The fast-paced urban life and the unsolvable work pressure are invading our physical and mental health every moment. When fatigue creeps up the corners of our eyes and develops into dullness and fine lines, we realize the importance of skin care. Silka Green Film (Silka Collagen Light Repair Patch) is a popular star skin care mask, in the face of a variety of effective skin care products on the market, how does it stand out and win the favor of many consumers? Today, we will deeply analyze the real skin care needs of the public and decrypt the “explosive code” of Silga green film.

Most skin care products on the market are produced and sold around the effect of “skin hydration”, which also shows that “hydration” is not only the most basic and the most urgent skin care needs of the public. No matter what kind of skin type, everyone has encountered the problem of skin dehydration. When the skin is dehydrated, the rate of collagen loss increases, cell vitality decreases, and the skin becomes dull and loses elasticity. At this time, if timely and effective hydration is not carried out, symptoms of peeling, fat particles, and acne will occur. Long-term neglect of the lack of water in the skin, the skin’s metabolic function will gradually deteriorate, and the problems of enlarged pores and dull pigmentation will also appear, aggravating the aging of the skin.

Silka Green Mask is a hydrating mask recognized for its hydrating effect, which can effectively repair skin damage, increase the skin’s own collagen content, help the skin to metabolize, strengthen the skin barrier, and firm the skin. The sodium hyaluronate contained in Silka Green Film is a self-derived substance in the human body, which has the physiological effect of moisturizing the skin, anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle, and has been officially approved by the National Health Commission as a new food raw material at the beginning of this year, which is an absolutely safe and reliable skin care ingredient; Recombinant type III collagen, which can reach the deep layers of the skin, directly absorbed and utilized by the body, and build muscle base collagen; Ceramide 3 can fill the gap between the stratum corneum, effectively improve the problem of dry and peeling skin, and increase the radiance of the skin.

Considering the problem of difficult skin care and high risk of sensitization for people with sensitive skin, Silka Green Film carries out scientific proportioning, and adds anti-allergic and sedative β-glucan to the formula; In terms of cutting, it is suitable for the public’s face shape, and pure cotton membrane cloth is selected, which has high fit and good hydration.

Silka Green Film, suitable for skin dehydration, after-sun repair, acne skin care and sensitive skin people, through its moisturizing and hydrating, repair and anti-aging powerful effects, get rid of dryness, wrinkles, dull fatigue, skin naturally white and beautiful. The source of the “explosive password” is not in the brand, not in the price, but in the real effect, Silga insists on making safe, effective and high-quality masks, which naturally wins the support and trust of consumers.