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Fashion brand ME+EM received €65.8 million in financing

Image source: ME+EM official website

A few days ago, fashion brand ME+EM announced that it has received 65.8 million euros in financing, led by Matchesfashion.com, Threads and others. This round of funds will be used for store expansion and brand expansion.

ME+EM was founded in 2009 to design products of exceptional quality for women. Currently, ME+EM has six boutiques in London and franchises in Harrods, Selfridges London and others.

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The fashion circuit has always attracted the attention of women, and ME+EM has received many reviews for its high quality, fit and sustainability, and has grown rapidly in the past few years. Under the rising fashion demand of consumers, ME+EM, which has financial support, will also occupy more market share in the world.

Tech footwear brand Miracle Miles received a $100 million investment

Image source: Miracle Miles official website

Recently, Miracle Miles, a technology footwear brand group in New York, announced the completion of a $100 million Series A financing, jointly led by Sequoia China and IDG Capital. This round of financing will be used to accelerate global expansion and expand categories.

Founded in 2019, Miracle Miles has brands such as fashion women’s shoes, business men’s shoes, and outdoor sports shoes, and its business scope has covered 10+ countries around the world and served more than 16 million users.

Functionality has become a new trend that cannot be ignored in the fashion circuit, and Miracle Miles offers consumers a wide range of high-quality shoes with technological features. As a world-class company for global consumers, Miracle Miles has excellent market performance, is a pioneer in the industry, and is favored by capital with its excellent results.

Metaverse game studio Block Tackle closed a $5 million seed round

Recently, metaverse game studio BlockTackle completed a $5 million seed round led by early-stage game venture capital firms Play Ventures and Cadenza Ventures, with participation from Animoca Brands, Coinbase Ventures and other institutions.

Block Tackle has been involved in creating well-known games such as The Hobbit: Middle-earth, Fast and Furious: Legacy, and others.

Metaverse + games are bound to set off a new wave, and under the world’s super high attention to the virtual field, BlockTackle has a good opportunity for development, and will rapidly increase its popularity in the future with the help of “food and grass”.

Indian retail chain Reliance Retail will acquire a majority stake in D2C brand Clovia

Image source: Reliance Retail

Indian retail chain Reliance Retail said it will acquire an 89% stake in D2C brand Clovia for $125 million to expand the company’s business in apparel and lingerie.

Founded eight years ago, Clolia focuses on high-quality clothing, mainly for female consumers, providing more than 3,500 lingerie and casual wear.

For Clovia, Reliance Retail’s expertise in economies of scale and retail is advantageous, and with its assistance, Clovia can further increase brand awareness and become one of the most popular brands on the track.

Fulang Group will be listed in the United States through SPACs

Image source: Lanvin Group official website

Recently, Lanvin Group, a global luxury fashion and luxury group, announced that it has reached a definitive merger agreement with Primavera Capital Acquisition Corp., a subsidiary of Primavera Capital, after which Fulang Group will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock code “LANV”.

Proceeds from the transaction will be used to enhance operations and support future growth initiatives, including brand development and marketing, product category and retail store expansion. After the merger, Fulang’s estimated market capitalization is approximately US$1.9 billion.

Another Chinese LVMH may surface, and Fulang Group’s rich brand culture and unique positioning make it favored by a new generation of consumers. At a time when the growth momentum of global luxury goods is strong, Fulang Group will have great potential.

Avon’s parent company suspended plans to go public in New York

Image source: Natura & Co website

Recently, Natura & Co, a Brazilian beauty group that owns Avon, Aesop and The Body Shop, has suspended plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange and will focus on turning the Avon brand into a profit.

Founded in 1969, Natura & Co is a global personal care cosmetics group that owns brands such as Brazilian skincare brand Natura, British organic skincare brand The Body Shop and Australian organic skincare brand Aesop.

It is worth noting that Natura & Co acquired a 76% stake in Avon in 2019 to accelerate its layout in the Chinese market. The suspension of the listing plan may be to further reverse Avon’s loss.

Zara launches The Skin Collection makeup collection

Image credit: Pexels

Recently, Zara launched The Skin Collection makeup series, which includes a variety of beauty items such as foundation and concealer, with 51 shades, reflecting the diversity of Jara beauty.

The new collection features a collaboration with make-up artist Diane Kendal and a campaign by photographer Steven Meisel to elevate the tonality of its products.

Zara’s entry into makeup and raising a new business growth curve is a good thing for brand development. Different beauty items have also further expanded the brand’s product portfolio in market segments. It’s just that the concern is whether consumers are willing to pay for the new makeup line.

Estée Lauder has officially entered the metaverse

Image source: Estée Lauder’s official website

A few days ago, Estée Lauder officially entered the metaverse, becoming the exclusive beauty brand partner of Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week, and launched its first NFT product for the first time.

This NFT will be distributed as a prize of up to 10,000 copies during Metaverse Fashion Week, and users can enter the small brown bottle body to get a wearable NFT, and their image in the virtual world will glow after use.

Prior to this, many brands such as L’Oréal Paris, Clinique, Givenchy Beauty and Gucci have also announced their entry into the metaverse. This is enough to prove how hot the virtual world is. This time, Estée Lauder followed the pace and launched its first NFT product, which is also a good attempt.

Skincare brands join hands with underwear brand Ubras to launch “Spring Skin Gift Box”

Image source: Zhuben official website

Recently, new consumer skin care brands have cooperated with underwear brand Ubras one by one to launch the “Spring Skin Gift Box”.

With “Freedom” at its core, the facelift box contains body lotion that moisturizes the skin and clothing that touches the skin. The fresh and harmonious color combination of cream white and grass green further highlights the brand’s natural tonality, which is intended to allow consumers to enjoy comfortable daily life and return to their authenticity.

The main skin care and underwear may seem unrelated, but if you look closely, there are certain similarities that require careful care, and it also means that they have a similar customer group with high demands on life. For both brands, this is where they come together.

Lululemon launches tennis collection

Image source: Lululemon official website

A few days ago, lululemon launched a tennis series, covering men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, focusing on high-stretch, “light feather” fabrics and wicking, quick-drying materials, which will be officially released in designated stores and official websites on March 29.

Currently, lululemon has become the sponsorship brand of Canadian professional tennis player Leylah Fernandez, who will wear lululemon pieces to compete this season.

Following the launch of its first shoe collection, lululemon continues to accelerate its assortment expansion. In recent years, lululemon’s outstanding performance has made it stand out in the sports market. Coupled with the blessing effect of well-known athletes, the lululemon tennis series will also gain more user groups.


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