One: Apply nail polish glue

Prepare the tool

Sponge file, dust brush, sand strip, cotton pad, cotton, orange stick, nail lamp, 75° alcohol, 95° alcohol, primer, nail polish glue, sealing

Gluing steps

Polished nail surface

1. In the order of the sides, polish the nail surface with the thick surface of the sponge file

2. Polish the nail surface on the front

3. Then polish the nail surface on the side, when polishing the side, you need to use your fingers to slightly pluck the outer skin of the nail and then do the polishing action

Two: Clean the nail surface

1. Use a dust brush to remove dust on the surface of the nail and in the nail groove

2. Wipe the nail surface with a cotton pad dipped in 75° alcohol

Three: edging, primer

1. Hemming: first use primer to wrap the front edge of the nail, that is, brush from one side of the front edge to the other, and then do it again in the opposite direction

2. Apply primer: brush a thin layer of primer in the direction of your fingertips

3. Lamp curing

Four: coloring glue

1. Smear

First layer

Color: Again, trim the leading edge with nail polish glue

2. Apply a thin layer of nail polish glue from the back edge of the nail to the fingertips. When brushing the trailing edge, gently press the brush head on the nail surface, slowly push it to a distance of 0.5mm towards the finger edge, and then pull back

3. Then brush both sides.

4. If applied to the skin, you can use an orange stick to roll cotton to clean the nail edge

5. Illuminate

10. Repeat the color and illuminate the lamp, the method is the same as the above (1~9).

Fifth: Coating layer

1. Use the sealing layer to wrap the leading edge

2. Follow the direction of the fingertips and brush a thin layer of sealing

3. If applied to the skin, you can use orange sticks to roll cotton to clean the nail edge.

4. Lamp curing

5. Remove floating glue: If the scrubbing sealing layer is used, the floating glue will be generated after the lamp is illuminated, and it is necessary to wipe it off with a cotton pad dipped in 95° alcohol

6. Done

Complete the effect

The color should be with the nail edge


distance, uniform color, with hemming.



Each layer should not be too thick

, otherwise it will cause shrinkage. If you want to make the color effect of the nail polish glue more intense, you need to apply a thin layer of three or more layers instead of two thick layers.

2. Pay attention to the choice when choosing nail polish or nail polish glue

Full color

products. Poor quality nail polish can easily discolor or fade, and will also cause uneven brushing. In addition, choose a brush with a neat brush head, so that it is easy to brush to the end. If the brush is too hard, lines will appear.

3. Pay attention to gestures when painting nails, if the gestures are incorrect, it is easy to cause hand shaking, and then brush unevenly.

Generally, the left hand should support the other party’s hand, and then the right hand uses the small tail finger or ring finger to point to a finger of the left hand, so that the right hand has a dependency, so that the hand can be prevented from shaking.

After talking about the correct steps of applying nail polish glue, of course, we must also talk about the steps of unloading! The correct nail removal method and steps can minimize the damage to the nails, and the guests will not complain about “getting thinner and thinner”!

Nail remover glue

Sand strips, dust brushes, tweezers, small steel pushes, sponge files, polishing strips, tin foil, cotton, nail remover water, nutritional oil

Nail removal steps

Sanding the nail surface

1. Grinding: use a thin sand strip to gently polish the nail surface in the order of side-front-side

Sand the front

Sanding the sides

Clean the nail surface

1. Clean the nail surface with a dust brush

2. The effect of the polished nail surface: the nail surface must be covered with marks, but the color must not be polished

Wrap nail water

1. Cut the appropriate size of tin foil

2. Take a sufficient amount of nail discharge water to cotton

3. Use tweezers to completely cover the surface of the nail with cotton

4. Use tin foil under the nails;

5. Wrap the cotton and seal it

As shown in the picture, the effect of wrapping all fingers, after 5-10 minutes, we will remove the nail removal equipment as a whole

Clean up residual nail polish glue

1. Remove the nail removal bag, use a small steel push to gently push off the softened glue, pay attention to gently push, otherwise it will damage the nail surface

2. Gently grind off the residual glue with a sponge file and polish the nail surface

3. Clean the nail surface with a dust brush



: Use a polishing strip to polish the nail surface, first throw it with a thick surface, and then use a thin side


Apply a nutritional oil

: Apply nutritional oil to the nail margin and massage until absorbed

Finish: The nail surface is clean and residue-free, and there can be no obvious grinding of the nail surface

Now many nail shops use more clean and hygienic nail removal bags, and the removal method is the same as the tin foil removal method~

The above is what is introduced today, the correct method of applying nail polish glue is one of the foundations to keep the nail art lasting, and the correct removal method is also another measure to protect nails!

Prepare the tool

Complete the effect