To add more beauty to the dress, this small detail is worth paying attention to

When we want a fluttery temperament, we choose a skirt, and when we need to be comfortable and light, we also choose a skirt. But you know what? If you pay attention to one detail when choosing a skirt, it will make your dress more beautiful, and it will also create a slender and slender beauty.

Leaving some white space for the dress to naturally create the curve of the skin will make a simple dress look glamorous. The slender suspenders outline the thin shoulders, and the open back has a lace-up outline, with a girly thinness, and the curve of the back is elegantly presented, and every angle is very attractive.

The racer-shaped vest is also a good choice, it will allow the arms to stretch, and it will contrast with the gentle satin skirt, which is both powerful and feminine.

If you are not too confident in your upper body line, you can borrow this style from blogger Jessica, which is also a suspender model, but the slightly wider shoulder straps will be more stable, plus the skirt of the doll skirt, with some sweet playfulness.

The ruffled shoulder straps naturally define the lower arms, and also form a classic small square collar, plus a straight skirt to create a slim figure.

Long dresses can be tall, but sometimes they can look draggy, so you need a little bit of skin exposure to create a sense of lightness.

The design of the bandeau model not only weakens the dragging feeling of the long skirt, but also shows the thinness with a slender collarbone line. You can choose the sleeveless lightness, or use the lamb leg sleeve + check to show a well-behaved and sweet feeling, showing the skin decently, which will make your long skirt more charming.

Based on the zigzag-shaped bandeau design, it is infused with a romantic ruffle design and an umbrella skirt to bring a romantic atmosphere that belongs to summer.

And more resort-like, is the short cloud skirt design, with the hanging neck style to shape the slender neck line, the natural hanging skirt like fluffy marshmallows, showing off the long legs, more let the holiday atmosphere fully show, is also a simple way to make your skirt look better.

The above is today’s sharing, I am talking about workplace wear, I hope you like today’s content, we will see you next time.

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