is very functional, combining all the carrying methods of hand-held, one-shoulder and cross-body, and the overall is very temperamental!

Recently, the more popular plaid flannel bags, simple design style, retro casual style is super aura!

The secret of beauty bags is that it is fashionable enough, eye-catching everywhere you go, fashionable and elegant with a little playful little square bag.

Let the original background of the bag be more thick and natural, the overall body of the handbag still adopts a simple style, and the fashionable appearance has to be said to win a lot of attention.

Classic small fragrance style, high-quality chain + leather shoulder strap design, regular stitching, fashionable and elegant.

A very Korean version of the canvas bag, mushrooms can be used in many occasions, such as supermarket shopping, travel and other casual streets, make your life colorful ha! The bag is embellished with letters.

A bag that often appears in European and American street photography, fashionable and simple, but also not losing the temperament of a big brand, full of retro fan, bag capacity is also very large, leisure shopping work and work are versatile.

A bag with a very temperamental fashion vintage fabric Very soft A style that you can’t get tired of seeing The upper body effect is very good, all kinds of versatility.


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