Today’s mosaic

It’s not the kind used to block things you shouldn’t see

It’s the kind used to decorate your home

Small and cute + versatile

If you don’t believe it, you don’t move

First of all, household fungi should come to popularize mosaic



, the small sheet tiles used in the building to put together various decorative patterns are a kind of tile, which is a special way of existence of bricks, and there is also a nice professional name

Brocade bricks

It is small and colorful, and is widely used in indoor small area floors, walls and outdoor large and small walls and floors. Due to its small size, the mosaic can be used to make some puzzles and produce a gradient effect.

…… Simple, the way to talk about mosaic is simpler, so let’s say so much first, and ask Du Niang (tsundere face) for the rest. The task of household fungi today is just to take you to see those mosaics placed at home, start~


The most widely used space for mosaic should be the bathroom at home, and the styles are also varied, so the focus of today’s display is naturally here.

△ With the bathroom with pure white tones, let’s come to a wall of silver-white mosaics, which is very eye-catching, but at the same time pay attention to protecting your eyes.

△ Classic mosaic style, a small piece is spliced up irregularly, it doesn’t look messy, because it is the same blue, so it’s very refreshing.

△ A deeper blue will appear more calm and restrained.

△ From top to bottom, the depth of black, white and gray is very atmospheric.

△ The popular color of 2016, powder blue, is also distributed from top to bottom, and interspersed with each other, such a mosaic is too beautiful.

△ I like the regular color block splicing, you can also choose to divide the area, and the wall where the same color block meets is also good.

△ It is most suitable to use mosaic to stitch the picture, and you can put your favorite scene on the wall, and you are happy to spend time and time.

△ If you do not want the mosaic of the entire wall (manual Aite dense phobia people), only choose a small area to paste a thin strip of mosaic wall tiles, such as the groove of the wall where toiletries are placed.

Other regions

△ Few people use mosaic decoration in a large area of the living room, like this as a sofa background wall, the effect is not bad.

△ It is relatively rare to have a fireplace at home, and if there is, it is also a beautiful scenery to use a slightly larger mosaic pasted outside the fireplace.

△ Workshop or study, put together a simple geometric pattern can be very personal.

Creative decoration

△The mosaic-style pattern of the base of the table lamp makes the table lamp more stylish.

△ An ordinary small stool, pasted with mosaic, can also immediately be different.

△ If the small table is decorated with mosaics, is it also eye-catching?

Maybe you still like it

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