“Artifact spirit” is the love of objects, which can also be extended to injecting sentiment and life attitude into the work engaged. To put it a little bigger, that is spiritual pursuit.

Some people equate “artifact spirit” with “craftsman spirit”.

But “craftsmanship” is only its first level,

The higher level is the beautification of artifacts, even artificialization

Making an object, or completing a job, is not just for practicality, but for the sake of making life more beautiful, hopeful, and vibrant.

Just like the following 6 small cups, because of the careful design, amazing everyday.

01 Casa Shop

Founded in 2016 by Emi Moore and headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Casa Shop is a carefully selected collection of old and new home items and jewelry. There are newly developed glass jewelry, as well as boutiques from antique shops.

Casa’s products are inspired by modern sculpture and Italian design.

The entire shop is decorated with accessories and website style, just like visiting a fine glass museum

, each piece is a boutique.

02 Whispering Studio

Jiang Xinhe, Wang Zhuo and Sun Jinjin, three like-minded girls studied together in France and met in the ceramics studio of the Marseille Academy of Fine Arts in Paris.

Atelier Murmur Whispering Studio is the starting point for them to weave dreams together after returning to Hangzhou.

Murmur means whispering in the ear, meaning those details of life

。 And the whispered works are also very delicate, both ethereal and gentle.

Their work is often inspired by the perception of nature, in order to restore the beauty that we take for granted and forget.

For example, natural leaf veins, flowing water like clouds, and even just dead tree roots, etc., in their hands, can solidify these beauty floating between the whiskers into eternity.

“Falling Leaves” series

Deer hunting on the road series

“River” series

“Color” series

03 Edo Kiriko

Edo Kiriko is Japan’s leading traditional glass carving craft. It originated in the Edo (present-day Tokyo) period in 1834 and has a history of nearly 200 years.

Cut seeds were produced in the people, the earliest cutting and carving on transparent glass, the introduction of British cutting technology at the end of the Edo period, the process became more mature began to use colored cuts, and the patterns also evolved more and more styles.

The rich texture makes the cutter full of charm,

When placed in the sun, it will reflect a brilliant and dazzling light, which is beautiful

Edo Kiriko is made by hand, and the production process is very cumbersome, including indexing-coarse carving-fine carving-stone grinding, etc., which is quite a test of the craftsman’s skill.

And the graphics made have no drafts, carving and outlining, all in one go, the maker must take into account both the overall sense of balance and aesthetics.

There are only a handful of craftsmen who have truly mastered this traditional craft in Japan

And this legendary Edo Kiriko is also quite expensive. Previously, on eBay, a Coca-Cola cup sold for $1360.

04 LSA pearl series

LSA is an old British brand, his cup can be said to be transparent and clear to the extreme, including Bulgari and many high-end hotels, rooms are LSA cups.

Pearl Pearl Collection,

Inspired by mother-of-pearl

Each piece is hand-painted for pure mother-of-pearl luster.

The sense of transparency has always been a watershed in distinguishing the grade of glass products.

The more transparent the glass, the more advanced the texture

The transparent cup of the Pearl collection exudes a faint multicolored luster, like a crystal clear foam under the sun.

05 Length-seeking design

“Designer’s Cup” is one of the home product lines launched by Xunchang Design. A set of four pieces, presenting the four themes of [clothing], [food], [housing] and [line].

In order to express these four life themes, the designer borrowed the cup as an everyday utensil,

With a simple and interesting design philosophy, it conveys the attitude and concept changes of life that people understand

Therefore, in addition to being easy to use and special, these four cups can also bring people small fun, small convenience, small thinking, and even small changes.

Designer’s mugs – not just mugs that designers will love.

【Clothes】 cups & 【Food】 cups

【Live】 cup & 【Line】 cup

06 Antibiotico

Antibiotico is an artistic conceptual creative laboratory from Shanghai.

The white cactus series cups they designed have a unique appearance full of thorns, and in a dignified or literary water cup, they look like a little hedgehog and are not easy to mess with, giving people a funny and humorous and quirky feeling.

The small thorns on the surface of the cup are all handmade and tested by Antibiotico

These “thorns” are soft and not sticky

Following the white cactus, last year Antibiotico launched a new model – green and gold cactus series, and the blessing of color is even more eye-catching.

(Source: Tumi Life public number)