“The school is too warm!” “Warm up and warm your heart!” Recently, students attending classes in the comprehensive teaching building of Shenyang University of Technology found that overnight, every seat in the teaching building had a thick cushion. On December 2, reporters from Shenyang Evening News and Shen News All Media interviewed at Shenyang University of Technology and learned that Shenyang University purchased 22,000 cushions for all students and placed them neatly on the seats, which allowed students to warm up from body to heart. Before the harsh winter, Shen Gongda once again enriched the connotation of “family” culture with “love”.

The seats were cold and the cushions were hot

Walking into the classroom of the comprehensive teaching building of Shengong University, the neat love cushions have already been laid, adding a warmth to the classroom. It turned out that on the morning of November 27, Liu Zikang, secretary of the school’s party committee, was listening to a class in classroom C105 of the teaching building and found that some of the students in the class were wearing thick coats throughout the class. Upon inquiry, I learned that due to the temporary equipment maintenance of the heat and power company, the heating of the teaching building was not too hot, and the seats were very cold during the first and second classes in the morning.

Seeing that the students were cold, Liu Zikang immediately instructed the logistics group to coordinate the heating company to ensure heating and add cushions to all classrooms. After receiving the task, the logistics group quickly implemented, the staff sacrificed the weekend rest, overcame the difficulties, urgently contacted the purchase of 22,000 love cushions, and organized nearly 100 employees of logistics and property companies to place them overnight, 3 days later, that is, Monday, all the love cushions were in place early in the morning.

The school “Love Series” is everywhere

Shen Gongda said that universities not only have building masters, but also have great love. In recent years, under the strong influence of “home” culture, the school has emerged love dumplings, love noodles, love strawberries, love bridge, love car, love donation, love book, love street lamp, love mask, love training, love meal… Love is everywhere.

But love is not doting, strict management is also true love. In winter, the situation of epidemic prevention and control has become increasingly severe, and the school has continued to implement the strictest epidemic prevention and control measures and safety management measures, especially further tightening the measures of leave and leave, entry and exit management, etc., its purpose is still to protect every family member, hoping to get the understanding of every family. “The separation of teaching and examination is strictly in and out strictly, the correct study style is strictly managed, the style of work is strictly disciplined, and the combination of love and strict management is precisely to help students grow in an all-round healthy and all-round way.” Shen Gongda said.

The school is like another home for students

“More than 20,000 cushions are warm love.” …… Walking into the classroom of the Shengong University teaching building, the neat cushions made the students feel that the school was really warm!

“Seeing the love cushion, my heart is warm, like a warm light appearing in the cold winter day!” Liu Huijie, Class of 2001 Engineering Management of the School of Management, told reporters that the cushion not only warms the body but also warms the heart. In Shengong University, love is everywhere, and the concept of family culture is getting deeper and deeper. “Our students are very grateful to Secretary Liu, who was already very tired after the ideological and political class, and also paid special attention to the small problems in our lives, so that we felt love and warmth in Shengong University, as well as the taste of home.” Liu Huijie said.

“This heart-warming act made me feel a warm current in the cold winter, and also felt the warmth of ‘home’ created by Shen Gongda.” Gang Jiaxin, a civil engineering student in the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, said that in addition to the love cushion, there are also love study rooms, love little blue cars, love street lamps around students… Love is everywhere, and Shen Gongda is really like another home. (Shenyang Evening News, Shenyang News All-media reporter Ding Ning, photo provided by the University of Technology)