47-year-old Queen Letizia of Spain has reached a new height of beauty, local time on February 13, 2019, King Philip VI of Spain and Queen Ledicia of Spain visited Morocco, and King Mohammed VI of Morocco held a welcome dinner at the Royal Palace in Rabat.

The Queen of Spain chose a white shape this time, she knows how to respect the culture of the other country, wearing Moroccan brand clothes, inside is a simple slim slip dress, shoulder straps are very small, with a lace embroidered long blouse, very elegant and high-class.

Wearing a long white dress, it really looks very much like a wedding dress from a distance, and the Queen of Spain at this age must be more beautiful and moving than when she was newly married. The years have not left marks on her face, her figure is very slim, for her self-discipline and insistence on maintenance, this slim dress is completely fine, but the Spanish king’s beard has begun to turn white.

In terms of accessories, Queen Letizia did not choose exaggerated jewelry this time, she must have considered that the design of the long blouse is already very gorgeous, and the sparkling beads under the light are grand enough, she only chose a pair of earrings and a finger bag, did not wear necklaces and bracelets, the wavy design and femininity at the neckline and placket, not wearing a necklace can highlight her sexy collarbone.

If you’re a fan of Queen Letizia, I’m sure you’ll find that she prefers finger bags for the average shoulder bag, but a finger bag is definitely more suitable for dinner parties. This rectangular clutch bag is a silver and gray and white beaded design that matches the long blouse in terms of color and material.

I like the photo of Letizia very much, her bones are relatively slender, a look at her standing posture and her back line, you can definitely see that she is insisting on fitness, 47 years old, the back is not bent at all, the arms are not at all butterfly sleeves, really confirms that sentence, people who are more beautiful than you work harder than you, really every beautiful person, is a ruthless role for themselves.

Queen Letizia’s high-ranking clothes have always been praised, not only has the styling always been generous, but more importantly, she often has to visit various countries with the king, she is very familiar with the culture and background of each country, and often chooses local brands or local clothing. Like this visit to Morocco, he chose this set of very Moroccan style long dress, which really refers not only to the high American business, but also to higher emotional intelligence!

In terms of hairstyle, Queen Letizia pulled up her hair in a bun in order to match this Moroccan-style white dress, which made the whole person look gentle and generous in the future. With her hair bun and diamond earrings, the queen’s heaven looks even more perfect.

Letizia likes to wear a strand of hair at the side bangs to make her face look softer, no wonder the king is affectionate every time he sees it.

In terms of shoes, Queen Letizia also chose a pair of matching shoes this time. The silver diamond-encrusted high heels are very noble and gorgeous, and you can faintly see them when you walk up, and you can see a person’s taste in the details. The upper body of the slip dress is very fit from the front or the side, and the lower body is a skirt that is over-the-knee, solemn without losing flexibility, it looks less rigid, and it is very convenient to walk.

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