Lion Peak is located in the national key scenic spot and national 4A tourist scenic spot Anhui Huating Lake Reservoir, between east longitude 116o 081, north latitude 30o 301~30o391, north of the Tianzhu Mountain of Qianshan Mountain, south of Huating Lake Reservoir. Named for the shape of the mountain peak like a squatting lion, more than 650 meters above sea level, precipitous, cliffs, strange rocks and forests, thorns along the way, few people, and Phoenix Rock far away, mountains undulating, layers of forests, like a male lion running wildly after lying down and resting, mouth and tongue, lifelike, historical sites, geological changes, etc. are distributed in Lion Peak, and there are a large number of historical monuments and myths and legends, etc., climbing the vivid, misty Lion Peak overlooks, distant mountains, near villages, fields, lakes, you can enjoy it to the fullest.” Infinite scenery in the dangerous peak” and “the mountain to the top I am the peak” artistic conception, make people’s chest open, full of spirit, a thousand troubles, but also the ideal place to watch the sunrise, the sea of clouds, the peak of strange rocks, pines, flowers, beautiful. Let’s take a group photo of some friends at the top of Lion Peak!

On Saturday, September 3, 2016, at 7:30 a.m., friends and friends each brought their personal outdoor equipment to hike through the top photography activity to the designated place Zhao Puchu Cultural Park showroom parking lot to gather, check the number of applicants and participants, gather everyone to explain the activity route, arrangement and precautions of the trip, and sign an outdoor liability waiver agreement with everyone, the assembly is completed at 8 o’clock, and we set off on time, our sunshine outdoor group of more than ten friends drove to Badouwa at the foot of Lion Peak at 9 o’clock in the morning. After getting off the bus for a short rest, light trekking through the summit began, everyone enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way, while feeling the joy of mountaineering, exercising, releasing the mood, arriving at the top of Lion Peak at about 12 noon, enjoying the artistic conception of “infinite scenery in the dangerous peak” and “mountain to the absolute peak I am the peak”, etc., around 3 p.m. everyone began to return to their homes with a full harvest and happy mood, ending the journey to the summit of Lion Peak!

Friends and friends took a group photo before climbing to the top, it was the weekend, these children, led by big friends, also went outdoors together, breathing the fresh air of nature, exercising and honing their will… , had a great weekend with big friends.

After the group photo, the summit begins, 8264 water version moderator 8264th mountain eagle and sunshine outdoor senior leader ~ blurry shadow in front of the leader, outdoor happiness written on the face…

Don’t underestimate these children, very brave, very tenacious, compared with the big friends, no less, give these children a thumbs up, hehe

This is our second time to climb Lion Peak, which is generally rarely visited and overgrown with weeds along the way, which is very difficult to walk

Lion Peak is located in the hometown of the sunshine outdoor group friend Lao Donkey ~ Wen Feng, under his leadership, we went all the way

To be honest, when children come outdoors, the passion for mountaineering is much stronger than that of adults, which may come from the childlike innocence and curiosity of children… , came here, has long been impatient to follow the adults ah, began to move, ready to move forward to surpass the adults, haha, but still suppressed in front ah, absolutely do not allow children to run forward, outdoor safety first, must march among the adults.

Walking Lion Peak halfway up the mountainside of an empty flat place, friends stop to enjoy the surrounding beauty, thank nature for the blessing given to us, and only out of the office, to the outdoors, can we enjoy such a beautiful scenery, so that the usually depressed soul can be released…

Here there must be another big group photo, each big group photo highlights the cohesion and centripetal force of a team…

Don’t move, the photographer must also come to take a photo, haha

Distant mountains and the winding country roads and terraces that spiral through the mountains… , at a glance

Thanks 8264! Thanks Wolf Paw! Actively participate in ~ pick “T” to be careful of addiction, JACKWOLFSKIN accompanies you to get a “summer” forum prize activity, won the popularity award gift ~ a beautiful wolf paw T-shirt, I like it very much, thank you ~

This wolf paw T-shirt feels very clean, refreshing, sunny, comfortable, easy to match, not monotonous, highlighting taste and style, very fitted, very eye-catching Oh, friends and friends have constantly cast envious eyes all the way, haha~

Sunshine outdoor handsome guy ~ senior donkey friend ~ 8264 month rabbit, all the way to resist the 8264 sunshine outdoor new version of the big yellow flag

8264 water version river tracing version moderator ~ 8264th mountain eagle busy taking pictures of friends before and after

Hard work, Brother Mountain Eagle, thank you for bringing you beautiful pieces in the outdoors, recording the trajectory of each donkey trip in our sunny outdoors, and leaving good memories for friends and friends…

Sunshine outdoor senior team leader strong donkey ~ 8264 month rabbit exhibition flag photo

After stopping to enjoy the beautiful scenery, after shooting, friends and friends began to continue to the top of Lion Peak

The children had good physical strength and marched in the middle of the team to the top of the lion’s peak

The road is full of thorns and overgrown weeds, which is very difficult to walk

In some places the grass is taller than people, hehe

The mountain road is steep, and friends and friends bend forward

The new version of 8264 Taihu Sunshine Outdoor Club flies high above Lion Peak

The grass is taller than a person, hehe

Friends and friends shuttled around

The mountain road is steep, and friends and friends have a hard time climbing

Lion Peak is an empty place, where friends and friends take a break and look up from afar

The weather was nice and the weather was great

As far as the eye can see, you can see the distant mountains, nearby villages, fields, and lakes

Below is the beautiful Huating Lake, with twists and turns, and the harbor is deep

The mountains are undulating and the layers of forests are verdant

8264 new version of the hand-held flag accompanies me to the top of Lion Peak, very good Oh, portable and easy to carry

After taking a nap, continue to the summit

The little handsome guy performed well, and held high the 8264 Taihu Lake Sunshine Outdoor Big Yellow Flag all the way

Wherever Taihu Sunshine Outdoor goes, there is the 8264 Big Yellow Flag, which is the unchanged purpose of our Sunshine Outdoors

Thorny strewn with thorns

There are two routes to the summit of Lion Peak, and this route is the first time to travel under the leadership of Qunyou ~ Wen Feng

The banner of the outdoor pioneer camp accompanied us all the way to the top

The 8264 Yellow Flag and the Pioneer Battalion Banner are particularly dazzling, guiding us in the direction of outdoor travel

It’s almost the top, friends and friends, come on, persistence is victory~

Finally reached the top, haha

This row of small stones may have been placed by local people in the past to facilitate work and walking up the mountain

Pines are full of pines, flowers compete for beauty, and they are beautiful

When they came to the peak, friends couldn’t wait to start shooting

The children performed very tenaciously, very good, did not feel tired at all, and waved the 8264 yellow flag at the peak

The 8264 big yellow flag was raised high by the little handsome man

Friends and friends release themselves at the top of the peak, leaving all their troubles and worries behind

Group photo of the summit flag display

The top of Lion Peak is also an ideal place to watch the sunrise and the sea of clouds

Thanks to the outdoor pioneer camp, I am honored to get a necessary weapon for field first aid~ Medical Health Preferred Limited Custom First Aid Kit, which contains ice packs, normal saline, alcohol cotton swabs, iodophor disinfectant, cooling oil, bandages, tape, alcohol wipes, heat probes, masks, band-aids, silicone tweezers and small scissors and other care supplies, thank you for medical health preferred!

This is an active participation in the 8264 forum prize activity ~ I have a telescope, do you have time? Say where you want to go, win the telescope event for free, and win the third prize~ SUNCORE Shunguang Radiant 10X42 Monocular, thanks to 8264! Thanks to Shunguang brand! Thank you Dandan Beauty!!!

Friends can’t wait to experience it, hehe

The children also experienced it together

After some experience, friends and friends have a good response to the excellent performance of this Shunguang telescope, and they all like it

It’s very good, and you can see it very clearly

Show off this breathable, quick-drying, comfortable wolf paw T-shirt again, the front pattern is super dazzling, soft and light, the comfort of high-quality cotton and synthetic fiber functionality are integrated, the blended fabric has a comfortable and natural texture and breathable, fast-drying characteristics, so this T-shirt can be worn daily, but also suitable for outdoor sports, worth having, I like it, thanks to 8264! Thanks to the Wolf Paw brand! Thank you Dandan Beauty!!!

Mountain eagle on display 8264 hand-held flag

Friends and friends take turns to show the hand-held flag, they all like it very much, and they can’t put it down~

Children’s vanguard, salute, haha

Take a commemorative photo with the 8264 Taihu Lake Sunshine Outdoor Big Yellow Flag

We are the Pioneer of Kids

Near 3 o’clock in the afternoon, friends and friends at the peak to enjoy the artistic conception of “infinite scenery in the dangerous peak” and “mountain to the top of my peak”, began to return home~

Climbing to the top of Lion Peak and looking up from afar will make people’s chests open, their hearts full of energy, and they will be full of troubles

Friends and friends on the way back

Mountain Eagle worked tirelessly and still shot beautiful films for everyone on the way back

It’s so fun to laugh, pay attention to your feet, don’t fall, haha

The children are happily waving flags below

There is an episode that must be recorded and recalled later

A herd of wild boars was found on the opposite side, a sow with a group of piglets, friends and friends rushed to catch them, because wild boars often came out to damage nearby crops, etc

Author: ##一米阳光来源:8264 Community 02-14 09:49

It is on this path

The wild boar is very alert, and when it sees someone coming, it immediately flies away

Friends and friends seem to see a small wild boar falling, and hurry down to see if it is still there

I didn’t see it, I wasn’t in the hole, and probably ran away together

Group friends ~ blurry shadows

I didn’t go together, so I took the opportunity to take pictures here

Without catching the wild boar, friends and friends immediately rushed back

The children may be curious, and their performance at this time is braver than that of adults, hehe

Future lady, hehe

Display of the 8264 new version of the hand-held flag

The children take turns showing

Continue on the way back

Coming to the parking area, friends and friends began to ride back

Passing by the octagonal pavilion on the way, friends and friends stopped here to take a break and enjoy the beautiful scenery around the octagonal pavilion

Take photos on the way

By the way, let the children experience the one they just bought back in the 8264 equipment trading section~ Tao equipment is a pleasure I take you to buy only 9 pieces of 9 free shipping CR single hammock, hehe

The children take turns to experience it

The little handsome guy looks quite enjoyable, haha

After the experience, friends and friends took the car again with a full harvest and a happy mood, and returned home… , successfully and successfully ended the journey to the summit of Lion Peak!!!

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