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Big bang! The weather is so hot, the running vest is recommended!

Given that we have reviewed countless running shoes and recommended running shoes for different runners this year, today, the running vest gives us an opportunity to share our wearing test experience with you.

The boss spent a lot of money and bought 11 sports vests in one go (the other two were obtained through the brand side due to out-of-stock and other reasons), and the purchases were also popular products of common sports brands among runners

Size, water repellency, quick-drying performance, cut and comfort

The evaluation of other dimensions is rigorously tested on some of the issues that runners are most concerned about.

The higher price is better? Or win by looks? Who is the king of cost performance! After reading this issue of the Running Wild Review, you may be able to find the answer.

Among the 13 vests in this review, the most expensive is the Track Smith retro vest, because it came across the ocean, including shipping costs and the like

600 pieces, such a price can buy 4 pieces in Decathlon.

In terms of fabric selection, most vests use polyester fiber, polyester fiber is commonly known as polyester; Nylon is also nylon, and their biggest difference may be the different names; Spandex increases the elasticity of the fabric. These are commonly used fabrics for sportswear, polyester fiber has good plasticity, weak sweat absorption, and excellent breathability.

Among the above brands, the fabric is more special is Lululemon, which uses Silverescent® fabric technology supported by X-STATIC®, which is the technology of the Lululemon fabric family that focuses on antibacterial and anti-odor functions. Lululemon grasps the needs of urban people more accurately, focusing on removing odors and being delicate.

QINKUNG Light uses different fabrics for the front and rear films, but does this improve its functionality?

And because each brand has different craftsmanship and tailoring, there are also some differences in size. First, let’s take a look at the try-on performance.

Runner David’s daily dress size is size M, and after several rounds of buying, trying, and returning, each vest finally fits just right.

Among them, the larger ones are Lululemon, and the smaller ones are ASICS, Li Ning, Nike and UNDER ARMOUR.

Runners can have a reference in purchasing.

Professional running vests require breathable sweat wicking and quick drying, will the same fabric have the same sweat absorption and quick drying performance? Will the high price be more beaten than the low price?

The first step is to look at sweat absorption.

During exercise, whether it is a T-shirt or a vest, it is first necessary to meet the breathable sweat wicking, followed by quick drying. Perspiration means that clothes cannot absorb the sweat of the body unscrupulously, because the more sweat is absorbed, it is bound to cause some pressure on the quick-drying performance.

During the actual test, we completely soaked the vest in water, and after 5 minutes of natural dripping, the clothes were weighed. The most impressive water absorption is Lululemon, with a water absorption rate of 281%, followed by GearLab and Ultra Gear, which also exceeds its own weight by 200%.

The top three water-repellent are ASICS, New Balance and adidas. The excellent performance of water repellent performance has a great impact on the next stage of the quick-drying competition, and the weight of the initial clothes will also have an impact.

ASICS uses a waterproof process on the front of the vest, and has become the number one in water repellent performance.

Weather Description:

The drying test took place on the afternoon of the summer solstice on June 21 in a residential area on Yongjia Road in Shanghai, when the initial temperature was 32 degrees, the humidity was 33%, and the southeast wind was 4 m/s.

In terms of quick-drying performance, we adopt the basic method of “looking and hearing” to present a fair and objective test result as much as possible.

Weigh every 15 minutes and observe and touch clothes every few minutes to prevent certain vests from drying out first.

The first place in quick-drying was undoubtedly ASICS, which took only 20 minutes to dry thoroughly. New Balance finished second in the previous session, and this time the quick-drying performance was also good; Gear Lab, which ranked last in the last round of water repulsion, turned the tide and became the third place in the fast dry.

Track Smith also did not suspensefully become the last place, and by the time we closed the stall (after an hour of drying), it still weighed 181 g; Lululemon is second to last; Nike unexpectedly finished third from the bottom.

Swipe to see the top three upper body performances

In addition to the functionality of the above tests, we also need to pay attention to an important factor, that is, the comfort of wearing, after all, no one wants to run a long distance chest bleeding. Of course, due to individual differences, we can’t actually judge whether a certain piece has the degree of friction for everyone. However, fewer seams and softer fabrics can improve wearing comfort.

Although most vests use artificial fibers, they still have a greater impact on softness due to different manufacturing processes.

The above 13 vests, the workmanship is different, the front part of ASICS because of the waterproof treatment, some sacrifices in the touch, and even some hard. Also making us feel the hard fabric on our upper body is Li Ning.

And the most comfortable to wear is On Run. Official introduction to use

Seamless line lamination treatment of seam parts

, so that the fabric will not feel strange when in contact with the body, and in the actual wearing process, you can also feel the skin-friendly comfort brought by this process.

Lululemon is very comfortable because it is not a conventional fabric, and it even has a cotton texture to the touch. But because the opening is actually much less than others, the breathability is lacking; The sacrifice is greater in the most important quick-drying performance.

The GL also has narrow seams on the shoulders and neck to make the overall wearing feel more comfortable. In addition, the GL is also the lightest piece in this review.

The M size is only 28 g,

Put on your body and run like nothing.

Based on the above evaluation and the comparison of various indexes, the editorial office of Running Wild will present the following awards to the 13 vests participating in this evaluation.

In terms of cost performance, Decathlon’s performance this time is still stable. Although the upper body breathability is poor, the price of 149 yuan makes it well-deserved

The king of price-performance ratios

The ASICS vest is optimal in both water repellency and quick-drying performance, making it a great choice for runners who train and wick a lot during the hot summer months.

If you put aside the price, On Run’s vest has won unanimous praise from the editorial department, it is silky to the touch, breathable and quick to dry; This vest strikes a very good balance between comfort and quick-drying performance, but the price is a bit high.

In fact, there are some vests, although they rank first in performance and the price also makes the public feel pressure, but the appearance is indeed very high! Before the review article was sent, someone had already brought it home.

What are the first factors that runners consider when buying vests? Price? Devise? Or performance?

⚠️ ( Due to the measurement method, weather factors, etc., the measurement results will have certain errors.) )

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