1, “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai”

Starring: Liang Xiaoice, Luo Zhixiang, Chen Jiahui, Ou Di, Jiang Zuping, Wu Mengda

Production/Premiere: Taiwan, China/2000

Plot: tells the heroine Zhu Yingtai female costume and classmate Liang Shanbo studied in the academy for three years, after graduation fell in love but could not be together, after some hardship, the two finally separated yin and yang, on the way to Zhu Yingtai married Ma Wencai, Yingtai saw Liang Shanbo’s tomb, ran to the grave and finally turned into a butterfly.

2, “New Female Colt”

Starring: Huang Yi, Yuan Junmei, Wang Ban, Qiao Zhenyu

Production location/premiere: China/2002

Plot: tells the story of the heroine Feng Suzhen to avenge her father, pseudonym Feng Shaomin, a woman dressed as a man to participate in the scientific examination, and by mistake became the emperor’s favorite princess’s horse, and since then she has been involved in court disputes and the story of treacherous people fighting wits and courage.

3, “Secretly in Love with You”

Starring: Zhong Hanliang, Zheng Anlun, TAE, Li Yuanbo, Xu Weilun

Production/Premiere: Taiwan, China/2002

Plot: tells the heroine Wang Jing because she was obsessed with the young pianist Xu Yi, tried everything to enter Xu Yi’s same art college, and even desperately disguised as a man to successfully enroll, a series of growth, comedy, love stories that occurred.

4, ” Fancy Boy and Girl “

Starring: Chen Jiahua, Wu Zun, Wang Dongcheng, Tang Yuzhe, Tang Zhiping, Zhang Haoming

Production/Premiere: Taiwan, China/2006

Plot: tells the heroine Lu Ruiquan because she admires the high jumper Zuo Yiquan, and the woman dresses as a man to enter the same boys’ school as the male protagonist Zuo Yiquan, and is lucky to share the dormitory with Yiquan, opening a series of comedy love stories.

5, “Coffee Prince No. 1 Shop”

Starring: Yoon Eun-hye, Kong Yoo, Lee Sun-kyun, Choi Jung-ahn

Production/Premiere: Korea/2007

Plot: The male protagonist Cui Hanjie is the new manager of the coffee shop, in order to bring the performance of the coffee shop back to life, Hanjie implemented an innovative plan, that is, the waiters of the coffee shop are all young beautiful men. The female protagonist Gao Encan was mistaken for a boy by the male protagonist, and the female protagonist made a mistake in order to make a living, pretending to be a boy to work in a coffee shop. A series of funny and loving stories that happen.

6, “The Wind Painter”

Starring: Moon Jinying, Park Shin-yang, Moon Chae-won, Yoo Seung-yong

Production/Premiere: Korea/2008

Plot: tells the sad life and tortuous love story of Shin Yunfu, a female painter who pretends to be a man.

7, “It turned out to be a beautiful man”

Starring: Jang Geun-suk, Park Shin-hye, Jung Yong-wha, Lee Hong-ki

Production/Premiere: Korea/2009

Plot: tells the heroine as a nun, replacing her brother in unavoidable circumstances, dressing as a man to become a member of an idol group, and a series of funny, warm, romantic, love, and growth stories unfolded around the Korean music circle.

8, “Love on the Journey”

Starring: Sugli Wissego, Wannara Sonticha, Anucha Sapampong, Zalingpong Zunkedi

Production location/premiere: Thailand/2010

Plot: tells the comedy and romantic love story of the female protagonist being framed by her stepmother, and the woman has no choice but to pretend to be a man to find the truth, and meet and fall in love with the male protagonist.

9, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”

Starring: Park Youtian, Park Min-young, Yoo Ah-in, Song Joong-ki

Production/Premiere: Korea/2010

Plot: tells the story of the heroine Kim Yoon-hee in order to make a living, replacing her sick brother and daughter to enter Sungkyunkwan in men’s clothing, and start a story of campus youth, mutual growth, friendship and love in the Joseon Era in the process of getting along with Lee Sun-joon, Moon Jae-shin and Goo Yong-ha.

10, “The Forgotten Daughter”

Starring: Voragan Ronawachara, Seshadi Sahavan,

Plot: Although the heroine is very loved by her father, she has not been recognized by her father’s family as her patriarchal daughter due to her motherhood. After his father’s death, his mother asked the heroine to marry the old lord, which attracted the disgust of the old lord’s son. In order to escape marriage and understand the secrets of her father’s family, the heroine concealed her identity, pretended to be a man, and entered her family to find a series of comedy love stories that happened in her will.

11, “To the Beautiful You”

Starring: Choi Shirley, Choi Min-ho, Lee Hyun-woo, Kim Ji-won, Seo Joon-young, Kang Ha-na, Hwang Kwang-hee, Ki Tae-young

Production/Premiere: Korea/2012

Plot: Korean version of Fancy Boy and Girl, tells the story of the female protagonist dressed as a man to transfer to a boys’ school, and become roommates with the high jumper male protagonist, and the youth comedy love story occurs.

12, ” Daughter Ha Na who grew up well “

Starring: Park Han-sung, Lee Tae-kun, Jung Eun-woo, Yoon Se-in

Production/Premiere: Korea/2013

Plot: tells the story of the female advocate Ha Na in order to inherit the family business with a history of 400 years of scalper soy sauce, she has been dressed as a man since she was a child, and grew up as a son, as well as the story of her career and love during her growth.

13, “Sharp Benevolence”

Starring: Wu Qilong, Liu Shishi, Ye Zuxin, Wu Yingjie, Huo Zhengchen, Yue Yueli

Production/Premiere: China/2014

Plot: The female protagonist Lu Yunfei dressed as a man to recruit relatives for her martial arts, but was mistakenly beaten in the ring by the male protagonist Liu Aotian Oolong, so as not to fight or know each other, and entered a series of interesting stories that happened in Hongwen College together.

14, “Nocturnal Scholar”

Starring: Lee Joon-ki, Lee Yoo-fi, Shim Chang-min, Kim So-eun, Lee So-hyuk

Production/Premiere: Korea/2015

Plot: tells the fantasy and love story of the heroine who met a mysterious scholar whose real identity was a vampire when she was wandering alone in female costume, and was involved in the vampire war between good and evil.

15, “Moonlight of Cloud Painting”

Starring: Park Bo-kun, Kim Yu-jung, Jung Jin-young, Choi so-bin, Guo Dong-yeon

Production/Premiere: Korea/2016

Plot: tells the story of the heroine Hong Leyi was asked by her mother to dress as a man since she was sensible, and was raised as a boy since she was a child, shouldering the burden of the family, and writing love letters for people and analyzing love strategies to make money when she grew up. and the male protagonist Shizi Li Yun did not fight or acquaintance, a series of comedy and romantic love stories that occurred after entering the palace.

16, “The General is Above”

Starring: Ma Sichun, Sheng Yilun, Ding Chuan, Wang Chuan, Pan Shiqi, Wang Xuan

Production location/premiere time: China/2017

Plot: tells the story of Ye Zhao, the daughter of the general Ye Zhong, who dressed as a man from a young age, with excellent martial arts and heroic spirit. Because Ye Zhao led the Ye family army to win the border pass, the emperor made Ye Zhao a general of the world’s soldiers and horses. Ye Zhao showed that the emperor herself was actually a daughter, and Empress Dowager Liu, who obeyed the government, had always been worried that Ye Zhao had a heavy army to deter the imperial power, and ordered Ye Zhao to marry Zhao Yujin, the king of Nanping County, the nephew of the emperor’s own son, and a series of funny love stories occurred.

17, “Agni Military Academy”

Starring: Bai Lu, Xu Kai, Li Chengbin, Wu Jiayi

Production location/premiere time: China/2019

Plot: tells the story of Xie Xiang, the heroine who joined the army on behalf of her brother, entered the army lecture hall to study in men’s clothing, and became classmates with the cynical rich son Gu Yanjian and the calm and calm Shen Junshan, jointly smashing the enemy’s conspiracy, harvesting love and realizing patriotic ambitions, and finding the story of life faith.

18, “Beautiful Scholar”

Starring: Ju Jingyi, Song Weilong, Bi Wenjun, Wang Ruichang, Zhu Shengyi

Production location/Premiere time: China/2020

Plot: tells the story of the heroine Xue Wenxi, who has a poor family, who makes a living by copying books and ghostwriting, and accidentally bumps into the male protagonist Feng Chengjun, the son of the Assassin History of the Cloud Kingdom, Feng Chengjun appreciates her talent and secretly sets up a situation, so that Xue Wenxi passed the exam and entered the Yun School Hall, where only men can study. In order to hide the identity of women, Xue Wenxi dresses as men, and influences each other and grows together in the process of overcoming various difficulties.

19, “Girl Adult”

Starring: Chen Yao, Zhang Linghe, Zhang Jiading, Wang Yizhe, Huang Yi

Plot: tells the story of the heroine Su Ceramics who suffered the disaster of annihilation, dressed as a man, went to Beijing alone to investigate the truth of the family case, met the male protagonist Pei Zhao with excellent IQ, and a series of detectives, growth, romance, and love stories occurred.

20, ” cute doctor sweet wife “

Starring: Sun Qian, Huang Junjie, Cha Jie, Hong Shanshan

Plot: tells the heroine Tian Qi is a little imperial doctor of the Imperial Medical Department, a woman dressed as a man to enter the Imperial Medical Department, was transferred to the Jiedu Embassy by mistake, and a series of comedy oolong love stories occurred between the rich ghost Ma Qiao Taiyi and the cold-faced iceberg Jiedu made the male protagonist.

21, ” The Female World Son “

Starring: Jiang Chao, You Jingru, Wang Anyu, Tang Mengjia, Wu Chi

Plot: tells the story of the early death of the son of the Duke of Dingguo, in order to stabilize the military power and ensure that the Han family army in the north is not affected by the situation of the dynasty, the eldest daughter of the Duke of Dingguo, Han Yuanniang, dressed as a man to replace her twin brother Han Shiyi to become the son of the Duke of Dingguo. Yang and Yang mistakenly became the companion of the fifth prince Chen Yanyi, and a series of ironic stories occurred.

22, “Youth Travels One Inch of Love”

Starring: Zhang Yao, Zhang Yaqin, Zou Tingwei, Deng Yuli, Zheng Hao, Shi Yunpeng, Xu Mengyuan, Huang Haibing

Plot: tells the story of the male protagonist Zuo Qingci as a river doctor looking for the lost imperial treasure “Mountain and River Map”, which met the woman dressed as a man and the robber “Fei Koer”, and then the two turned out a story of the secret history of the rivers and lakes together.

23, “The Girl in Armor”

Starring: Guan Hong, Chen Yao, Li Jiulin, Ao Ziyi, Ma Zehan, Dai Ruqi

Plot: tells the heroine Sang Tian’s wish to be admitted to the figure skating team of her mother’s alma mater, Rokuba University Sports Institute, but she did not expect to be ranked in the figure skating entrance exam. By mistake, the woman pretended to be a man to participate in the ice hockey department exam but was hired, because the ice hockey department did not recruit girls, she had to assume the name “Kuwata” and pretend to be a man to meet the male protagonist Wen Bing, and the two who had a narrow road were slowly attracted to each other, and finally opened their hearts and worked hard with their teammates to successfully complete the story of “ice hockey dream”.

24, “Long Song Line”

Starring: Di Li Gerba, Wu Lei, Zhao Lusi, Liu Yuning, Fang Yilun

Production/Premiere: China/2021

Plot: tells the story of Li Changge, the daughter of Li Jiancheng, who escaped by chance after the birth change in the inner court, the woman pretended to be a man to hide her identity, gradually grew up in revenge and smashed the conspiracy, and met and fell in love with the male protagonist Ashile Falcon.

25, “Programmers Are So Cute”

Starring: Xing Zhaolin, Zhu Xudan, Yi Daqian, Tian Yitong

Plot: tells the story of female programmer Lu Li pursuing career ideals, and has always been secretly in love with the male protagonist, in order to go to work in a company where the male protagonist only recruits male programmers, so the woman pretends to be a man, and successfully enters the startup company established by the male protagonist Jiang Yicheng with her excellent resume and amazing wisdom. Then staged a warm and sweet love story of a female programmer and a tsundere president.

Production location/premiere: Thailand/2010

Production location/Premiere time: China/2020

Production location/Premiere time: China/2020

Production location/Premiere time: China/2020

Production location/Premiere time: China/2020

Production location/Premiere time: China/2020

Production/Premiere: China/2021