Once upon a time there was a brain teaser, and some people said why do superheroes like to wear tights? Because “saving people matters” Na HOHOHO~! But back to the essence of the problem, why do we wear tights when we exercise? Once you look at the sports trend in Europe and the United States, Duang~ has found the answer~! Due to the highly developed sports culture in Europe and the United States, in addition to the image to look clean and decent, more attention is paid to strength, physical fitness, speed, endurance and other sports performance, whether it is professional athletes or amateurs, whether in the gym or on the green field, wearing professional tights when exercising has become the first choice for most young people. And in China, fitness, running, yoga and other sports are quietly rising, we have to say to you: “Hey, ‘exercise matters’!”

For Singaporeans: Why do you need a tights when exercising?

After hearing this, the girl said that wearing tights during exercise is to make the body beautiful and beautiful to show out~ Wow! What about boys? Of course, in order to highlight the muscles, the more agitated and convex, the more you can seduce the girl~ Oh! Turns out that tights are just to show off the figure and bring beauty to people? And it’s not just !!! More importantly, protect the body muscles, relieve fatigue, accelerate blood circulation, anti-static and other functions, just like men protect women Oh ~ don’t let you get tired and don’t let you get hurt~

To get back to business, how can tights make people not afraid of tiredness and injury? Why does European and American fitness culture pay so much attention to wearing tights? Can you give an authoritative scientific statement? Some! Look at the move~!

1. Warm up quickly to prevent strains

Sports tights compress feel, very important! How can energy be stimulated without a sense of compression? It can do it! Professional sports tights can also charge to increase blood circulation, while the wrapping of muscles can make people feel excited, so that they are full of strength and have a feeling of excitement, and it also has the protective effect of warming up to prevent strains.

2. It has breathable and quick-drying effect

The most afraid of sports and fitness is stuffy and sweaty, so dirty and ugly. However, professional sports tights can quickly wick away sweat because of its unique high-stretch fabric, which can keep the body dry at all times and make exercise more comfortable and healthy.

3. Effectively prevent lactic acid accumulation

Sports-loving experts know that as long as the exercise is a little more intense, the calf will definitely hurt the next day! However, sports tights will effectively promote the decomposition of lactic acid, prevent lactic acid accumulation, and avoid muscle friction during exercise. Therefore, sports tights are essential, and it is protected by pain and fatigue~!

4. The warmth preservation effect of cold protection and temperature locking

What should I do if the morning run in winter is cold? Don’t be afraid, as long as it is a high-quality tights will use brushed constant temperature materials, the 3D system functionally helps regulate the body temperature, even in winter can keep the body in a constant temperature state, so that winter sports are no longer afraid of cold!

According to research, professional sports tights are really important ya~! At present, sports tights have been involved in many sports, such as running, fitness, football, basketball, badminton, baseball, boxing, rugby, cycling, sanda and dozens of other sports, and in the leisure field, it is also in a pivotal position!

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